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12 minutes ago, Xillix said:

But... Sonic isn't a Nintendo property?


Yeah, it's Sega, but he's in Smash Bros. and I figured it would be a bit awkward for him to have a standalone film series whereas every other Nintendo property is just in the same continuity.

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Cookie Pictures Details Y2 Lineup


Cookie Pictures will today detail some of the big Year 2 releases previously teased in earlier announcements. In a press conference CEO Sebastian Peters gave out details on what the moviegoing audience can expect from the studio in the next year:


Metroid (March 9th) - Directed by Kung Fu Panda shepherd Jennifer Yuh Nelson in her tentpole live-action debut, Metroid stars Brittany Snow as bounty hunter Samus Aran who chooses to spare the life of a baby Metroid during an extermination mission led by the Galactic Federation. Initially attempting to rid the baby Metroid, said baby Metroid imprints on Samus who has to keep it hidden from the Galactic Federation while growing a maternal bond with the creature. When the baby Metroid is stolen by a band of space pirates and brought to planet Zebes, Samus is forced to venture into its depths and rescue the baby, all while pursued both by the Galactic Federation and the murderous space pirates. When asked why Metroid is releasing in such proximity to Alpha Pictures' Super Mario Bros., Peters pointed out that Metroid will aim for an older audience compared to its also Nintendo-based counterpart.


Atlantis: The Lost Empire (April 6th) - A live-action remake of the 2001 Disney animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire directed by Joe Johnston. Atlantis will expand on the story of the original with new material and similar to Year 1's The Hunchback of Notre Dame will employ a PG-13 rating to tell the story without compromising for a PG-rating. Cartographer Milo Thatch is recruited to lead an expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis. No cast has been confirmed yet.


The Shadow Entities (May 4th) - Forced to leave his home in the kingdom of Varbaria to avoid certain death, otherwise ordinary teenager Keiji Hayusa (Ryan Potter stumbles upon brazen, loud-mouthed and sometimes drunk Pew (Bobby Moynihan) - a cat-like creature somehow bestowed with god-like powers - and along with a colorful cast of characters (Ezra Miller, Zelda Williams, Danny Pudi, Finn Wolfhard and Amandla Stenberg respectively) band together to survive before being tasked to stop a scorned aristocrat (Benedict Cumberbatch) from attaining similarly god-like powers so he can enact his revenge on Varbaria. All the while Keiji fears exposing his secret will lead to the loss of his newfound friends and asking the question: is it worth saving a world that only wants you gone? Avatar: The Last Airbender director Ethan Spaulding helms this first entry in the animated "Cookieverse" filled with adventure, comedy, emotion and a progressive message. James Spader, Bridgit Mendler, Rhys Darby, Ellen Page and Robert Englund round out the rest of the main cast.


Countdown to Extinction (May 25th) - A live-action successor to the 2000 Disney animated film DinosaurCountdown to Extinction is set in a near future where humanity has perfected time travel and managed to determine the exact day and date of the meteor strike that wiped out the dinosaurs. Tasked with retrieving a dinosaur specimen for research purposes, paleontologist Aaron Derry (Chiwetel Ejiofor) leads an expedition 65 million years in the past and encountering the characters of Dinosaur (set to be voiced by the surviving cast of the original film). However, a technical malfunction with the time rover strands Aaron and his team in the past and they now have matter of days to get the rover back in operation and return to the present before the extinction-level event takes them with it. Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow helms this exciting adventure and composer James Newton Howard is set to return.


The Road to El Dorado (June 8th) - A live-action remake of the 2000 Dreamworks animated film The Road to El Dorado. Two Spanish conmen Tulio and Miguel (Adam Brody and Eric Christian Olsen) are stranded in Latin America where they come across the legendary golden city and are immediately perceived to be gods by the local populace, spurring a conflict between the chief of El Dorado (Adam Beach) and the sinister Tzekel Khan (Jesse Borrego). While Tulio plots with local charmer Chel (Gina Rodriguez) to escape the city with a ship of gold in hand Miguel grows more attached to the city and its people. All the while, a conquistador army led by Captain Hernan Cortes (Russel Crowe) traces the duo's footsteps and inches ever closer to finding the city himself. Norwegian director duo Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg are set to direct. It's currently undetermined how many songs from the original will return, but Peters guarantees "It's Tough to be a God" will be in the film.


Mech Suit Heroine Rita (June 29th) - The second entry in the "Cookieverse" set in the fictional neo-futurist Pearl City, Rita (Sophie Oda) is a high-school girl who lost her legs at a young age and has robotic legs devised by her mother Kari (Laura Bailey), a former robotics engineer working for Quartzcorp Enterprises. Kari invites her journalist sister Laura (Rashida Jones) and her daughter Mercedes (Isabela Moner) to live with them while Laura goes through a divorce, and the shy yet over-excitable Rita and the overly bratty Mercedes are forced to live together. When Laura uncovers a conspiracy involving Quartzcorp a threat emerges against Pearl City in the form of Metron, a humanoid robot with suspect ties to Quartzcorp. Rita, feeling forced to do something, rebuilds her robot legs with the help of Mercedes to become a mildly effective superheroine dubbed by the public as "Robo-Girl", attracting the attention of Metron, Quartzcorp, government agents and entities from beyond. Stanley Tucci, Bob Odenkirk, Grey DeLisle, Carmen Carrerra and Djimon Hounsou round out the voice cast in this sci-fi superhero anime film directed by Ki Hyun Ryu.


F-Zero (July 27th) - Directed by Fast and Furious and Star Trek Beyond helmer Justin Lin, F-Zero is set in the far future where a popular racing sport is mired by internal politics, corruption, murder and a plot by the devilish Black Shadow (Ciarán Hinds) to use the sport as a mean to conquer the universe. Believing Black Shadow to be responsible for the death of her father, racing fan Kara Akechi (Isabela Moner) enlists the help of Samurai Goroh (Dave Bautista) and Monica Arrow (Felicity Jones) to track down legendary racer and bounty hunter Captain Falcon (Armie Hammer) to form a racing team to compete in the upcoming F-Zero Grand Prix and put a stop to Black Shadow's plans. Sebastian Peters also confirmed that Samus Aran from Metroid is set to make an appearance in the film.


Splatoon (October 5th) - Set in the city of Inkopolis, inkling Red (Hailee Steinfeld) heads out to locate a great Zapfish that will restore electricity to her downtrodden neighborhood after the authoritarian Lord Octobot strips the neighborhood of electricity in response to resistance from the inkling populace. On her quest Red ends up being recruited by Captain Cuttlefish in a plot devised by him to topple Octobot's rule with the help of two agents said to be the popular pop duo the Squid Sisters (Tegan and Sara Quin). Chris Sanders of Lilo & Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon fame helms Cookie Pictures Animation's first CG venture.


Lance (November 2nd) - Set in 1942, African-American fighter pilot Jamie St. Clair (Stephan James) is stranded in Japanese-occupied Indochina where he locates his idol and purported biological father Lance Hardigan (Hugh Jackman) - a serial star who vanished from Hollywood following a sex scandal in the 1930s - and the pair are set on a treasure hunt accompanied by the daughter (Tao Okamoto) of a Japanese general (Beat Takeshi) who pursues them along with Nazi doctor Heinrich Kurtz (Christoph Waltz). Described as a mix of Indiana Jones and Logan, this adventure drama is helmed by Lost City of Z director James Gray.


The Scavenger Wars (November 16th) - The third and so far most ambitious entry in the "Cookieverse", this animated sci-fi epic is set in the far future where humanity survives drifting through the universe in city-size spaceships until a disastrous encounter with an alien race called the Scavengers results in a devastating tragedy that leads to a war between humanity and the Scavengers. Fifteen years later and following the election of militant fascist Grand Admiral Packer (Walton Goggins) physiologically enhanced siblings Joel (Daniel Henney) and Kira (America Ferrerra) are left adrift, Joel especially, following trauma during the war with the Scavengers. Their lives change when they befriend Scavenger princess Tamara (Jessica Szohr) who plead for their aid in bringing peace to the conflict between humanity and the Scavengers once and for all and stopping Packer from executing a plan that would lead to the extermination of both races. Avatar: The Last Airbender director Joaquim Dos Santos helms this massive scale sci-fi also starring Keegan-Micheal Key, Keith David and Brittany Snow.


Voltron: Rise of Lotor (December 14th) - Fast-tracked for a December Y2 opening, the sequel to Y1 smash hit Voltron: Defenders of the Universe picks up one year later where Team Voltron - still feeling the loss of their leader Shiro - begin the search for a new Black paladin while they're intercepted by Galra heir Prince Lotor (Tom Hiddleston) who along with his team of generals goes rogue from the Galra empire and seek to claim Voltron for their own benefit. In between this Pidge continues the search for her family, Lance starts doubting himself, Hunk develops a relationship with an inhabitant of the planet Balmera, Allura and Coran make alliances with resistance forces in Galra-occuppied planets and Keith discovers shocking new information regarding his past. Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys director Shane Black takes over the directing chair while previous director Jon Favreau is set to produce and the surviving cast of the first film are all set to return.


Rollercoasters (December 21st) - This sequel to Year 1's Rollercoaster pits safety inspector David Calder (Edward Norton) against terrorists who take hostages at Spark Mountain and frame him as siding with them. Described as "Die Hard in a theme park" the film follows Calder who has to battle the hostage takers while uncovering their deeper motives. Norton and Naomi Harris are both set to return with Luke Scott returning to direct.

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3 minutes ago, 4815162342 said:


Is this the same Cyber I remember.... 




Not even remotely. The similarities begin and end with the title.


This'll be much more of a comedy with some screwball elements and the kind of style of Goodfellas/Wolf of Wall Street.


That was probably the worst third act I've ever written, lol


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The adaptation of the 2015 RPG will cover roughly the first third of the game, with some expansions and diversions into new material. Therefore, audiences won't be meeting the entirety of the Pillars fellowship in the first film. The casting of the lead character, known in the game as "The Watcher", is still underway, but reports indicate it is down to a couple finalists, with one of them rumored to be Mackenzie Davis (San Junipero). However, while that role is still in the casting process, we can report on much of the remaining cast:


Dan Stevens is Eder, a solitary former soldier who is an outcast in his town due to his religious faith

Iwan Rheon is Aloth, an elven wizard investigating the local epidemic of Hollowborn children 

J.K. Simmons is Durance, a cantankerous and caustic priest of the fire goddess Magran wandering the wilds

Boyd Holbrook is Urgeat, the venomous lieutenant of Lord Raedric, the point man of the lord's attempts to purge the local land (role is expanded from the game)

Ray Fisher is Kana Rua, an Aumaua scholar investigating the secrets of the mysterious castle Caed Nua

with James Cromwell as Maerwald, the reclusive master of Caed Nua who possesses a unique insight into the nature of souls

and Colin Farrell as Lord Raedric, the bitter. hardened lord of Gilded Vale, who is willing to use any means necessary to cleanse his land


Other minor roles have yet to be cast.



PILLARS OF ETERNITY: THE HOLLOW VALE will release February, Year 2.



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The Academy Teaser Trailer


*O$corp Logo Appears*


*Begins to Play @ 1:42*


Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Dylan O'Brien watch across campus pridefully in slow motion toward the camera. The camera starts at their feet and goes up their faces. Their shiny black shoes make a sound on the cement. Harry Styles smiles.


*Song Ends @ 2:06*


Harry Styles walks into a room and says, "Good morning, rats!"


Zendaya and Kimiko Geen look at him questionably. 


From the writer of The Hangover and Bad Moms


The camera descends from the sky and we see Tyler James Williams, Dylan O'Brien, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zendaya, Aubrey Plaza, and Kimiko Green standing outside of a majestic stone hall covered in ivy.


Tyler James Williams tells Kimiko Green and Zendaya, "You can't run against Alex. He is truly Satan in the flesh!"


We see Kimiko in a room. She picks something off her bed and then look at a open window. She then turns around and see a man in a horse mask with a knife. She screams.


Next Year


Jodie Foster narrates over the next scenes, "Worse scenario there is an actual killer on this campus."


Harry Styles walks into a dark basement with shining a flashlight.


Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Aubrey Plaza pull back a curtain in the dark basement.


Out of a dark corner the figure with the horse mask rises up.


Lorde is standing in her room and whirls around frightened.


Harry Styles, Dylan O'Brien, and Louis Tomlinson open a door and scream dramatically


Everyone Has a Motive


Harry Styles, Dylan O'Brien, and Louis Tomlinson seat at a table quickly turn their heads toward a camera


Harry Styles slams his hands on the table and says, "What in bloody hell is this!"


Billie Lord screams fall backwards on to her bed


Tyler James Williams smiles suspiciously


Kimiko Glenn and Zendaya turn and look at each other.


To Kill


Harry Styles says, "I chose to believe, we are a brotherhood and sisterhood loyal in protecting each other against harm."


*During narration this the camera moves to the face of Tyler James Williams, Louis Tomlinson, Dylan O'Brien, Zendaya, Aubrey Plaza, and Kimiko Glenn.*


*The next images flash quickly*


The camera shoots over a stone hall with ornate decorations and candles


Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson storm down a hall way


Tyler James Williams opens a drawer and covers his mouth


Zendaya screams


A bloody police officer falls over


Dylan O'Brien opens a door cautiously


Zendaya picks up a horse mask


Lightening flashes and we see the face of Jodie Foster standing outside.




September 21














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David Oyelowo as Horus, the god of war and the sky, and the protagonist of the film

Idris Elba as Set, the god of chaos and storms, and the film's primary villain - who also happens to be Horus' uncle

Anthony Mackie as Ramessu, the human warrior chosen as the mortal ally and champion of Horus

Dwayne Johnson as Sobek, the god of crocodiles and a good friend of Ra's

Will Smith as Thoth, the super-smart but unfriendly god of wisdom

Djimon Hounsou as Anubis, god of death and embalming, judge of dead mortal's souls, and Set's conflicted son by rape

Denzel Washington as Ra, god of the sun and king of the gods, brother of Set

Terrence Howard as Khnum, the creator god who sculpts both mortals and gods before their birth

Angela Bassett as Bastet, the goddess of protection, especially of children

Zoe Saldana as Hathor/Sekhmet, the goddess of love and joy who can transform into a lion-headed goddess of vengeance

Halle Berry as Nephthys, goddess of funerals and mother of Anubis - but also Set's sister

Viola Davis as Eset, goddess of magic and nature, and sister of Set (traditionally known in English as Isis, this alternate translation is used for obvious reasons)

Jada Pinkett Smith as Ma'at, goddess of truth, order, and law and daughter of Ra

Laurence Fishburne as Ahmose, a fanatically-dedicated priest of Set who works to stop Ramessu

Michael Jai White as Thutmose, a warrior and former colleague of Ramessu who is possessed by Set

Lupita Nyong'o as Nefertari, the sister of Ramessu, who is drawn into the conflict


War of the Gods is Gold Crescent Picture's biggest tentpole for Y2, directed by J.J. Abrams and shot primarily on IMAX 15-perforation, 65mm film. It is currently scheduled for an August 3rd release.


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