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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

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Recently had the chance to see it in my local 70mm IMAX theater. While the giant screen was nice for a few scenes, it didn't really add much value to the movie as a whole.


Also, it turns out that film is not always superior. During the silent scene, I could clearly hear the projector clicking away, which kind of spoiled the moment.

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On 12/24/2017 at 4:20 AM, AndyLL said:

However kinda pointless to the whole plot of the movie.


And maybe they should've taken that ion cannon with them. :ph34r:

That is pretty much saying that you dont need the first seven minutes of ANH. I mean do We really need to see how powerful and evil the empire is, do we need to be introduced to characters like vader and leia. Why doesnt ANH just begin with Luke buying r2d2 and c3po? Or the attack on the Death star...

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I'm sure anyone who reads this already has their opinion on this film well and set, so there's very little I could say to sway somebody who's not on my side of the fence over on why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a pop-art masterpiece.  As I was browsing through the comments in the review thread I saw a comment in which I ranked this as my second favorite Star Wars film and asked "Upon re-watches and time could this even top ESB?".  Well, two years later and I know that answer, yes it definitively has, it's the greatest of all these space opera fantasy movies.  I have also decided in my head cannon that this is the true finale of the franchise, or at least the Skywalker saga.  The final scene of the movie is absolutely brilliant on cementing the threading theme throughout the film about who can be a hero and the power of myths and legends.  The Last Jedi may not have been the film that some fanboys wanted, but boy was it the genre deconstruction and reconstruction that Star Wars so direly needed.  It re-affirms everything I love about Star Wars and is a true pinnacle in achievement in franchise filmmaking

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I gave it a D when I first seen it. Rewatched it yesterday. This movie is something you hate more with each viewing. It is an F for me now. 

I love Star Wars and I think this movie did lots of damage to the brand and was the reason of creation, existance and the flourishing of tens of YT biased channels and blogs that aleinated the fans and create lots of toxicity arround Hollywood

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