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Prometheus OS thread

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It's big, really big. It's 4th best start at 2 pm of the year behind Avengers, La Vérité si je mens 3, and Marsupilami, all at 4 million tickets sold). Much higher than Men In Black last week, more than twice. For comparison (even if not a great comparison), John Carter did 1500 or so.Avengers did 5922, so yes Prometheus's score is very strong!Thank god, a sequel needs to be made!

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No no, Avengers is still a phenomenon, it did 5922 admissions at 2 PM, Prometheus did 4200. However, maybe Prometheus could do even bigger tonight, I think of it more like an evening movie.For a sci fi movie, it's incredibly strong though right?!

Into Evening in Paris its about double MIB3 and 25% less TA opening, nationally don't see it getting to Avengers definetly higher than MIB3
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‘Prometheus’ Begins Foreign Run: #1 France


Fox’sPrometheus opened with $1.5M (Euros 1.12m) for #1 in the market and 40% market share. It was the 2nd highest opening day of 2012, behind The Avengers but 20% ahead of Men In Black 3 and 87% ahead of The Hunger Games. In fact pre-sales for Prometheusin a number of countries are many times the MIB3 levels

t is debuting 15 international markets (20 countries) this weekend — including the UK, France, Russia, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Scandinavia – on 4,700 screens, of which 3,300 are 3D. Right now UK presales are around $1.6M (£1m) already. And the IMAX Southbank alone has sold $810K (£500k) making it the largest ever presales at this screen. After that, Prometheus will open day and date in 35 international markets (49 countries) next weekend, including South Korea, Australia, and Taiwan. That will ensure Ridley Scott’s scifi thriller will play on a total 8,000 screens, of which 5,000 are 3D. Most of Latin America is releasing June 14-15, including Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Releasing later, to avoid the Euro Cup, is host countries Poland and Ukraine, as well as Germany, Spain and Italy. Japan is releasing in August because it was the best circuit booking available in the Nichigeki 1.

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