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Train 38 - 2/16/Y2


Directed by James Wan


Cyber - 3/16/Y2


Directed by Matt Spicer


The Simulation - 5/18/Y2


Directed by Alex Garland


Countdown - 6/22/Y2


Directed by Kathryn Bigelow


The Scoundrel - 7/13/Y2

Period Comedy

Directed by Jorma Taccone


Cassia and the Valkyries - 9/21/Y2

Animated Action/Horror/Romance

Directed by Chris Butler


Blood and Fur 2 - 10/26/Y2


Director of Eli Craig


The Parvelli Reunion - 11/21/Y2


Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos


City in the Sky - 12/21/Y2


Directed by Baz Lurhmann



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Metroid (Sci-Fi/Action/Horror) (dir. Michelle MacClaren) - March 9th

The Shadow Entities (Traditional animation/Fantasy) (dir. Ethan Spaulding) - May 4th

Countdown to Extinction (Sci-Fi/Dinosaur/Adventure) (dir. Colin Trevorrow) - May 18th

The Road To El Dorado (Period/Adventure) (dir. Joachim Rönning and Esper Sandberg) - June 8th

Mech Suit Heroine Rita (Traditional animation/Sci-Fi/Superhero) (dir. Ki Hyun Ryu) - June 29th

F-Zero (Sci-Fi/Action) (dir. Justin Lin) - July 27th

Splatoon (CG animation/Action) (dir. Chris Sanders) - October 5th

Untitled James Gray Adventure Film (Adventure) (dir. James Gray) - November 2nd

The Scavenger Wars (Traditional animation/Sci-Fi/Epic) (dir. Joaquim Dos Santos) - November 16th

Untitled Shane Black Sci-Fi Action Tentpole (Sci-Fi/Action) (dir. Shane Black) - December 14th

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Cookie Pictures to spend over $1.4 billion in Y2


With high expectations for Year 1's release calendar Cookie Pictures has revealed a chart listing the expected production costs of their Year 2 lineup, currently exceeding over 1.4 billion dollars over a year's worth of tentpole releases.


Four of these releases - The Shadow Entities, Mech Suit Heroine Rita, Splatoon and The Scavenger Wars - stem from the studio's animation division, which alone expects to spend $585 million. The costliest production is currently the untitled Shane Black sci-fi action tentpole, amassing a record $225 million. "Once you see what it is, you will understand why we're spending so much on it" says Cookie Pictures CEO Sebastian Peters in response to a question from Wasteful Spending Weekly.


Combined with a yet to be revealed lineup from Cookie Pictures subsidiaries including Fine Films Inc., the company's total expenses could exceed $2 billion when all is said and done.

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Matthew Vaughn's UnHoly  


O$corp has officially announced another film to add to their Year 2 line up. 


The plot of UnHoly is: "When an SFC Scott is captured by a scouting party of ISIS, Jihad John takes her to Raqqa to publicly execute her as the first American prisoner. When her wealthy family say they will give $25 million if SFC Scott is released, Jihad John runs into three despicable visitors : a Nazi, a Russian, and a Klansman, each with their own unknown sinister plan."


Director- Matthew Vaughn 

Jihad John- Wentworth Miller

Hans Schneider- Max Riemelt 

Alexander Petrov- Konstantin Kryukov 

Billy Williams- Jason Sudeikis

Emma Scott- Natalie Dormer


Matthew Vaughn has stated the film will try to capture the wild west film glory except take place in the Middle East. He stated the film will be a hard R and as far as genre categorized it as a "film that looks like a western film, is gore like a horror film, contains sequences like an action film and the script of a comedy." 


The film will arrive in theaters July 27th, Year 2

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Damien Chazelle- I am working on a film with Hunt Productions. I don't wanna say too much but it is about music in some way shape or form, it will be an entirely unknown cast, and the budget will be very minimal, and (hopefully) it will make you feel a little uneasy at the end of the day 

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42 minutes ago, spaghetti! said:

BREAKING: @JohnOliver will host the CAYOM Y1 ACADEMY AWARDS!


If the Academy Awards don't include a five-minute segment on how the cicadas are coming to destroy us all I will be seriously disappointed.

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- The Runaway sequel is know simply entitled Runaways. It is on track to be release on October Year 2 since the shooting will take place during Summer YEAR 1. Mendes & Daddario will return. Stephen Lang will play the antagonist. As you may know, it is directed by Joe Carnahan.


- Genius Films has decided to reboot Nightmare on Elm Street, with what seems to be a very ambitious movie. Budgeted as $35M, this movie should be release during Fall Year 2 and is directed by Andrés Muschietti.


- Angelina Jolie is out of control. Her mysterious film "Amava" would have far exceeded its budget. Originally planned to cost 40m$, Amava would have already cost Genius Films more than 65m$ and the shooting is not even finished... The studio fears the worst for this film, the genesis of which was complicated, with filming and casting often turned upside down.


- A Very Rabbids XMAS is officially announced for Thanksgiving Year 2 week-end. It will be a 100% CGI Animation movie.


- American Dad Movie (it's the new official title), is officially coming on Independance Day ! It should star Kim Kardashian as one of the main antagonist, and Genius Films /has already announced that the budget is tiny (just around $10m!). Seth Macfarlane has already said it's likely to feature jokes on Brandybrook.


- Beyond Good & Evil is coming May 25th, Year 2 and will have a budget around $150m.


- Dangerous Man is starring Cameron Monaghan and is coming Summer Year 2. It's a spin off to Dangerous Beauty.


- Dream Daddy is coming February 9th and stars Max Carver, Wenworth Miller, Matt Bommer and Cheyenne Jackson. The director has happilly announced that the movie is R-Rated.


- David Fincher said he was intered in directed Harry Quebert's sequel " The Baltimore Boys", the movie is not expected to be released for a couple of years; but he said that after seeing his production Harry Quebert, he wants to get more involved in the sequel. Ryan Gosling has already signed for it.

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And we have our main cast for To The Moon: Tom Hanks and Rachel McAdams will take on the roles of Johnny and River Wyles while Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner will take on the roles of Eva Rosalene and Neil Watson, respectively.

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Our F1 movie is also taking shape as we're announcing that Jacob Anderson will play Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo DiCaprio will play Nico Rosberg. Ron Howard will direct the movie. A name for the movie will be announced soon.
No, I totally did not write that Ron Jeremy was going to direct the movie and then (thankfully) realized the mistake.


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