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D23 Expo 2017 | July 14-16 | It is over. Disney is bankrupt. RIP

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2 minutes ago, DAR said:

As a theme parks fan there are rumored to be some major announcements which I'm excited for. (Still not happy about the change to Pirates)


I like the rumor of the Tron cycle thing, but who knows if that will actually happen

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Friday 2:30PM-4:30PM Pacific time. Pixar and WDAS. Can't wait.


Looking forward to word of Stephen J. Anderson's project, the Lin-Manuel Miranda/Byron Howard joint, and a Zootopia sequel.


And maybe on Saturday they'll announce the Zootopia land in Animal Kingdom, too!


Also looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III stuff.

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On the movie side, all the Pixar and WDAS announcements are gonna be exciting, but I'm probably most excited for the Wrinkle in Time movie. Everything I've heard about the movie makes it sound like it's gonna be something very special, so I can't wait to see the first footage. And as a scheduling nerd, I hope Disney updates their slate and reveals what the untiteld movies are and who gets what slot.


Haven't really paid close attention to the theme park stuff, but I know Star Wars Land is gonna be iconic, and there are rumors of some changes to Jungle Cruise, which definitely has me curious. Hopefully, it isn't just an animatronic of The Rock and nothing else.

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7 minutes ago, tribefan695 said:

There have been rumors of a Zootopia themed attraction at Animal Kingdom which may satiate @cannastop in lieu of a sequel announcement


I don't think another land at Animal Kingdom is happening so soon after Pandora with a Hollywood Studios overhaul already in progress and a widely rumored Epcot overhaul being the next on the list.

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1 hour ago, ZeeSoh said:

Saturday 11:00 am is where its gonna be at. Announcement and stuff for Disney live action movies. Most excited for that. 


That's ill timed, Battle For Mewni - you know, the show that they've poised to be their Disney XD Flagship - will be airing then.


But if it's not livestramed then w/e 

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