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Chaos Walking | Doug Liman | Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley | Lionsgate | RELEASE DATE: March 5, 2021

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Holy this thread (and movie I guess) have been around for a LONG time. Maybe I should reflect on where I was in life when this thread was created versus where I am now. 


September 2013. 14 year old middle-school Dyl was a pimply-faced "barely-a-teenager" speaking in his squeaky voice because he was probably the last person ever to hit puberty. He was probably getting ice-cream with his middle-school girlfriend on the day that this thread was created, all excited because of his new iPod 4. He had just started using social media for the first time, and was posting memes to his Instagram of Phineas looking straight ahead. He was nervous about his 9th grade French quiz on verb conjugation, hoping he would make the middle school soccer team again. My favourite movie that summer had been Pacific Rim, but I had nobody to talk to about it because I was still a year away from joining these forums. I lived with my whole family in my childhood home in a small ex-mill town in semi-rural Canada. I was burning through my paper route money going to the movies every week.


Fast-forward to when the movie actually releases. I'm a 22 year old man, the world has gone through a global Pandemic, the United States has seen 3 sitting Presidents, I have graduated high school, attended university for 4 years and am weeks away from graduating with my Bachelor's degree. I've been on these forums for over 7 years and have nearly 20k posts. I worked at a movie theater for 5 years, working my way up to a manager. I quit soccer, my parents got divorced, I left my childhood home and moved 3 times. I worry everyday that I'm going to start losing my tiktok following, and I spend my free time sleeping like an old man.


And this. Movie. Still. Isn't. Out. Yet. Dear. God.

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I just saw this and actually thought it was fairly decent.  It’s certainly not boring and the “noise” is a cool concept/visual.  Holland and Ridley give good performances.  The ending is rushed af and abrupt but honestly I came out pleasantly surprised (had very low expectations).  This is better than a 25% RT movie. 



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