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7 hours ago, Eric Karga said:


They can demand all the disclaimers they want, but Charles was really 32 and said "Whatever in love means" right next to 19 year old Diana during their engagement interview. Everybody can see the real video if they want. This show is dramatized, but it was for the other three seasons before this one and there wasn't nearly the same outrage. It must suck for the monarchists that 10 episodes of a Netflix show is erasing 20+ years of positive PR for the future king, and validating why Harry/Meghan fled the country, but oh well. What happened to the stiff upper lip? Never complain, never explain? I guess that doesn't apply when it's Charles and Elizabeth's images taking the hit. The Tories don't come off amazingly this season, either, and they're in power now, so this might explain the government preoccupation with a TV drama vs. Covid or Brexit...


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12 hours ago, Eric Karga said:


Good. I guess the timing is pretty terrible for the royals with the Queen being 94, but you can’t erase the (relatively recent) past. And, really Charles and Camilla should be thanking the Lord the show left out Kanga and has (so far) omitted Tampongate. 

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The Crown, whose latest season offers a provocative look at the meeting and matrimony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in the 1980s, dominated Nielsen’s U.S. streaming chart for the week of November 16.


The show’s 40 available episodes racked up almost 3.4 billion minutes of viewing, the best Nielsen showing of any title since The Umbrella Academy last August. Two-thirds of that view time was devoted to Season 4, with viewing rocketing from a fifth-place showing in the previous week’s rankings, which captured only its first weekend online. The next most-viewed Crown season was the first one, the measurement firm noted.


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The series is very beautiful and well-shot. When you look, you get colossal aesthetic pleasure. But the feeling of chewing gum does not leave, as if the director is afraid to overload the viewer's brain. Instead of showing historical action (what is happening in the world, behind-the-scenes wars, etc.) - one clear chewed line. Long scenes with kisses, silence of the main characters, etc. Therefore, the impression is very ambiguous. It would be cool if the entire series showed world history through the prism of the life of Elizabeth Il. But alas, no. Everything is provided for this story to last 10 seasons. Otherwise I liked Churchill and the scenery very much.

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