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On 8/26/2021 at 9:51 PM, Reddroast said:

Maxim Baldry (HBO's Year's and Years) has joined project ruby in a lead role. Plot and behind the camera details coming tomorrow 

Sorry life caught up with me the last few days. Details will come monday

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Grand Theft Auto comes out on the 4-day Memorial Day Weekend Y9. Phoenix Fire reveals right now that the trailer will be released during the Academy Award Y8 ceremony.

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New Journey Pictures and Studio Groundswell are both humbled by the amount of Oscar nominations (15) that their Y8 films received—specifically for the Oscar successes of Everything I Never Told YouThe World That We KnewNew Tricks, Out of Order: The Decline of the ArcadeChristmas Shopping, and Wii Fit.


Studio Groundswell will air a preview of an upcoming film during the Y8 Oscar Ceremony, and it also plans to post another preview in the magazine about an hour or two before the ceremony begins. As the executive of Studio Groundswell (a la the Slammy Slamster) still wants to be a judge for the next festival, the studio will only be submitting one film out-of-competition, though the studio has not decided on which film they're going to submit.

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Horizon Entertainment is proud to announce Black & Blue. Inspired by the Danbury Thrashers a team owned by a mob boss and his 17 year old son. The dark comedy is aiming to be the studios y9 festival release 

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Phoenix Fire Entertainment is fast-tracking production on a yet untitled adaptation of Gizmondo's Spectacular Crack-up, a Wired Magazine article from 2006 by Randall Sullivan, detailing the history of the people behind Gizmondo, an ahead of its time but ultimately ill-fated video game console created by people linked to the Swedish mafia.


Cory Finley (Thoroughbreds, Bad Education, Dealer's Choice) will write and direct this black comedy crime thriller, and Academy Award winner Hugh Jackman will team up with Finley once again, after Bad Education, to play the role of Stefan Eriksson, the man whose car accident in Los Angeles made waves across the world once authorities found out about his background.


It currently envisions a November Y9 release date.

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We open with the sounds of distant thunder, followed by heavy rain.


A lone car drives along the desolate roads of a mountainous wilderness as it downright pours, drenching what would've otherwise been a colorful landscape in drab grays and blues. Leaves are washed away as tiny creeks become rushing streams, one pouring out onto the road ahead and forcing the car to come to a stop before it, so it can sit and watch as a fallen branch is dragged across the road by the current and forced downhill.


Even as the floating branch continues on, the car doesn't resume motion. The windshield wipers work overtime to clear out the rain, and between each stroke, our image of the passengers inside the vehicle become clearer. At the driver's seat, grappling onto the steering wheel but hesitant to proceed, and not because she fears the stream ahead of her, is Johanna (voiced by Michelle Dockery). A few wipes later, we see who's in the back seats — her daughter, Hilda (voiced by Pixie Davies).


But this isn't the cheerful, jovial Hilda we've come to know. She's bruised all over her face, and black in one eye. She's got a dried trail of blood running down from her nose. Her clothes are covered in dried mud, and her black beret is as torn as her thick, blue hair is disheveled. She looks resigned, depressed even, barely able to muster the strength to stare out the window in despondence.


Worst of all for Johanna, Hilda won't even look at her when she tries to make eye contact through the rear view mirror. It prompts her to take one good look at the rainstorm outside, and then sigh.


"...Damn it."




She opens the car door and leaps out as fast she can, sprinting to the back of the car and desperately tries to get the lid to the back seat open as Hilda remains static. Johanna eventually hops in, already soaked despite only having stood in the rain for a good fifteen seconds.


Hilda finally turns to look at her mother while Johanna squeezes the water out of her hair, and neither is saying a word. The silence between them lasts for a moment longer until Johanna, trying to withhold herself from getting all emotional, gathers the strength to speak.


"Hilda, I..." she stammers at first, her voice shaking. "I know everything's been upside-down since... you know... but I'm doing everything I can. And I do it because I want you to be safe... and because I want you to be happy... and because I want you to know that no matter what happens, no matter what you do, or whoever you become, I'll always be there for you. But the more you don't say anything, the more you leave me in the dark like this, I feel like... I feel like there are things you're trying to hide from me, things you aren't telling me... And that scares me, Hilda. It really does. It makes me think that I'm not doing enough for you... So I'm begging you, please... whatever's keeping you down... whatever's caused all of this... Just tell me. Please."


Hilda remains silent, even as the growing distress coming from her mother starts weighing on her.


"Hilda, please, just say something!" Johanna pleads, turning into a cry.


"...I didn't want to make you upset..." Hilda finally responds, quietly, before she huddles herself into the corner and covers her face, looking like she's trying to hide.


"Upset over what?!" her mother yells. "Hilda, I thought we said, no more secrets! It doesn't matter what the truth is, I just need you to be honest with me! PLEASE!!"


Hilda falls silent again, sinking deeper into her jacket. Johanna looks like she's about to either explode or completely melt, and she feels the urge to start raising her voice further, maybe even go into a full-on berating tirade, but she's stopped when she hears faints sounds of sulking and sobbing coming from beneath that jacket. They grow louder, and soon finding herself unable to hide with all the snot and tears coming down her face, Hilda's forced to reveal herself. Johanna sees how pained her daughter is, and it causes her heart to sink.


"...I want to go home, mom..." Hilda cries.


Johanna's rendered speechless, but after letting it sink in, she realizes what it is her daughter's referring to, it causes her to calm and become more resigned herself, her look changing from dismay and frustation to a sense of longing, regret, and grief.


"I know, Hilda..." she laments. "...I wish we could."






The two share their grief with an embrace, and we begin the trailer for real with a cut to a montage (skip to 0:34) of a nervous Hilda approaching her new school, doing she can to keep herself distant from the other children. Her only friend, the tiny white elf Alfur (voiced by Himesh Patel), hides in her backpack without her knowledge, and he's there to witness her reclusiveness, causing him much worry.


We intercut this with Johanna in a meeting with the school's principal, Marta Hilemar (voiced by Marianne Jean-Baptiste)


(Johanna) "I know she's always had it a bit difficult with some things..."


One of the children she passes by, which we stop to focus on, is Frida (voiced by Rhianna Dorris). As the other children ignore Hilda as she sneaks past them, Frida watches after her, sharing that same concern Alfur has.


(Johanna) "I just didn't think... it had gone this bad..."


We see Hilda in class, remaining distant from everyone else, struggling to follow along with even simple teachings, causing her distress she rather suppress and hide than try to make known. We see the result of this, as Hilemar shows Johanna Hilda's failing grades and other areas of concern.


(Hilemar) "All I know is that we've seen things, and we're worried about her."


For as much as Alfur tries to help Hilda out however he can, she continues struggling, and even as she continues trying to hide it, she can't escape her teacher noticing, reacting with concern of her own. This is cut to Johanna looking out a window and seeing Hilda alone out in the schoolyard, hiding behind a large tree because of her fear of the other children.


(Hilemar) "If it keeps going on like this..."


Cut to black. (music stops)


(Hilemar) "...She'll be struggling for the rest of her life."


We cut to what appears to be Hilda getting into trouble in the schoolyard. finding herself in the clutches of an angry-looking male kid grabbing her by the sweater and snarling in her face. She's terrified.


"This is all your fault!" the boy yells, before he THROWS poor Hilda into a pile of mud, soaking her in the disgusting sludge. She tries to get up, but that's when she sees all the other children staring at her, and a frightening amount of them bursting into mocking laughter. Hidden within that crowd is Frida, shocked and appalled at what is happening.


Hilda panics, and she starts running. "HILDA!" Frida shouts after her, followed by Alfur, having found himself trapped inside the school, also shouting "HILDA! WAIT!!" after her, but neither of their pleas go heard.


(music resumes - 1:02-)


Hilda runs and hides in the depths of the city she now lives in, Trolberg, and as she has a breakdown next to a crumbling brick wall, she spots someone stalking her from a distance — a teenage girl who's tied up her hair into two large ponytails, wears a green scarf and a black jacket, and has pimples on her face. We'll call her Thuldra (voiced by Ashley Johnson).


"W... who are you...?" Hilda calls out to her. "Why are you following me?"


Thuldra approaches her with a devilish smirk on her face. "I know how much you miss your old life," she teases Hilda with.


(pause in music)


We use this to flashback to black-and-white clips from Hilda and the Midnight Giant, first showing Hilda going off on an adventure with Twig and Alfur.


(Thuldra) "Where you could live free as an adventurer..."


We cut to the scene in Midnight Giant where Johanna comforts Hilda after a devastating avalanche, Hilda crying into her mother's shoulder.


(Thuldra) "And your mother never having to worry about you..."


We cut back to the present, Hilda looking shocked to have learned of how much Thuldra knows about her.


"And you never having to feel like it's all your fault," Thuldra finishes her teasing with, causing Hilda to flip out and scream "LEAVE ME ALONE!" and HURL a brick in Thuldra's direction.


Even as the brick was nowhere near hitting her, Thuldra suddenly lights a bright, sickly green aura in her hands, and she BLASTS the brick to pieces before a stunned Hilda. Once the dust settles, Hilda's resentment of Thuldra's presence has been turned into burning curiosity.


"Who... are you...?" Hilda asks again, prompting a smirking Thuldra to go; "Someone who could give you everything you've ever wanted."


(resume music at 1:29)


We see Hilda trailing behind Thuldra as she uses her aura-based powers to take to the skies, flying through a starry-eyed night and deep into the woods outside the city. We fade to Thuldra within those woods introducing Hilda to a friend of hers, a teenager with long, golden hair and stark blue eyes named Gayle (voiced by a hoarse-voiced Thomasin McKenzie), herself possessing aura-based powers in her fists, these ones being pink.


(Thuldra) "We were all just like you."


We see Hilda being lead deeper into the forest by these two teens, the trees around them growing darker and more ominous by the step.


(Thuldra) "Lost, and alone...."


"It's the Black Forest you're looking for, isn't it?" Gayle herself teases Hilda with as we see her snake her way down from a tree, prompting a confused Hilda to go "the Black what?"


(Thuldra) "If you're able to brave the forest..."


Hilda's led to enter an opening into what looks like a complete hellscape — a land littered with nothing but dead trees as far as the eye can see. She's hesitant to enter at first, but there's will within her that overpowers her, and one that Thuldra and Gayle are able to exploit. Only when she's taken more than a few steps into this portal does Hilda turn around, and she sees Thuldra and Gayle ominously waving goodbye to her.


(Thuldra) "He's waiting on the other side to grant your wish."


The branches surrounding Hilda take on a life of their own, forming a doorway between her and the two teens that starts to close on itself. "No! WAIT!" she yells, but it's too late, and the door effectively shuts behind her, trapping her in the forest.


(music pauses, replaced by a dramatic, rising cue)


Hilda hears something BIG touch down just behind her. She turns...




...and she sees a huge, menacing shadow creature, resembling a hound, towering over her.




(music resumes at 2:10)


From the studio behind

The Scavenger Wars | The Number One Dime

Everything We Miss | Ripper | Flightless Bird


Hilda runs through this mysterious realm in pure panic, until, suddenly, she bumps right into Frida, who's somehow followed her into the forest.


"W... how...?" Hilda asks, befuddled, and Frida looks just as confused and frightened as she is.


(Frida) "Something's wrong with this place."


We cut to seeing the two having paired up, exploring the depths of this realm, huddling together as a dead tree suddenly springs to life before their very eyes.


(Frida) "I don't think we're meant to be here."


The tree begins to attack them, springing arm-like root branches from the ground and trapping Frida, forcing Hilda to rescue her.


and the creator of



We cut to Johanna, still at home, watching a news report blare on tv that causes her much anguish.


(Reporter) "As many five children may've been abducted..."


We then see her rushing to her car and darting off into the woods, presumably in a desperate search for Hilda.


(Reporter) "This 'Black Forest' phenomenon, as they call it, is said to be extremely dangerous..."




We see Alfur, also having located Hilda within this realm, confronting her as she and Frida sail on a river of grey sludge in a thick fog. He appears to be standing up against her, prompting Hilda to become confrontational.


Hilda: I know the risks, Alfur, but this is something I have to do.

Alfur: Hilda... there's nothing you have to do!




We see Hilda and Frida in what appears to be a massive library, being chased by something we're not privy to seeing. Whatever it is, it causes the hallway the two girls are running to start stretching to infinity, before Hilda is suddenly thrown through a magical purple portal.


(Gayle) "You've sent them to their deaths..."


We cut to Twig, with Alfur on his back, navigating the dark realm when the ground suddenly rises up behind them, prompting them to flee from its path of destruction.


(Gayle) "Do you really want that on your conscience?"


We see Gayle confronting Thuldra as the two trap each other with their powers, each angry at one another.




(Thuldra) "I'm only doing what he asked us to!"


We see a different scene of Thuldra, wearing what looks to be a 17th century gown, running through a field in the middle of the night, being chased by a threat from afar.


(Thuldra) "There's some of us that want to go home too, you know?!"


In another scene, but still wearing the same gown, we see Thuldra holding onto a green crystal which she keeps in a pendant, shedding a tear as she keeps it close to her chest.


We cut to Hilda running along a seemingly normal wilderness, stopping when she sees a sight before her that causes her much dismay. We cut to an angle from behind her, revealing the ruins of her old home before her.


(Hilda) "I didn't mean for any of this to happen..."


We cut a shot of a lantern falling to the ground, shattering to pieces and starting a fire. We cut to what's presumably the same fire, now turned into a blaze consuming the whole forest, with Hilda and Frida trapped in the middle of it.


(Hilda) "I didn't want to make you upset..."


We get a brief, but dramatic shot of Thuldra standing before a mountain that's in the middle of collapsing. She's unphased by it, as if she herself may have caused it, hinted at by the aura still glowing around her fists.




Cut to Hilda running through the dark forest, only to suddenly run into Johanna, herself somehow having gotten into this realm, and the two immediately share an embrace.


(Johanna) "No matter what happens, Hilda, I want you to remember this..."


We cut to back in what might be the real world, continuing her struggles to fit in at school, especially as her classmates start giving her judging stares in the hallway.


(Johanna) "We'll be alright...


As the music reaches its crescendo (2:52 onwards), we rapidly cut between numerous action clips and characters reacting in startelement or horror to things happening beyond their line of sight.


(Johanna) "...I promise."


We get a shot of Hilda, trapped in a dark void, finding herself surrounded by all sorts of shadow creatures similar to the hound we saw earlier. They circle her rapidly, each staring her down in frightening fashion. The rising cue from before returns, now timed with the end of the music (stop at 3:05).


We SMASH CUT to black, and we hold for several seconds in complete silence. As a deep rumble starts being heard, we hear a voice coming from the darkness.


(Joaquin Phoenix, with a low whisper) "Are you lost...?"


Cut to Thuldra, wearing the 17th-century dress we saw earlier, being confronted by something right in front of her that both frightens yet intrigues her.


Cut to black again.


(Phoenix) "Are you afraid...?"


Cut to a shot of Johanna standing in a long corridor, looking like a sense of dread is evoking within her. 


Cut to black one more time.


(Phoenix) "Are you... alone...?"


(The following scene takes place in complete silence until Phoenix's voice comes on again.)


Hilda and Frida, both still trapped in the dark forest and having taken cover close to a rock wall, suddenly feel a chill in the air. As they both become frightened, they look around, and they see nothing.


Suddenly, a shadow starts forming from just beneath their feet. It grows larger and larger, swallowing the girls' own shadows before it crawls up against the rock wall. It grows over ten feet tall before it starts taking on a humanoid shape, resembling a bone thin man with a crown of antlers on his head.


Hilda and Frida react with pure dread at what's before them. The shadow now towers over them, barely moving. (You can think of it as similar to this.)


(Phoenix) "All you have to do... is to hold... still."


The shadow's bony, skeletal-looking arm starts phasing out of the rock, becoming completely three-dimensional, It remains black as coal, and as Hilda and Frida stare straight at its index finger slowly reaching out towards them, they become frozen in place in fear.






Pixie Davies

Michelle Dockery

Ashley Johnson

Thomasin McKenzie

Rhianna Dorris

Himesh Patel

Imogen Poots


with Joaquin Phoenix

and Twig


Directed by Patrick McHale


Original score by Thomas Newman


Original songs by Aurora and Smith & Thell


in theaters




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Coming Year 9


A drama about love, loss, growth, grief, and the struggle to forgive and move on





A Film By Sarah Polley


Jessica Chastain 

Matthew Rhys 

Sally Field 

James Cromwell 

John Gallagher Jr. 

Juliette Lewis  Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Julia Fox  Morena Baccarin 

Sarita Choudhury Jimmi Simpson  

and Chris Cooper 

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Alakazam TV Spot












In the cluttered storage room of a magic shop, crafty clerk Solomon Iremonger (Ralph Ineson) raises up a black flute case and opens it, revealing...


Solomon: Every real magician needs a wand.


The tall, slim, and giddy magician Charles Remington (Benedict Cumberbatch) stares aghast at the wand.


Charles: May I...


He reaches for it, and Solomon snaps the case shut, hurting Charles's finger. Charles yanks back.


Solomon: It's not yours yet...

Charles: Sorry... Geez...


Solomon then gives Charles a black coat with red velvet interior (he tosses it up, and it swirls in the air before flying onto Charles's body), then a deck of cards (the cards, scattered on the floor, rise up into a neat stack in Charles's palm), and lastly, a top hat—and he pulls a rabbit with black-and-white fur, Houdini (Eddie Redmayne), out of the hat.


Solomon: ...and any magician worth their salt requires a partner.

Houdini: Uh. Pleasure to meet you, sir.

Charles: (does a double take) A talking rabbit!

Solomon: A talking rabbit from the world of Alakazam. Where real magic comes from!


from studio groundswell


Charles gathers his items and turns to leave—but Solomon tells him to wait.


Solomon: If nothing else, remember my warning: if you are caught using this magic, or you misuse it, the Court of Suits will find you... and there will be grave consequences.

(Charles thinks for a moment.)

Charles: Well, hiding thing's part of the tricks, I'd say. (grins)


and the director of



A five-second sequence shows Charles and Houdini putting on successful magic shows with "seemingly impossible tricks," culminating in a standing ovation by the packed audience of a cruise ship auditorium.


We cut to Charles pacing in a claustrophobic cruise ship storage room with Houdini perched on his shoulder. Boasting about himself, he doesn't realize he's holding his wand, and he points it at something without thinking—and it's facing the wrong way.


Charles: And the world world will know the name... Charles—

Houdini: Wait! The wand!


BOOOOOSH! The magic force knocks him back, stylish fade to black...


Cut to Charles and Houdini panicking because they've swapped bodies!


Then the editing gets to the point—


Houdini: Go to my world, find Leo LuFranc, and we'll reverse the trick before it's too late!


Charles, as the rabbit, hops into the top hat.




- Charles falls through a black void and lands on a red curtain slide, where he slides down into the hub of a rabbit partner evaluation center, which is run by rabbits. One comes with a clipboard, welcomes him back from "his show" (thinking he's Houdini), and asks him how he feels.

- An image of him gawking at the colorful metropolis of Alakazam, as Charles answers: "Flabbergasted."




- On a sidewalk, Sandy-blonde rabbit Penelope (Elizabeth Debicki) refuses to help Charles—in her view, if human magicians don't care about their rabbit partners, then why should she care about him?

- Cut to Charles getting chased through alleyways by two banana cops (Lennie James and Barry Keoghan) as they yell "you won't get away, human!". He reaches a dead end, but does a "Hail Mary" by hopping over the banana cops—which works, as Houdini's body reaches a stunning height.




- A Tinker-Bell-ish fairy with tattoos, Hildegard (Gemma Chan), cracks her knuckles in a dingy tavern.

- A toy knight in jet black armor (Domhnall Gleeson) spins around to face others in a kingly court.

- An old, heavy-set rabbit with charcoal fur and gloomy eyes (Idris Elba) lifts his head, staring into the "camera."

- A dark purple mist swirls around the city and threatens to swallow it.

- Farther away from the mist-covered city, across from the canal, a cannon (decorated with a fun design of yellow stars), is lifted up toward the sky. Hildegard yells, "FIRE!"

- Boom! The cannon fires, launching Charles toward the city. The camera stays on him as he flies through the air, and he has a look of determination on his face—he knows what he needs to do to save the city!


Cut to white and reveal:




Cut back to the cruise ship storage room, where two precocious kids, Bart and Susie (Archie Yates and Pixie Davies), are staring up at Houdini (who is in Charles body).


Houdini: No, really! You're mistaken! Of course I'm Mr. Remington! Er, Charles Remington!

Susie: For a human magician, you sure are tapping your foot quickly.

Bart: I think we've sussed him out properly, haven't we?

(Houdini grabs the cloak's collar and cringes.)


Cut to white and reveal:











only in theaters May 9th






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A Historic Night for Blankments Productions


Blankments Productions would like congratulate all their winners at the Academy Awards last night, which collectively led the studio to an unprecedented 12 Academy Awards for a single studio, accounting for half of the awards. Edward Nadny, longtime studio head, would like to thank the Academy for this tremendous honor, adding, "It means so much that the wealth was spread among our four films this year in such a way that resulted in something historic."


In particular, the studio wants to congratulate longtime collaborators at Blankments Productions, Jimmy Tatro, Brigette Lundy-Paine and Zendaya. Always a fan of statistics, Nadny points out that these actors' time at Blankments accounts for 57%, 60% and 50% of their filmographies for the past eight years respectively, with most of their acting nominations coming from their performances there (the one exception being Mr. Tatro's Ensemble nomination among the cast of Endless Entertainment's Thirsty). 


"Although we do intend to scale back smaller productions, working with Jimmy, Brigette and Zendaya has always been a pleasure of ours, all three of them being phenomenal actors who we consider members of the family here at Blankments," Nadny stated. "To have them all be given the highest honor of their field for the first time for one of our films really means a lot to us all here.


Furthermore, Nadny acknowledged these other wins in particular, as categories Blankments Productions had never won in before:


  • Best Production Design for The Last Airbender: The Boy in the Iceberg
  • Best Original Score for Dan Romer and Benh Zeitlin's work on Sandboy
  • Best Cinematography for Sandboy
  • Best Visual Effects for The Last Airbender: The Boy in the Iceberg
  • Best Use of Action for The Last Airbender: The Boy in the Iceberg


Along with two other wins for The Last Airbender: The Boy in the Iceberg, it is Blankments Productions' most awarded film yet, and with four more films in the franchise, Nadny stated, "we are overjoyed that the film has been received wonderfully commercially and critically, and cannot wait to see where the saga goes."


To close out, the studio would like to thank the audiences and the Academy for these honors. If The Last Airbender: The Boy in the IcebergLearning to CareOlive's Hallowed Eve, and Sandboy did not resonate with them the way they did, last night would have not been the exciting conclusion for the studio that Y8 was. Despite a reduced slate, all four films made AFI Top Ten and all four films walked away with multiple Oscars and financial success. Y8 will always stand as a proud year for the studio, and this press release more than anything is meant to celebrate those who the films' really touched, as the quality of the film is not decided by the producer, but by the audience. Thank you.

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A Statement from Cookie Pictures President and CEO Sebastian Peters on the Y8 Academy Awards


"I would like to begin by congratulating all the winners on Friday night, in particular extend my congrats to Blankments Productions and their longtime studio head Edward Nadny for eclipsing our studio's record of most wins earned by a single studio in one night, with twelve awards in total. Sandboy and Olive's Hallowed Eve are two of my personal favorite films of the last few years, and their wins are well-earned.


I would now like to extend my congratulations to our own studio's winners this weekend. Directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg shone a bright light on the greed and arrogant negligence of Boeing in Flightless Bird: The Downfall of the Boeing 737 MAX, and I am more than proud to see their work be honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a Best Documentary Feature win. Flightless Bird is a harrowing and impeccably told work of nonfiction, and I hope its success inspires further ventures into the expanding documentary scene in CAYOM.


On that note, I would like to announce that Kriegman and Steinberg have begun development on a new documentary feature set to be larger in scope than Flightless Bird. It is not a sequel to that film, but it is a timely and relevant story about exposing greed, malevolence, and deception, and the real human cost those lies are having to this very day. Due to the scope and amount of research necessary to fully recount the events, as well as the size of our studio's other commitments, the documentary will not see a release until Year 10 at the earliest. We hope to reveal more information by the end of Year 9.


Our animation division also came out on top last night, with Michaël Dudok de Wit's darkly atmospheric Everything We Miss winning Best Animated Feature, the first such win for an R-rated animated feature. I would like to thank everyone involved in the project, especially the lovely Imogen Poots who scored a victory in the Best Voice Actor/Actress in the Supporting Role category, joining The Number One Dime's Cate Blanchett in being only one of two women to ever have won the award. Poots is in the recording studio lending her voice to the upcoming Hilda and the Black Forest as we speak, and though her character wasn't present in the preview we put out on Oscar night, we can't wait to reveal how she shapes the story as it unfolds.


Hilda is one of two projects Cookie Pictures Animation is developing for Year 9, but in light of Everything We Miss's success, I'd like to briefly talk more about our next experimental animated feature, Florence, first. Based on the acclaimed interactive novel, Florence tells the story of a young Chinese-Australian woman of the same name as she finds love, passion, and purpose after her daily routine leaves her in a serious rut. With Jessica Henwick lending her voice to Florence and Hilda's Himesh Patel lending his to her newfound love Krish, the slice-of-life romance tale is set to be in theaters in time for Valentine's Day. We cannot wait to share more information soon.




Returning to Hilda, Over the Garden Wall creator Patrick McHale is hard at work with our animation studio to deliver this dark fantasy adventure-drama inspired by the likes of Pan's LabyrinthSecret of Nimh, Bridge to Terabithia, and Wolfwalkers, among many others. 'The Black Forest' has Hilda and her wonderful supporting cast face greater challenges than any of them have ever encountered, and it all comes together as thrilling tale of guilt, desire, regret, and the need to confront an inner truth about yourself before you can begin to truly heal, and I personally really can't wait to see it all come together when it hits theaters in December.


I'd also like to speak a little bit about The Hunted, the Rian Johnson-directed sci-fi fantasy period epic that's been in development behind closed doors at our studio for several years, and will hopefully see the light this coming spring. There's much left to reveal and discuss, even if we intend to keep a lot left for the film itself, but Friday night's trailer has lifted a lot of weight that's been on our studio's shoulders for a long time, and when it finally releases, we hope it'll be to the delight of audiences worldwide.


While other anticipated Cookie Pictures films such as the David Tennant-led Wicker's End and the fourth chapter in the Scavenger Wars saga were absent on Oscar night, I can confirm that development on these projects are still progressing at a smooth pace, and we hope to be able to share a whole lot more information on these very soon, possibly this month.


Lastly, I'd like to congratulate Numerator Pictures on their Best Picture winner, Martin Scorcese's The Bronx is Burning. While Martin's, er... passionate acceptance speech certainly drew reactions from all over the industry, it can't be overstated how much his legendary filmography has left an impact on cinema and the art of film, and for him to finally see the recognition he deserves by the CAYOM Academy means a lot for the medium as a whole.


That is all. I once again extend my congrats to all the winners, and wish a happy Year 9 to everyone in the industry."

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@Cayom Magazine


Studio Groundswell is ready to announce that The Mirage, after a long search ranging from names like David Bruckner, Scott Cooper, and Susanne Bier, has finally solidified its director in none other than Cayom Academy Award nominee Fede Alvarez (Evil DeadDon't BreatheBorrasca).


The executives believed that Fede Alvarez was a good fit for the material due to his "story by" credit on an upcoming reboot of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as The Mirage, though throwing in some extra mystery, psychological, and experimental elements, has many thematic parallels to the original 1974 horror classic. Groundswell is also ready to announce that in addition to Glen Powell and Margaret Qualley, the film will also be starring Parker Sawyers and Eva Green in roles that are being kept under wraps to maintain surprises for the film.


The Mirage is now in production and is on pace to be released on July 11th, Y9.

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Studio Groundswell has selected Bikini (dir. Kelly Reichardt / $7.25M budget) as its in-competition submission for the Y9 film festival (in the case that the studio decides to submit something).


Studio Groundswell will select either The Last Victim (dir. Phillip Noyce / $40M budget) or The Mirage (dir. Fede Alvarez / $40M budget) as its out-of-competition submission for the Y9 film festival. (The generous budgets are due to creative ambition and dynamic filmmaking.)

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Phoenix Fire Entertainment presents...


The studio's official entries for the Y9 Film Festival






"After experiencing trauma early in her life, Sasha begins having visions of a dark creature, whose intentions are unknown."


A film by Emily Harris



Hannah Rae | Olivia Thirlby

Natalia Dyer | Moisés Arias | Erin Doherty

with Naomi Watts

with Liam Neeson

and James Jude Courtney


Loosely based on the Reddit post A life of deaths CW: Death by u/MetallicMintGreen









"Dr. Jan Delaney buys a piano to have Levi interact with it. As days of therapy go by, Levi's past becomes clearer."


A film by Tom McCarthy

(The VisitorSpotlight, 13 Reasons Why, Stillwater)


Devin Druid

Kirsten Dunst

Katelyn Nacon


Based on the Reedsy short story of the same name by Oliver Bisky



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Studio Groundswell officially selected Bikini for its in-competition festival film. The film by Kelly Reichardt (First Cow) is an adaptation of a short story by Alicia Erian and stars Zoey Deutch, Ramy Youssef, and Beanie Feldstein.

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