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Release Dates Was the Problem for Low Summer BO

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First of all, I don't post much here, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was reading in Box Office Mojo, that this summer marks the lowest grossing one in over a decade, and I think that the main problem with it, were the release dates of some movies. So, just for fun I made how I think it would've worked better for some movies at the BO.


June 28: The Dark Tower (Who tought placing this one just in between Annabelle and It was a good idea? With this date, it would've had a whole month with not much competition)

July 21: It (With all the anticipation this movie had, it would've worked so much better for a summer release, or at least is a better summer option than the one WB released, Dunkirk. And if it did great with a september release, just imagine how it would've done with a July release)

August 4: Baby Driver (August releases usually have good legs and as this was not a really front-loaded movie, it would've faced less comptetion)

August 11: Dunkirk (Closer to the Academy Awards, therefore, bigger chances for a nomination)

September 9: Annabelle Creation


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4 hours ago, slambros said:

I think Pirates and The Mummy were hurt by being so close to Wonder Woman.

Pirates was fine just franchise fatigue. The Mummy was doomed either way the film would've gotten shit either way. Universal couldn't market the film worth a damn. 

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This thread is dead. Annabelle had a great release date. Dark Tower was destined to bomb no matter what. Dunkirk was fine where it was. Baby Driver was fine as counter-programming, and holds would've been good anywhere. Really it was just the selection we've had this summer. Logan, Kong, Fast 8, IT, Boss Baby, and Beauty & The Beast were all sucessful spring and fall releases. 


Studios focused on sequels, and overspent big budget films this summer, that killed this summer. Audiences want to see something different, that's why you can have the surprirsed tentpoles  in the quieter months like IT a film that could've even at best done The Conjuring 1 numbers and that would've to me a sucessful run. 2017 will revive on September-December box office. Summer just was over predicted to me personally as we expected too much of this summer. 

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I'd say yes and no to the original point.


Yes, because the studios did screw up the schedule. Parts of summer were devoid of any movie that was considered interresting by the general audience, while some mid-level movies were hurt by either running into the few big movies, or by competing with other mid-level movies. The studios simply missed out on spreading the releases properly. They did spread them out better over the whole year, but summer ended up being left with not much of interest. Next year will likely be the opposite, with the summer being crowded with blockbusters, thus taking money away from themselves.


No, because a flop still would have been a flop if it had a better release date. Dark Tower had all the space needed to prosper, but it didn't. Some of the flops could have made more money if they had been released in a different spot, but none of them would have turned into a huge success that way.


It is the perfect example of what happens when you pair a movie that creates some interest with a boxoffice that had been a barren wasteland for weeks on end. I don't see how moving it to summer would have meant more money, I'd say the opposite is true. It would likely have made a lot of money regardless of the release date, but this one turned out to be golden, exactly because there had been nothing going on for a while. Audiences simply jumped on the first opportunity to see something of interest again, which turned out to be It.


I don't think the summer had anything to do with sequels either. It's not like sequels flopped hard while original stuff was a huge success. Put a biggish sequel into summer (preferably not next to Wonder Woman) and it would have been a success.

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