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Classic Conversation Thread | Black Lives Matter | #StopAsianHate | Free Palestine

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42 minutes ago, the lonely day year said:

was American Sniper bought by the Trump side of Hollywood to force as the number one movie of 2014?

Not so sure of the question, American Sniper was a WB-Spielberg project (Spielberg developed the script), Spielberg dropped officially because of the studio low budget and went to someone that can and like to work on the cheap with Eastwood.

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Is there going to be a Summer movie game this year? its looking more and more likely like we will actually get one this summer.

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Create A Year Of Movies (CAYOM)


Today, I feel compelled to advertise one of the most exciting hidden alleyways of the Box Office Theory forum, which is the Create A Year Of Movies game! In CAYOM, you can schedule, cast, and create movies for a simulation of theatrical exhibition--so like fantasy football, but with your very own movie studio! We have a deadline of May 2nd for films to be placed on the current game year's schedule, so there's plenty of time if you're interested! I can answer any questions you might have!



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I'm extremely sorry I didn't get to this sooner, but better late than never.


To @MrPink @Sam@Jason @charlie Jatinder, my fellow mods @ZeeSoh and @grim22, and all our other BOT members of Asian descent, know that you are safe here, we love you all, and we wish the best for you in the future. Fuck Trump and Stop Asian Hate

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3 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:

What happened tho?

There's been a massive resurgence of attacks and assaults against Asian-American communities in the past few weeks. Most recently, a white supremacist killed six women of Asian descent last night.

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