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Bob's Burgers | May 27, 2022

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2 minutes ago, Jonwo said:

 Both Family Guy and The Simpsons are huge moneymakers for FOX and unless they find another animated series that can do as well, they won't end. I know MacFarlane developed a pilot for a reboot of The Flintstones but FOX only liked it but not enough to commit to a series and the rights went back to Warner Bros.


Personally, I'd rather see an FOX animated sitcom which is more like a friendship or workplace series like Futurama rather a family although Bob's Burgers is both a family based sitcom and a workplace sitcom.

They'll have to eventually end though, unless they are seriously about replacing voice-actors or something. 


Personally I'd like to see Fox try another "far out there' like animated sitcom, similar to Futurama, but which goes off and does its own thing. It's been a while anyway. 

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12 hours ago, YourMother said:

How bad are the ratings? I thought Burgers was popular.


12 hours ago, WrathOfHan said:

If the live ratings of last season's finale were used in the BOM average price, it'd translate to 13.5M.

Bob's fan base does not watch it live, but instead DVR, Netflix, Hulu, Adult Swim, etc. They do gangbusters in merch sales as well. 


I imagine a BB movie to be fairly low budget compared to most animated films so the box office stakes won't be as imposing. Although it's a bit ridiculous to give it a July release date, I would think something safer like spring or fall would work better.

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