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Gonna post the Voltron trailer tomorrow night but the remaining trailers are still on schedule.

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Note: Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, brief graphic nudity, drug use, and some sexual content






*Chips are laid on a table*

*A button is pressed on a machine on the same table.*

*For each beat, we see the frame fill in with a young girl, Nadine Hallon (Thomasin McKenzie) at the table.*



*People rustle their cards, playing moves in the beat of the music.*

Nadine (vo): You got this. Simple play will get you the money.

*We see the cards in her hand with each beat.*

*She slams her deck down, as people look on in shock. She smiles, taking the money on the table, and walks away.*



*Rustling the bills

Nadine (vo): This should cover housing for two months. Not too shabby. Let’s make it a season with one more game. *

*Police sirens begin to blare, and we see flashing red and blue lights on the underground casino.*

Nadine: …Fuck!



*The gamblers disband, revealing that the set up was in the parking garage. Nadine jumps the fench and onto a nearby tree. She shimmys down and sees a kite stuck inside.*

*A child sits on a bench sadly with her mom, but she gets excited as she sees the kite fall by her feet. She looks to the tree, as Nadine smiles. She soon trips and falls to the ground.*



*Police cars arrive right by her.*

Nadine: Hello officers…! I have a perfectly good explanation for all of this…

*A woman in black hair and a sharp suit appears, showing up in a fancy car right next to the officers.

Woman (Emily Blunt) (vo): God damnit, Sarah, you can’t sneak out of the house like this? Let me take care of this, gentlemen. I’ll make it worth your while.

Officer: As you wish, Madame.

*They drive away.*



*Nadine looks at the woman, and she looks back at Nadine.*




*Nadine is now in the woman’s limo, as they drive through the city.*

Nadine: Okay, so lots of questions to ask here.

Woman: Let’s cut right to the chase. I’m Madame Y, you’ve been saved from Juvenile Hall, and I think you have potential to be the next member of the Epsilon Syndicate?

Nadine: The what?


*We see a montage of images as Madame Y narrates, from underground tunnels to secret cities and spaces much like the casino.*

Madame Y: We are an underground network of thieves, lawbreakers, rebels, all breaking the law for the common good. Chances are you’ve met a member in your life. We’re good at keeping a low profile unless otherwise necessary.

Nadine: Like when you saved me.

Madame Y: Precisely.



*We see two swimmers in an above ground pool, dancing in the water.*

*Madame Y grabs a pole in an empty subway and slams someone’s head into it.*

*Several people in a room look at the camera, all wearing masks of a fox.*

*A door is locked on a room with several bodies in cots, all seeming ill.*



*They arrive at a fairly posh apartment in the city, as Nadine is about the open the door.*

Madame Y: Careful, it’ll electrocute you if you open the handle without the right credentials.

Nadine: Whoa, you’re intense.

Madame Y: *laughing* I’m kidding! We’re right over a trap door right to the cement ground. So let me open it, dear.



*We walk through an abandoned shopping mall, updated with futuristic tech and several shops taken over with bizarre purposes, like artifacts, new gadgets, weapons, tasks, databases, etc.*

Nadine: Okay, so just to be clear. We have to deal with an omnicidal chemical engineer who may be killing millions?

*We see Charlotte Russell (Elizabeth Banks) taking off her glasses in a lab, press mobbing outside her office.*

Russell: We don’t know what’s causing these incidents, but I am working tirelessly to set things right.

*Fast cuts of her injecting a needle into an associate, covering the face of a deceased patient, and loading a gun.*

Madame Y: We’ll need all the help we can get


*A scientist, Arcana (Hari Nef), takes off her goggles, as she gives Nadine a vinyl record.*

Nadine: I mean, I like the Mamas and the Papas, but…

Arcana: Throw it at that mannequin over there, like a frisbee.

*She does, it decapitates the mannequin and instantly lands back in the sleeve. The music stops*

Arcana: It does also play music.






*We see dinner at a lodge with Nadine, Madame Y, Persephone (Letitia Wright), and Mercutio (Ryan Potter). They are all dressed in casual clothing.*


Mercutio: I’m a relatively fresh face myself – you’ve got this.

Nadine: I don’t know anything about saving the world.

Mercutio: We may be law-breakers, but we’re good people. You don’t have to do this alone.



*We cut to a pond in a garden, while Nadine looks at out. Persephone stands beside her.*

Persephone: You don’t have to do this, you know, and it sounds completely ludicrous just looking at it all.

Nadine: I mean, it sounds awesome, but this isn’t my life. It can’t be my life.

Persephone: Why not?



*Nadine runs to two people, Will (Michael Keaton) and Margaret (Amy Sedaris) hugging them.*

Nadine (vo): I mean, this has been awesome so far, but I’m not the person who’s meant to do things like this. I had a plan for my life and this wasn’t it.*

*Nadine runs across rooftops in Glasgow; later, she holds the record from earlier at an armed guard*


(Use the hold from 1:42-1:47)

*Madame Y fights several thugs using kitchen appliances, chopping someone’s hand off.*

*Russell creates an explosion inside a car, watching from the outside the windshield as she smiles*

*In a Cirque Du Soleil show, people begin to dance around in bizarre costumes*

*A woman in a black dress and white hair (Jodie Foster) takes off sunglasses on a large couch*

*Nadine walks inside a gala in a red dress, smiling and putting something inside a drink.*



Persephone: If you love this life and can pull it off, that’s all you need.



*Nadine, Madame Y, Persephone, and Mercutio stand in a line*


(1:49-1:53) THIS SPRING

*A car chase erupts in a city, as Mercutio jumps inside another moving car in the opposite direction*


(1:53-1:56) MEET THE WORLD’S

*Nadine runs down a fire escape, using an umbrella to cling to a laundry pole.*



*Madame Y winks at the camera, sound effect and all.*


(2:00-2:04) *Fast cut of action that cuts out at the start of ‘Along’*

*An Ice Sculpter fights an armed guard with his saw.*

*Mercutio looks at a computer and points a finger gun*

*Nadine and an older man (Iwan Rheon) get into a fight inside a pool, shot underwater*

*Fireworks light up inside a room as Madame Y hides underneath a table.*

*The record from earlier decapitates someone, and we see a brief, yet notable gush of blood.*



*Nadine, covered in blood, begins to dry heave, busting outside of a door in an undescript building. Two people look at her with concern.*

Nadine: Oh…this? I’m just cooking pasta in here! Made a mess with the marinara, but it’s still good! I’ll prove it! *she trembles, getting a bit of blood off her jacket and licking it, grimacing unconvincingly. The two look on in more confusion.*












Production Designer GUY HENDRIX DYAS

Director of Photography LINUS SANDGREN


Directed by DREW GODDARD




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