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That One Girl

Pet Sematary | April 5, 2019 | Paramount | Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes) to direct

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You can almost hear the wheels turning at Paramount:


"Gee,look at how much money Warners is making with 'It',and we still own the rights to "Pet Semetary" and  we can bring in it for around 25 Million"......


I suspect every studio that has the rights to a one of the "CLassic" King novels is going to fast track it....

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48 minutes ago, Mojoguy said:

I thought the original Pet Sematary was fine. The low budget really helped it stand out.

I hope they don't do film remakes for The Dead Zone, Cujo, and Christine, 1983 was a great year for Stephen King fans.

The Dead Zone might just be too scary for audiences;because Greg Stillson is so much like the current resident of the White House........

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Now this is a remake that I'm for. I agree with @ddddeeee's stance on the original: it's not awful, but the acting is just not good and it really brings the product down in pretty much every way. It's also pretty corny, and not in a Evil Dead fun style.


Give this thing a decent (for horror standards), a good cast and good talent behind the camera (don't know these guys, but their movie seems to have good reception) and we could have a horror breakout here.

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The original was a good movie and the evil kid is freaky! The sequel with Eddie Furlong  is one I need to revisit I thought it had some cool scenes but that’s about it. 


Wasn’t this remake in talks back in 2007?


Because I rememember after 1408 came out Dimension Films wanted to juice out all of these Stephen King films and they even had talks that Matt Greenberg was going to do the screenplay.


but this remake could be decent if done right. No need for a shot for shot like Carrie, but something smart and effective. But I know Paramount is desperate for money that moment so we”ll see.

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There's been plenty of King's books that have been made and most of them don't do well.  I can't explain why IT did so well.  I realize the book is loved but so was The Shining and Dark Tower and Dead zone and so on.  Maybe everything just came into place for IT.  The popularity of Stranger Things, the clown thing that happened the year before it came out, a huge fan base and a great cast and director.  Nobody could have predicted that IT would do anywhere near as well as it did.  i was hoping for 80-100 total when it was first announced.  Horror films were never part of the zeitgeist, certainly not the way IT was.


So if there is a recrudescence in King's work, I don't think anyone should expect anything but just solid numbers.  Pet Sematary, imo, was a good movie and it was certainly helped by having Fred Gwynne as Jud Crandall.  He was such a perfect actor to play the part.  I hope PS can borrow some of the magic that IT had.  I just hope they make a good movie first and give us a good cast with it.  They don't have to be huge actors, but for the two leads, it would be really cool to see someone like David Harbour play the father, Louis Creed and for Jud get someone recognizable who can do a southern drawl.  This might be a bit out of left field, but getting Billy Bob Thornton to play the avuncular like Southern neighbour would be a stroke of genius. Or cast Morgan Freeman, my gosh that would be cool.  Crandall was white in the book but Freeman can do southern drawl.  


just spit balling here.  I just hope this film turns out to be faithful to the book.  There's a fairly big fan base for PS.  Hope they do it right to please those of us who are fans of the book.

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LOL if they think this will repeat IT success. IT has an iconic villain and likable cast of child characters. Pet Sematary is completely different and hard to pin point genre-wise. It isn't a real zombie story, it isn't a real supernatural story and the horror is really mostly internal (character fears, thoughts, etc especially Zelda parts of the book) rather than external. TV movie was garbage cause it focused on shitty effects (that fake dummy cat, lol) instead of a psychological part. 

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