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Weekend Thread | Actuals (p.100) ~ Thor: Ragnarok - 122.744M, Bad Moms 2 16.759M, Jigsaw 6.558M, Boo 2 4.451M, Geostorm 3.194M | GOLD ACCOUNT SALE (1st post for details) | 91k PTA for Lady Bird

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Thor thread!




Disney/Marvel have done it again and are looking forward to another huge weekend. At this point in time, per Deadline sources, Thor: Ragnarok looks to be making between $12M-$14M tonight and on ComScore/Screen Engine’s Post Trak has earned a very rare five out of five stars from moviegoers. These box office figures do not come from Disney, and as we always footnote they’re subject to fluctuation. We’ll have an official update from the Burbank, CA lot in the morning.


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So basically the expected range based on the sellout and preview counts in the buzz thread. I think most users had it in the 12-14M range. Since its almost midnight, not expecting big fluctuations in that early number anymore. A Doctor Strange multiplier would take it to 106-123M I think, Guardians 2 would take it from 103-120M. Safe to say about 110M for right now with 125M a possibility on the higher end if it gets to 14M in actuals.

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Some data for Thor from that Deadline article. Seems very positive



Hulk-size PostTrak scores here for the Marvel threequel, which is the label’s third title to play November: Overall positive score of 88%, 28% of all moviegoers vow to see Thor: Ragnarok again in theaters while another 29% say they’ll buy the film on Blu-ray disc.  Definite recommend is an enormous 84% with 45% saying that the threequel exceeded their expectations. Men over 25 led all moviegoers at 45% followed by females over 25 (26%), men under 25 (16%), and females under 25 (13%). That latter demo loved Thor: Ragnarok the most with a 92% overall positive score. 


Tonight’s crowd was split in regards to watching the movie in 3D. Fifty percent of tonight’s attendees watched Thor: Ragnarok in 2D, 23% saw it on a PLF screen while 24% sat in Imax theaters. At 94% fresh, Thor: Ragnarok owns the best Rotten Tomatoes grade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Good for Thor that the female and under 25 crowd are liking the movie

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Premature I know until we get final preview numbers but here are the preview to OW multiplier of relevant movies with OW for Thor by the side if it hits that multi


DoFP - 11.2 - 134/157

Avengers - 11 - 132/154

WW - 9.4 - 113/132

CA:TWS - 9.33 - 112/131

logan - 9.3 - 112/130

DS - 9 - 108/126

Gotg2 - 8.6 - 103/120

Gotg1 - 8.4 - 101/118

SMH - 7.6 - 91/106

CW - 7.16 - 86/100

AoU - 6.9 - 83/97

SS - 6.5 - 78/91

BvS - 6 - 72/84



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