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That One Guy

It: Chapter Two | September 6, 2019 | 11th Most Profitable Movie of 2019

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Alright guys, I just wanna say that a RT reveal means nothing. They do that for tons of stuff these days.


a late embargo means nothing, It 1 had a late one and also Hobbs and Shaw had a VERY late one and still got good reviews.


the reactions have been fairly positive. It doesn’t really tell us much on what the score will be though.


we will just have to see for ourselves tomorrow.

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9 minutes ago, TimmyRiggins said:

The reactions have been quite strong for this, similar to It Chapter One, I don't see how it ends up rotten?!

Tons of whining about length (which imho is silly, considering how long the novel is), 'the lack of chemistry' which would be amazing considering the cast has insane chemistry if you saw any interviews with them together and 'not scary' - that's just subjective, there's lots of people claiming Chapter 1 isn't scary. The only worrying complaint I saw is the messy first hour but majority claims the last act is amazing and imho it's the last act that always matters most

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1 minute ago, 75Live said:

quick stop in, still not reading anything, but just can't wait for this movie this week.


I am all prepared as the pic below shows :P 



Love, love, love it! I want that shirt too.


Enjoy the movie!

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20 minutes ago, Marcos12 said:

I'm finding the marketing of this movie very bad, until 2 days ago I didn't even remember that this movie was coming out this week.

Yeah I have to admit the marketing has been fairly sub-par. Online I guess it's been okay but this movie should be in everyone's faces by now.

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4 hours ago, cheesypoofs said:

I've personally seen marketing a lot the last few weeks. TV spots, Facebook, Instagram... I've seen ads everywhere lol

Yeah I may have to amend my statement a bit. The marketing is all over social media for me (then again, following Warner Bros helps) is really good, but marketing on TV and out in public doesn't seem to be great.

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