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New Journey Pictures is ready to discuss their plans for a Big Original Franchise that will see its first film release in Y7: The Needles of Haystack County, the first of a trilogy of films.


The film is described as a western with elements of fantasy and action. It will take place in the time of the American Civil War, and its story will touch on themes including race, brotherhood, and shared humanity.


"Our hope is to find an eclectic group of big names for this series in the biggest and smallest of roles," said a representative. "Announcements on casting will be coming soon."


Jon Favreau's The Needles of Haystack County, and the subsequent films in the trilogy, follows two young men--a small town troublemaker with a chip on his shoulder and a stoic pacifist rescued from slavery--as they learn to trust one another as brothers after a Native American curse transforms all the townsfolk into cactus-like beings.

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18 hours ago, Mr Pastaffelees said:



Jessica Rothe and Anthony Ramos join the cast of the sprawling neo-futurist trilogy The Paramour Dynasty.


Rumor has it that it may be shifted to Y7.

I'm excited for this even though I detest Baz Luhrmann.

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Is Lesedi still coming Y6, according to executives at Endless Entertainment the film although being reimagined once more under Bythewood as her pitch which the studio loved was more African centric and fantasy based. Odds are it may make it to Y6 but Endless wants to make some fillers before heading Barbados for a corporate vacation

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Cookie Pictures Animation announces new original project; "MAKO AND THE ISLAND OF CATS"


With several projects on the horizon for the animation studio — including The Lost Charts of Cosmos, The Legend of Zelda: Secret of the Guardians, Lucid State, SkyRiders and an unknown franchise film from The Dragon Prince creator Aaron Ehasz — the studio is adding one more to its lineup; an original project from animation storyboard artist Rosana Sullivan titled Mako and the Island of Cats.


Mako — described as a cross between Isle of DogsThe Lion King, The Red Turtle, Gulliver's Travels, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Moana — is an animated fantasy film set out in the far ocean and follows a young boy named Mako who lives a quiet life with his grandfather on a remote Polynesian island. Mako lives his life without any responsibilities, always up to wild antics with few to no repercussions, as his grandfather would rather lie snoring on a sun lounger than look after his grandchild, only ever telling his grandchild off if he disturbs his snoring routine.


One morning after a storm ravages their island, Mako finds of all things a cat washed up on their shore. What's more dumbfounding however is that this cat is able to speak, and reveals to Mako that he stems from an island filled with cats just beyond the horizon, but had to flee due to circumstances he chooses not to reveal. Piqued by curiosity of this island filled with cats, Mako builds a makeshift boat and sails into the open sea — his snoring grandfather none the wiser of his departure.


Out in the open seas another ravaging storm catches Mako off guard and he is thrown into the raging waters. He awakens on the shore of a mysterious island, and much to his delight the story the cat told him was true; there does exist a land filled with cats capable of speaking.


These cats — which range from the smallest kitten to big cats like tigers, bobcats, leopards etc. —  are less than welcoming of him, seeing him as an intruder that would pose a threat to their way of life. But before they can rid of him they discover that, as a human, Mako can actually prove to be beneficial to their society by achieving things they can not, such as building contraptions that can help the cats in their everyday lives as well as lure and capture prey; and most important of all, he shows no fear of water, and so would be able to swim through the many underwater tunnels scattered across the island.


Mako, a boy who's lived his life up until now with no responsibilities, suddenly inhabits a ton of them, and so is forced to adapt and grow quickly while he gets caught up in the intrigue of the surprisingly complex society these cats inhabit.



Rosana Sullivan, a Pixar storyboard artist who recently directed the short film "Kitbull", will helm the film.


"It's a story about growing up and having responsibilities, about the challenges that comes with both" a Cookie Pictures spokesperson added after describing the film's story. "But it's also a story about not letting yourself become a pushover... Mako will learn to take responsibility, but that doesn't mean he has to be handed what should be the cats' own responsibilities, nor let himself be used by those with ulterior motives."


While the search for the voice of Mako is still underway, the representative was quick to point out that, in a bit of a surprising turn, neither Mako nor his grandfather will have any written dialogue, and all dialogue will instead come from the cats. "Mako and his grandfather only speak through grunts, noises and body language, and we're looking to have a good chunk of the film where as much is communicated through visuals as possible. The cats of course will have plenty of dialogue, but... to create contrast between them and Mako... there's a language barrier that has to be scaled."


The representative mentioned that they hope to have a very recognizable cast of actors for the cats although further details won't be revealed until a later date. 


The studio hasn't pinned down a specific release window for Mako and the Island of Cats, but hopes to have it made between the years 7 and 9, all depending on how the studio's throughput over the next few years pan out. The plan is to combine traditional and computer animation, but in what exact form it'll take has yet to be disclosed.


Cookie Pictures hopes to have further updates on this and other projects in the coming months.

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XJ9 (Trailer #1) Parental Guidance Feb 28, Y6 1:57 Hourglass Pictures

Attached to Spark: A Hero's Promise



*Outside of an art-deco-esque metropolis, a car zooms down the highway outside the city. The driver, Tuck (Jordan Gavaris) looks to the woozy passenger, Brad (Bradley Cooper).*


Tuck: I hoped this wouldn't become a habit.

Brad: Cut me some slack, things have been rough lately.

Tuck: Honestly I had to go so far out of my way, I needed the GPS to find you.

GPS Voice: Take Exit 44

Tuck: Wait...does that sound right?


*As they get to a mysterious, seemingly unguarded base, the GPS chimes in that they have arrived.*


Brad: Pretty sure it isn't....but while we're here.... *he throws a baseball over a fence outside the facility.*...let's pretend we're kids again.


*A few shots of them entering the space, derelict, creepy, and surrounded by gigantic robot prototypes. They arrive at a large, apartment sized case that says "Do not open."*


Tuck: I already know where this is going.



*The case opens up, and after a siren blares, and steam/explosions burst out, Brad and Tuck are pushed off their feet. As the smoke clears...we see a robotic teenager appear. (mocap by Natalia Dyer) Her appearance is like that of the TV series, but with LED eyes and a mechanic mouth and a symmetric pattern of steel across her body. She looks on, bewildered yet righteous, as she stands before the two adults.




Tuck: ....and I was wrong.




(The melody of (0:16 to 0:49 is more driven by strings and piano then in the track. The melody noticeably pauses at 0:46)


*XJ9 walks through the high school, feeling shell shocked and uncomfortable.*


XJ9: Has it really been 20 years? Where's my mom?

Brad: You both faded into legend many years ago. I never thought....I never thought I'd see you again.


*A few shots show inside the massive city, where a few aliens are seen amidst countless recruitment banners for a force called Skyway Patrol.*

*Shot from behind, a man in a cape and top hat stands before a wildly applauding crowd.*


XJ9: Well there's one thing I still need to see if I'm capable of. Well many.


*A train in the city begins to spiral out of control, but in quick glimpses, XJ9 robotic body creates new train tracks with her arm, as several other contraptions come out to meld the track to the rest of the station, her legs extending to grab the train. With her grip, the music stops and we fade to black.*


*XJ9 looks on in awe at her heroic act, and the camera pans to see several shocked faces in the crowd, Brad and Tuck looking on excitedly.*


XJ9: I forgot how fun this was.




*XJ9 flies across the city, soaring through the perfectly aligned clouds.*

*Dr. Pilar Fernandez (Ana De Armas) runs through a crowd of people and aliens, holding a flashdrive.*

*A large fireworks display is seen amidst toasts of wine glasses.*

*XJ9 grabs a young girl (Jete Laurnece) from falling debris. They look to each other and smile.*

*Sheldon Lee (Rami Malek), the suited individual from earlier, spurs a reaction at a crowded event.*

Sheldon: Isn't she amazing?


(1:00-1:11) ACCEPT THE PAST


*We flashback to younger Brad and Tuck hanging with Jenny. (The kids played by unknown actors)*

XJ9: I felt like I missed so much. Why don't I feel like anything changed? What happened?

*In an obscured shot, XJ9 is being comforted by her mother, Nora Wakeman (Lily Tomlin)*

Tuck: All I know, is that it didn't change who you truly are.




*XJ9 competes in what looks like a giant obstacle course, watched over by Sheldon.*

Nora Wakeman (va): There's a lot of people out there who would kill for what you have.

*Clancy Sharp (Damian Lewis) points a gun somewhere off camera.*

*Several soldiers with powers similar to XJ9 surround Brad, Tuck, and Ivy. They are armed with baseball bats.*

Nora Wakeman (va): But I coded into you everything you need to fight back.

*A wave crashes onto a boat in a violent storm at the crash in the music*

*Nora Wakeman looks out from what seems to be a light hosuse*


(1:23-1:32, slowly adding more epic orchestral buildup beyond the music) FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE


XJ9: Let them try. They don't know who they're messing with.


*We see shots of a high scool prom.*

*XJ9 looks at several robots in a darkly lit space, a lamp-like robot at the center of the room.*

*Two women (Yaya DaCosta and Stephanie Beatriz) walk through a glamorous and ornately decorated hall, phones out.*

*Tuck grabs Sheldon's arm as they begin to run away.*


*A few fast shots of action as the music gets wild, building up to XJ9 preparing to strike at a similarly designed robot with laser-shooting spikes coming out of her back. We last see the two about to collide mid air.*


*Fade to black.*


Brad: You've done like 20 heroic acts already today. Don't you need a break?

XJ9: Welcome to my life.


*The theme song of the show lightly plays as a piano melody over the final titles*


dnc8kq-d6e6194f-08d2-44ab-a2cc-79424bf16 X J 9







11 - 18 - 6

Related image                  Related image                  Image result for dolby cinema logo png


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In order to prepare for his first superhero role, Micheal Peña has hired Chris Pratt’s trainer in order to bulk up for Endless’ upcoming El Tigre movie.


It is also revealed Nickelodeon Movies has signed on as a co-producer as Guillermo Del Toro signs on to produce.

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Cookie Pictures has announced a nearly complete voice cast for Mako and the Island of Cats — aiming for a Y7 release — which includes Temuera Morrison as the title character's grandfather and Shahadi Wright JosephJack Dylan GrazerBrandon FlynnKeiynan LonsdaleBex Taylor-KlausBen KingsleyJermaine ClementKeegan Michael-Key and Daniel Craig as several different species of cats, big and small. The voice of Mako is likely to be performed by an unknown.

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2 hours ago, Mr Pastaffelees said:

I wonder what she did to get herself into a contract of lifetime servitude to Sebastian Peters.

All actors/actresses who lose in tiebreakers are doomed to serve the pastry until an Oscar nom sets them free. MEW was lucky it only took one movie.


It’s also a very secondary role where I think the voice fits. Wright Joseph, Flynn, Kingsley, Craig and Key will be the main players.


Also I misspelled Jemaine Clement lol


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Abby Ryder Fortson (Ant Man and The Wasp) and Harrison Ford (Star Wars franchise, The Secret Life Of Pets 2) will voice the titular Pixie and Brutus in the upcoming Infinite Studios adaption. Don Hall (Winnie The Pooh, Big Hero 6) is attached to direct the film.


It is unknown if the film is going to be animated or a live action hybrid but the studio is leaning towards the former.

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Rumor has it that Bridgette/Teyonnah may be turned into one story in an anthology piece? Director Boots Riley (who will direct three segments) reportedly wants to explore modern themes of capitalist satire, fighting hate, and fighting for a better future for everyone.


The anthology will combine genres, cinematic styles, and will reportedly feature a hand drawn animated segment by Duncan Studios. (Mary Poppins Returns, Notes From the Orherspace)


Nia DaCosta will also direct three of the segments. The title of the anthology is yet to be determined.

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New Journey Pictures regretfully announces that the Psyren franchise has been cancelled indefinitely.


"We want to make room for more exciting prospects," said fictional CEO Glenn Guthrie.


"I'm honestly happy that I could potentially go on to direct a much better project instead," said director Noah Hawley.

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David Robert Mitchell reportedly attached to direct The Bigfoot Murders. The film is set to star Edward Norton as a stoner detective investigsting a serise of beschside murders commited by a serial killer who refers to himself as Bigfoot

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