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Prometheus OS thread

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Bearing in mind it is the BFI IMAX, but still, to beat Potter, that's just insane!The two IMAX's near me are really, really strong too, like, the strongest I've seen after DH2 and Avengers.I could see 400m happening OS, and 600m WW.

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Is the BFI IMAX as amazing as it looks from the outside? I've passed it on the bus a few times. Maybe if TDKR is still playing by the time I go i'll see it there.

I just googled it - WOW. That is an amazing building.
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That's for sure.The IMAX in Sydney has taken away it's midnight session for Prometheus.

That's strange. I'm pretty sure it was about one third sold when I looked about 2 days ago. Edited by DeeCee
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