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Onward | Dan Scanlon directing | March 6, 2020 | Coming to VOD on March 20. Coming to Disney+ April 3

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8 hours ago, TigerPaw said:

Not sure whether it is definitely the "biggest" hit as it at least had 2 weekends of decent box office runs, compared to

1) Bloodshot which was supposed to be a big hit overseas but barely had a week in theaters

2) Trolls which is premiering on digital at the same time.

I would say Onward got, at most, 10 normal-ish days of box office. The film wasn't highly anticipated, but I think a strong argument can be made that its legs were already being demonstrably impacted on its second weekend by coronavirus. A 72.9% second weekend drop is not normal, not even if it was a mildly received Pixar film. Onward also had Easter and spring breaks coming up in its run.


It ending up making $61.5 million at the domestic box office, and from my perspective, was likely to be looking at close to double that amount under normal circumstances (i.e. no coronavirus). Most Pixar films, even the less well-received ones, hit a 3 multiplier or close to it.


So, there's no exact science that can be done here, but I think Onward was substantively hurt by the coronavirus.




Pixar Movie RT Scores and Multipliers


90%+ RT Score Class


Toy Story — 100% (9.0 rating) — 6.58 (using 3-day), 4.91 (using 5-day)

Toy Story 2 — 100% (8.7 rating) — 4.28 (using first wide weekend)

Finding Nemo — 99% (8.7 rating) — 4.83

Toy Story 3 — 98% (8.9 rating) — 3.76

Inside Out — 98% (8.9 rating) — 3.94

Up — 98% (8.7 rating) — 4.30

Toy Story 4 — 97% (8.4 rating) — 3.59

Coco — 97% (8.3 rating) — 4.13 (using 3-day), 2.88 (using 5-day)

The Incredibles — 97% (8.3 rating) — 3.71

Ratatouille — 96% (8.5 rating) — 4.39

Monsters, Inc — 96% (8.0 rating) — 4.09

Wall-E — 95% (8.5 rating) — 3.55

Incredibles 2 — 94% (7.9 rating) — 3.33

Finding Dory — 94% (7.6 rating) — 3.60

A Bug’s Life — 92% (7.9 rating) — 4.89 (using 3-day wide weekend), 3.56 (using 5-day wide)


Certified Fresh & Fresh


Onward — 87% (7.2 rating) — 1.57* (legs decimated due to coronavirus)

Monsters University — 80% (6.8 rating) — 3.26

Brave — 79% (7.0 rating) — 3.58

The Good Dinosaur — 76% (6.6 rating) — 3.14 (using 3-day), 2.22 (using 5-day)

Cars — 75% (6.9 rating) — 4.06

Cars 3 — 70% (6.1 rating) — 2.85




Cars 2 — 38% (5.5 rating) — 2.89

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4 hours ago, TigerPaw said:

Piracy piracy everywhere.. Onward is up on torrent sites and a lot of 3rd party movie sites.


People are not even going to subscribe to Disney+ for this. =(

Piracy is actually helping the film (and video game) industry in the long term. 20 years ago we copied my friends CD of Age of Empires 2, last year I purchased the Definitive Edition of the same game for 20$. 10 years ago I pirated every movie I wanted to watch, now I'm a regular movie-goer. Not trying to justify stealing, but you can't deny piracy's importance to reach a wider audience with a lot of potential future customers.

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4 hours ago, misafeco said:

Piracy is actually helping the film (and video game) industry in the long term.

Look how console large budget game and online game did thrive where piracy is very small versus large budget single player PC game (that do not exist much anymore, almost of all it is console port, no ?) since high speed Internet became common.


Same can by said for extremely low price SVOD offer versus all the rest on the movie side.


Piracy hurt so much that the console industry became mostly a way to create harder for piracy content to work normal PC by now.

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Just caught it on digital. Did not like it at all, big fan of Pixar and this was one of Pixar’s worst (right there with Cars). Whole time I just felt like skipping to the end. Disney and Pixar fans please don’t get mad, this is just my personal opinion.


The movie was extremely kiddish, I know it is made for kids, but it really does not have the depth of those great Pixar movies.


Furthermore I felt the voice actor choice for several roles feel out of place, some of the voices really did not fit the characters; and those pixies were just.... annoying...



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This movie was weird. It’s sweet moments are a real high point. My eyes were swelling, man. I loved when these characters achieved something together. It was beautiful but my god it’s just a very middle of the road film. 
I think one my irks here is just how little it leans into the contemporary-fantasy mash up. Sure, it does more than BRIGHT when it comes to Fantasy, but it’s contemporary parts feel too restrained. They get rid of characters’ smartphones early into the film and they don’t use internet, getting rid of their benefits and burdens, I want to see this mash-up concept fully realised. Don’t get rid of modern technologies because you don’t know how to tell a compelling story with them included. Why not just set the movie in 80’s, which is where most of the films “modern” references come from?


Frankly, the biggest issue with this film is that the humour falls flat... a lot. It’s not as funny as it needs to be. It has a modern Nicktoon approach to humour: it’s not outstanding but at least it’s annoying. Characters can be one note for the most part, you have Chris Pratt’s “I was cool in 80s” brother, and Tom Holland’s “whiny douche- but doesn’t know it”. There’s a moment with Tom Holland’s character and a tape recording from the beginning of the film that feels disturbing and also hits on another problem with the movie - his character is way too old to be having the kind of revelations he has in the film. A lot of the emotional pay off relies on a 16 year old (and the movie) completely disregarding the fact his mother had to raise two boys by herself. He’s 16, not 10. He should have a sense of the world around him. Maybe it’s my own personal feelings and history towards the matter (I’ve got a dead dad. I knew other kids with dead parents by time I was 16. I was taught to appreciate the contributions of others to my life) but it felt he needs therapy and a good talking to. It was strange.


I give it a High Rental. It looks nice. It’s innocent. It’s manufactured emotional moments achieve what they set out to. It’s just so bleh, I don’t think I’ll be watching this one again.




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Onward was a very fun film. Saw this on D+ not long after it debuted. My wife and I decided not to show it to our not quite 4yr old cause death is just not a topic she has had to deal with nor is she wholly ready to process the ramifications. Soul is also on the long list for films she will get to see. 

Grade: A-

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