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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT | 571.0 M overseas ● 791.1 M worldwide

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Mission: Impossible – Fallout added $8m from 49 markets at the weekend to reach $559.8m, to track 23% ahead of Rogue Nation from the same group of markets.

The spy action thriller’s fourth session in China delivered $6.2m for number four and a $173.6m running total, while Italy has produced $5.8m at the same stage. After eight weekends, the film stands at $15.5m in Germany, $41.8m in Japan, and $26.7m in France.


Worldwide total now $777.9

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MI6 seems to have performed really well in Netherlands and Norway. Crossed 7.5m and 6m mark respectively and easily the biggest by margin for cruise and MI series.


In Norway its behind Mammia and ahead of rest of the movie this year!!! correct me if im wrong. 


MI6 inspite of being superior to The Mummy has grossed lesser in LA. The mummy seem to have done well here compared to other regions. 



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On 9/26/2018 at 11:23 PM, The Dark Samurai said:

Mid-week Update:



 Worldwide:  $784,027,927


This is going to come really close to $800 million. A really great run!


800m shud have been possible :( nevertheless great performance 


I wish if China kicks in with late legs and some good holds in NA, Europe will push it towards 800.

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7 hours ago, MattW said:

Aug 26: 344.8

Sept  2: 442.7 (+97.9)

Sept  9: 514.5 (+71.8)

Sept 16: 544.8 (+30.3)

Sept 23: 559.8 (+15.0)

Sept 30: 570.7 (+10.9)


With over 10m in the last week I think 800m is on the table. 221d + 580os


Approximately $7 million was from China last week, but it looks like MI6 has just ended its run there and will not be extended for the holiday week.

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