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Ezen Baklattan

CAYOM 3.0 - Studio Plans

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Fossil Record Animation
For those of you who aren't aware, Fossil Record Animation specializes in low-budget, high-concept animated feature films that pack the visual punch of those from bigger studios. The majority of our works are aimed at teen or adult audiences, but the low budget gives us the flexibility to work with different genres than more expensive "mainstream" animated films. 



Year 9 Projects

  • Raven Island
    • Directed by Rebecca Daintree
    • Animation/Fantasy
    • A teenage girl vacationing on a tiny island off Seattle must rescue her aunt from the otherworldly forces that have kidnapped her. 
  • Shadow of the Comet
    • Directed by Harold Kingsley
    • Animation/Science-Fiction
    • After a comet impact that kills off most of humanity, a former astronaut must locate a hidden spaceship in order to save the survivors before a tyrannical dictator finds it, while at the same time escaping the evil cult that has arisen among the survivors. 


Year 10 Projects

  • The Xenoscope
    • Directed by Daniel Ulrich McBroom
    • Animation/Horror
    • Two vacationing families decide to stay in a vacant house in the North Carolina Appalachians, and stumble upon a mysterious device that allows them to see living dinosaurs. They soon discover a plot to wipe out humanity and re-establish the age of dinosaurs. 
  • 90s Kid
    • Directed by Sean MacIntyre
    • Animation/Comedy
    • A high school student about to graduate makes a pact with his friends to experience as many things from his childhood in the 1990s as he can, but it results in him jeopardizing his relationship with his girlfriend. 


Projects with a director, but no set date

  • In The Piper's Wake
    • Directed by Tom Shelton 
    • Animation/Horror/Science-Fiction
    • After an alien signal enslaves almost all humans on Earth, only five people-- an autistic six-year-old boy from North Carolina, a truck driver from Namibia, a twelve-year-old girl from Lithuania, an airline pilot from Chicago, and an office worker from China-- are left to defend humanity.
  • California Girl
    • Directed by  Peter Diamond
    • Animation/Historical Drama/Romance

    • An elderly World War II bomber pilot, with the help of a teenage boy, decides to take to the air one last time to honor his long-dead lover. To do so, he has spent the last sixty years building a home-made airplane, which he is determined to fly-- even if he dies trying. 

  • Land of the Long White Cloud
    • Directed by Taika Waititi
    • Animation/Historical Drama/Horror
    • In the 19th century, a British naturalist arrives in New Zealand, only to encounter creatures that have been thought extinct for centuries, such as the giant moa and the Haast's eagle. 

Announced projects with no director

  • Faerie Child
  • Stratosphere
  • Untitled The Future Is Wild film
  • Untitled Snaiad film 


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