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Jojo Rabbit | 18 OCT 2019 | WW2 Dramedy from ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Taika Waititi | Taika Waititi is literally Hitler | 7 Oscars Noms Including Best Picture

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Allen has joined JoJo Rabbit, the Taika Waititi-directed WWII satire about a young boy raised in a Hitler Youth camp who’s confronted with a decision when he learns his mother (Scarlett Johansson) is hiding a young Jewish girl in the house. Waititi plays the boy’s invisible friend, a version of Hitler. Sam Rockwell plays the Nazi captain of the kid’s youth camp and Allen will play Finkel, second in command to Rockwell’s Captain Klenzendorf in the Fox Searchlight film.


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The recent Oscar winner isn’t stateside for the release of Susanna White’s 1890’s period piece about Sitting Bull and the woman who traveled across the country to paint his portrait, however — he’s in Prague, where production on “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” and “Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waiti’s outrageous-sounding “Jojo Rabbit” is underway.

“It is the greatest script I’ve read in so long,” Rockwell said over the phone of the dark comedy that Waititi hopes will “piss off a lot of racists.” Asked about his character, Captain Klenzendorf, the actor divulged a few salient details: “I am a Nazi, a captain in the Nazi army — the instructor for the Hitler Youth,” he said. “I’ve been demoted, and I’m a bit disillusioned. It’s an interesting part.”


A World War II satire about a German boy whose only friend is both imaginary and Hitler (played by Waititi himself), “Jojo Rabbit” also stars Scarlett Johansson, Rebel Wilson, and newcomer Roman Griffin in the title role.




Taika Waititi has revealed more about his upcoming portrayal of Adolf Hitler while speaking to media at a film festival in the Czech Republic.

The Boy and Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker will play a "weird version" of the notorious German dictator in his upcoming film Jojo Rabbit, and says it's "quite confronting" to see himself in a Hitler costume.


Waititi spoke about the film at the opening ceremony of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) over the weekend.

"I play an imaginary friend who is sort of a cross between Hitler and all of this little boy's heroes. So it's all combined into this weird version of Hitler. It's not actually Hitler," said Waititi.

"I tried not to research the role. This is not like [acclaimed German Hitler film] Downfall, I'm not trying to be authentic in the portrayal."


Although he stated on Instagram that having a Polynesian Jew portray Hitler is a great way to insult the white supremacist leader, Waititi admitted the role has made him uncomfortable.

"It is very strange for me to put on the suit, to put the moustache on and things like that. It's quite confronting and I don't necessarily like seeing myself like that."


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