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Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

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So much more mature than the first 2. While Maze and Scorch had to different extents, endearing qualities while still feeling like fun/dumb YA romps, this movie really ups the scope and scale and really feels like an epic.


Yea, there's some glaring plot issues. But whatever, I dealt with them when I read the book, and I gotta say, this movie is superior to the book overall. Characterization is great, it actually gives a lot of complexity to some of the characters. The action is great and the visuals are on par with a 150M marvel movie.


And those last 25 minutes.


SPOILERSHoly hell did that pack an emotional punch, and will for pretty much anyone even mildly invested in the characters/series. I knew the deaths were coming, but it was just so brutal seeing Newt slowly get in worse and worse condition. His ultimate downfall was so incredibly sad to watch, especially since the movie had finally hit the sweet spot with conveying his and Thomas' friendship. Also helps that both actors sold the role amazingly.

And Teresa's death too really hit me. Kinda like Snape in Harry Potter "is he good is he bad" only to have him be good and end up dying. Thomas's and Teresa's kiss before she died didn't feel nearly as sappy as all the other YA "kiss scenes" since it felt deserved, the movie built up to it, and it was tragic.


And the scene where Thomas read Newt's letter I'm not actually kidding my friends and I all cried guys and girls... kinda sad group of 18 year olds just weeping at the end of a fuckin maze runner movie. But the names of the dead characters going up on the stone was so sad, and it also just sorta made us think back on this series which we had followed since middle school coming to an end. It was a Deathly Hallows 2 moment in many regards.





Highly recommend. Even if not a fan like me, it's still a pretty well made film with some great action and a poignant end.

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This is a big step down from The Scorch Trials, which was already a big step down from the surprisingly entertaining first Maze Runner. The more that has been revealed about this world, the less interesting it's become. Moreover, the movie just feels like it's spinning its wheels most of the time (the climax starts when the movie is halfway through its very long running time of nearly 2.5 hours) without a clear plan to reach its destination until it arrives there. Perhaps this is a reflection of the source material but still. It's a disappointing conclusion to a franchise that started promisingly (or at least until it left the maze at the end of the first film).


Highlight of the whole movie has to be Will Poulter randomly coming back after dying at the end of the first and everyone asking him how he's not dead.



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his movie kicked all kinds of ass



surprisingly emotional 



if the 62m budget is real then that is a Huge achievement 



though I hope he is planning to administer that cure to more people have a colony bigger than 100 people. 



better series overall than Hunger Games imo 



hope Wes Ball gets bigger blockbusters to work on

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I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to, which is how I felt with both the previous movies. It is nothing groundbreaking and at this point it feels pretty well trodden ground. But this series has just done it slightly better than the others (divergent, hunger games, plus the other ones that bombed). 


I had forgotten everything from the previous film, had no idea why they had to rescue the Miho guy, and by the end of the film it wasn't much more clear. Can't remember why Kaya Scoledario left them to go with WCKD. Couldn't remember if most of the other supporting characters were even in the previous films at all. 


That being said I went along with it, and thought the deaths were done well. Action was really strong, it actually felt a little inventive compared to similar films.  It's also nice to have a cohesive vision guiding us through the story - the same director and no splitting of films. It felt complete.


Also why did Giancarlo Esposito look like Taika Waititi?

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Probably a case of being too old for this, not remembering the previous entry enough, but that felt like a terrible script, the kind of movie that would never have been made or considered outside the sequel of big movies context.


So much unsetuped deux-ex machina, one after the other, people getting in trouble close to some magical spot on the ground to get them out of there, the plane arriving at the perfect time and place all the time, taking the blood of the good one, Jeep of friend arriving magically at the perfect but latest possible time, with nothing feeling earned. For example when the woman scientist follow the main character in the city, why he is hard to follow, why does he disappear ? Most of it made no sense. At some point they are ready to shoot cannon among a crowd to kill them and at some other point they risk their life to ridiculous level to try to arrest them without injuries....


A major issue being how legitimate it seem for the setuped villain to be doing what they are doing and unreasonable people with the cure inside themselves tend to sound, so they must up the mustache twirling level to melodramatic ridicule to keep them as villain...


So many scene of people talking in uninteresting location, looking at windows with convoluted uninteresting ways.



The masked and keeping masked to surprise other for no reason got old very fast also, movie that seem to necessitate previously made emotional attachment to the character via the books. 

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I give it a (70%). Worse than the last two, but I still kinda enjoyed it. Sad as hell that Newt (gay KING of YA fiction) and Teresa died. 


Dunno how it was in the book (I only ever read the first one), but Newt's death felt forced. Like he did not need to die nd they just did it so the audience could feel something in this explosion-fest.


Acting was good all-round. 


Iono why my ass didn't realize Thomas was the Death Cure until Teresa said it lmfaoooo it was obvious. idk why I was expecting someone else. 


Score wasn't as good as it was on the last two films.


Looooved the action scene at the beginning and the tunnel scene with the cranks. 


I really liked Ava Paige in this one, omg! She was an asshole in the first two, but they really get you to sympathize with her in this one.


It's cathartic that they actually did find a cure.


Gally coming back was STUPID. This man DIED. We saw his ass die. Keep it! Nd I understand it was in the books nd yada yada yada, but oh well! Y'all shouldn't have killed his ass in the first one then! In the books, Gally only got his ass whooped! He ain't get a spear to the lung like in the film! If you gon diverge from the books, at least have continuity and stick with your artistic choices. 


And plus, it's not like the Hunger Games where in the Capitol/District 13 they had advanced ass medicine, sis. Him coming back was poorly explained. ("They patched me up.") Okay, girl. 




Umm, good world building nd a lot of questions the previous movies posed were answered. Made me want to return to the first one again. 


Maze Runner > Scorch Trials > Death Cure

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Surprisingly loved this. It's bloated in some parts, but my fucking God, Wes Ball is an amazing director and needs to headline a $200m blockbuster. It has a fraction of the budget of most blockbusters, yet looks a lot prettier than them. He can do epic. I was actually upset with Teresa's death.


Also...Will Poulter has such an annoying face. 

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Okay finally saw this movie and I really really liked it. Although not as good as the first one but much better than the second. 


The action was good, the performances by everyone was great, especially Thomas and Newt. 


Sure there were some problems with the movie like the slighly convoluted plot (which is still better than the mess that is in the books). Too much Deus Ex Machina as Barnack said and I thought it dragged a bit towards the end. But man the emotional payoff at the end was worth it. I was nearly brought to tears at the end when Thomas was reading that letter from Newt and etching the names of the fallen people onto the stone. 


Much better overall than that stinky Divergent series. And its amazing what they were able to achieve in such a small budget. The visuals were good throughout. 


I’ve been a fan of this series and it’s sad to know its ended but I’m happy it ended  on a good note both story wise as well as box office wise

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