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Madagascar 3 OS Thread

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Madagascar 3 predicted out of Madagascar 2 with the same increase as IA3 had over IA2 in each countryRussia - CIS 94,277,772.80Germany 63,176,724.51France 60,423,409.19Italy 58,934,297.90Brazil 38,627,254.33United Kingdom 38,542,422.85Spain 27,764,447.37Mexico 22,559,159.64Venezuela 21,074,735.81Australia 20,778,702.01China 20,000,000.00Poland 17,955,569.76Netherlands 15,322,466.44Switzerland 12,825,188.25Portugal 10,450,051.85Austria 9,454,689.23Belgium 7,942,397.15Czech Republic 7,248,529.05Argentina 6,485,358.18Israel 6,107,792.17Malaysia 5,894,822.65Colombia 5,868,280.19Finland 5,331,893.38South Korea 5,289,783.34Hong Kong 5,189,069.62Peru 5,105,081.50Ukraine 5,033,264.45Singapore 4,743,149.30Indonesia 4,697,215.32Norway 4,672,336.46Sweden 4,557,621.94Greece 4,387,100.45Denmark 4,320,787.85Chile 3,920,049.30Turkey 3,727,732.86Hungary 3,456,118.19Slovakia 3,269,101.87New Zealand 2,725,095.10United Arab Emirates 2,478,534.38Romania 2,472,041.10Ecuador 2,178,586.56Bulgaria 2,037,599.53Slovenia 2,028,260.30Philippines 2,019,366.72South Africa (Entire 1,981,583.50Lithuania 1,887,135.48Japan 1,613,411.60Croatia 1,256,926.38Taiwan 924,479.80Latvia 900,379.55Lebanon 801,982.79Thailand 755,710.79Bolivia 730,587.37Uruguay 685,493.06Estonia 509,833.09Serbia & Montenegro 415,135.04Egypt 351,945.96Iceland 95,389.22OS $668mRussia is quite irrealistic or is it?Japan is funny $1.6m

well job of Mad3 if it really will take that.
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