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Go Go GoBots, the most expensive production so far from upstart studio MV Pictures, didn't "go" very far with critics and also appears to be flatlining at the box office, with a $24.8 million three-day opening against its $135 million production budget. Tracking heading into the weekend had suggested an opening around $45 million, but despite the all-star cast, audiences clearly weren't interested in the Transformers knockoff - especially with Voltron still in the marketplace and Spark Rising in the wings to fill their sci-fi blockbuster needs. Still, MV Pictures CEO John Johnson insists that he isn't giving up on the GoBots film franchise.


"We could see doing five, six or seven of them," he told reporters during a brief interview today. "We're waiting on overseas numbers, of course. Movies with giant fighting robots always do better overseas. But honestly, no matter what the gross is internationally, we're doing the sequels."


Johnson insists that you need to "spend money to make money," and says that the GoBots franchise can only get better and more lucrative as it goes on. Additionally, he revealed that most of the film's major cast members - including Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Matt Damon, and Will Smith - are under an unprecedented liftetime contract for sequels and spinoffs to the film. "You wouldn't believe what we did to get that cast. Wouldn't believe it. Which is why I'm not telling you. But we got great, great terms for all of them, so the money's onscreen where it should be. And you don't sign a cast like that to a lifetime contract and then just not use it." When asked if the entire cast was under contract, Johnson clarified, "We didn't bother with Christopher Lloyd because like, he could be dead tomorrow, right? Besides, anyone can play a mad scientist. It's not like Lloyd's especially known for that or anything."

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With the extremely competitive December scheduled for Y2, Gold Crescent Pictures is taking a long hard look at Biker Mice from Mars, their winter tentpole, currently scheduled for December 7th. That would place it just one week ahead of Cookie Pictures' sequel to their highly successful Voltron film, a matchup in which the mice are likely to be hunted and killed by the big robot cats. Industry sources tell us that if Voltron 2 doesn't move, Biker Mice will have to - and the only direction it can move is backwards, further down the calendar. Production hasn't yet started on the cartoon adaptation, and, in fact, the script isn't even finalized. We're told December Y2 is the absolute earliest the pic could be ready for. That's in part due to the fact that the studio is waiting to see the reception of this year's December cartoon adaptation, Extreme Dinosaurs. Apparently the success or failure of that movie - both with critics and at the box office - will have an effect on how the script for BMfM is completed and how the film is handled overall. Gold Crescent isn't interested in throwing good money after bad, and wants to set Biker Mice apart from Extreme Dinosaurs in the case the earlier film flops. Still, a rep from Gold Crescent claims the studio is "very hopeful" for Extreme Dinosaurs' box office performance over the holiday season, noting that it's the only big action pic this December.

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14 hours ago, spaghetti! said:

Shameik Moore, Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, and Ellar Coltrane make up the four-person ensemble of Trey Edward Shultz's (Krisha, It Comes at Night) jaw dropping new thriller, AFTER PARTY, due for release in August Y2. The premises follows an introverted college student (Shameik Moore) who visits a friend's house to retrieve his missing backpack, only to be trapped inside after witnessing something horrific. The film is in real time and clocks in at an astoundingly brief 78 minutes. 


This has shot to the top of my Top 5 most anticipated films of Year 2. I am very intrigued. DON'T DISAPPOINT! LOL

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BREAKING: After scheduling conflicts with MATILDA, Rose Byrne has dropped out of Yorgos Lanthimos' THE PARVELLI REUNION.


Isla Fisher will take over the role, which is said to be a potential big player for Best Actress next year.

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21 hours ago, ChD said:


Sam Rockwell and Chloe Grace Moretz have been cast for our Y2 Science Fiction blockbuster. Movie will be directed by Doug Liman.





After a massive cock-up from us, and Doug Limans "Yo, what the fuck?" tweet, we realized that we actually have Gareth Edwards attached as director.

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O$corp Pictures News: Academy


The Academy was recently moved from its March release date to September 21st. The change is because the studio felt the film would do better during the fall season since the film's story takes place in the fall. With a 45 million budget, the horror black comedy premise is as follows.


"The cadets at Norwich Military Academy are ruled with an iron-first by First Captain Alex (Harry Styles) and his friends Nick (Dylan O'Brien) and Pete (Louis Tomlinson). Their rule however is threatened by 1SG Rouse (Jodie Foster) who seeks to bring political correctness, diversity, and change to Norwich. All hell is broken loose when a killer begins to wreck chaos at the academy. Everybody is a suspect and everybody has a motive."


The cast is below. 


Alex- Harry Styles 

The Asshole


Pete- Louis Tomlinson

The Cynic


Nick- Dylan O’Brien

The Suck-Up


Jess- Aubrey Plaza

The Weirdo


Cara- Zendaya

The Final Girl


Brittany- Kimiko Glenn

The Bestie


Mitch- Tyler James Williams

The Lover


Jessica- Billie Lord

The Sister


1st Sergeant Rouse- Jodie Foster 

The ----


Major Patrick- Robert Downey Jr.

The Parent Figure


The studio released on Twitter a short character video. Each character pops up with their name title. The song Young Guns by WHAM! plays.





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14 hours ago, cookie said:

Kevin Bacon's Freddy Krueger, right?

Yup. Read that he was interested by the role.. And I think it could be a very cool choice !


14 hours ago, Rorschach said:

Is Tilda Swinton playing Wonka in Charlie and the Horror Factory?


That's an odd but interesting choice.

Yes she is ! She could play anything.. And my Wonka is definetely going to be a really creepy !

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Alpha Pictures Begins Announcing Its Year 2 Lineup


Year 1 may still be going through the motions, but Alpha Pictures CEO Harry Hardiman is too busy looking to the future. At a press conference yesterday, while smoking an abnormally large cigar, Hardiman remarked on the studio's progress on their Year 2 feature films behind the scenes. "Last week, our screenwriters burned down one of our offices. That wasn't from smoking, barbecuing or malfunctioning fax machines. That was hard work and dedication, folks." Hardiman's ramblings that consisted mostly of ranking all of Alpha Pictures' board of directors by how much alcohol they can drink were followed swiftly by an official press release from the studio that included a tentative schedule for Year 2. And so far, things look pretty exciting.


Timed Out (January 12th, Year 2) - Action director and stuntman David Leitch's newest film is a gritty take on the science fiction drama. Set in the near future, a young Wall Street executive (Alden Ehrenrich) sees his future self, sent back in time, killed in front of his own eyes. Fearful of the future but determined to figure out the mystery of his own death, he sets out to find his killers and learn the secrets of time travel.


Endurance (February 16th, Year 2) - Directed by Baltasar Kormákur and featuring an ensemble cast, Endurance tells the harrowing yet miraculous story of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Ernest Shackleton (Tom Hiddleston), where their ship became stuck in the ice during Antarctic winter. Desperate to survive, the crew must find a way home before time runs out.


Super Mario Bros. (March 2nd, Year 2) - The first installment in Alpha Pictures' planned "Nintendo Cinematic Universe", Super Mario Bros. is based on the classic video game franchise and focuses on brothers Mario (Paul Giamatti) and Luigi (Steve Carell), plumbers living in the Mushroom Kingdom. When the beloved Princess Peach (Drew Barrymore) is captured by the Koopa King Bowser (Billy Bob Thornton), Mario and Luigi set out on a quest to save the princess before war breaks out.


The Dolphin Whisperer (April 6th, Year 2) - Inspired by NASA-funded experiments in the 1960s, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg write and direct this absurdist black comedy where a young woman (Kristen Wiig) volunteers to raise a dolphin as a human child and teach it to speak English.


The Aftermath (May 25th, Year 2) - In 2022, an alien race left without a home begins to invade planet Earth, and a full-on war between humanity and alienkind is waged. But a peace treaty five years later results in the aliens becoming integrated into human society. Presented as a mockumentary and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, The Aftermath is the second feature from Hollywood Animated Studios after last year's Amulet, and focuses on the friendship between a human (Thomas Middleditch) and his alien companion (Nick Kroll) in a rapidly changing world.


Lord of the Flies (June 15th, Year 2) - A modern adaptation of the classic novel directed by Danny BoyleLord of the Flies focuses on a pack of British boys left stranded on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean after a plane crash, and the violence and hierarchies that follow.


Sonic the Hedgehog (July 20th, Year 2) - The second installment in the Nintendo Cinematic Universe, Sonic the Hedgehog is about the eponymous main character (Donald Glover) and a group of fellow freedom fighters battling to reclaim their home from the brilliant yet evil genius Doctor Eggman (Gary Oldman). Loosely based on the Saturday morning cartoon of the same name from the 1990s and the Archie Comics series that follow.


The SCP Foundation: Volume II (August 10th, Year 2) - A sequel to Year 1's hit horror anthology, Volume II's stories are mostly being kept under wraps. But the studio promises that this next installment, directed by Mike Flanagan, will up the ante.


Night in the Woods (November 21st, Year 2) - Directed by Rebecca Sugar of Steven Universe fame and based on the indie video game, Night in the Woods is another feature from Hollywood Animation Studios, and focuses on college dropout Mae Borowski (Amanda Seyfried) returning to her hometown of Possum Springs, a former coal-mining town in western Pennsylvania that's fallen on hard times. As she reconnects with familiar faces, an old friend named Casey Hartley disappears. Mae and her friends band together to solve the mystery of Casey's disappearance, and uncover dark secrets about their town.


Computer Love (December 21st, Year 2) - The biggest film in Alpha Pictures' banner this year, Computer Love is the newest feature from filmmaker James Cameron, and is a science fiction epic about the relationship between humanity and technology. The plot details are being kept under wraps, but the film is rumored to have an ensemble cast and several intertwined stories spanning centuries.


Pyramids (December 25th, Year 2) - Based on the Frank Ocean song "Pyramids", this musical directed by Hiro Murai is set in two different stories; the life and death of Queen Cleopatra (Tessa Thompson), the last ruler of the kingdom of Egypt, and the modern life of Cleo (also played by Tessa Thompson), a young stripper working at the Pyramids club living on the wild side of life.


Other films include Huntress (September 14th), Slaughterhouse Five (October 26th) and Rock and Roll (November 9th), some of Alpha Pictures' potential Oscar contenders.

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