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Classic Conversation Thread | Black Lives Matter | #StopAsianHate | Get Vaccinated

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33 minutes ago, Napoleon said:

What a legend, can't wait for the movie about her life



The major studios probably won't be ballsy enough to make a movie about this saga (especially not WB or Universal lol). Amazon or Netflix might bite though.

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Betts and Roberts on playing today:



The key line I hear over and over and over again is "emotionally exhausting".  If folks take nothing else away from all of this, it should be that.  That real life human beings, with all the conflicting and complex emotions that implies, are at the center of all of this.

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2 hours ago, Eric the Platypus said:

Still disappointed by all this, but she's still young and she definitely has the charisma to get more roles. Hopefully things get better in the next few years.

Her moment will come in 5 years when her Star Wars movies are distant memories and Saoirse Ronan will be an Oscar winner going through a post-win lull.

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After the horrible news that the Greek authorities are loading cross Mediterranean refugees on inflatables and dumping them are sea with no engines, famous street artist banksy does something about it...



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