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Snow White and the Huntsman OS Thread

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I don't think it can pass Thor's 270m OS, 250m would be good.

NIKKI: My sources say that overseas Snow White opened in 45 territories and was especially strong in Latin America and Asia. It will gross $39.3M this weekend, which is on a par with The Hunger Games’ $38M and better than Twilight‘s $30M, for a $95.1M worldwide cume. Snow White still has 18 territories to go including big-ticket Australia, Russia, and Japan. Insders now expect the movie’s global cume to earn $250M-$275M all-in with this nearly $100M result. “We’ll make money with the movie which we really care about. No one can rag us this week,” a Uni exec said to me this morning.

Well I guess I was right about this one, looks to have solid OS numbers but not enough to push it past a 300M OS total.

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