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6 hours ago, LaughingEvans said:

Certainly looked way better than it looks in the relevant yt video.

I avoided all clips and tv spots so I finally saw the one of the fight after I'd seen the film, and it definitely looks very videogame-y there, but that's YouTube for you. That's why it's silly to judge that kind of thing from shittily compressed online videos instead of the real deal.

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This movie doesn't really have a flaw but it felt really uninteresting to me. I absolutely loved the cast, MBJ is probably my favorite villain now, I haven't seen praise for Angela, why? I think she nailed her scenes (but so did everyone)... but the plot was really meh and predictable. 


Btw, I don't think the CGI is that bad but it certainly looks like the movie is ahead of its time (as in, it would be really fucking expensive to perfectly pull the visuals for the whole movie). 


The fight scenes are laughable tbh. That's the only thing that can objectively be criticized IMO.


Now, I hate the way Marvel kills all their villains. It isn't a coincidence that the only villain that has appeared in more than one movie is their best. I hope they at least do Baron Mordo justice.

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Was anyone else a bit underwhelmed with Killmonger's treatment? I do like what's there with him, but he doesn't really show up until half way through and I didn't feel like his backstory was nearly as fleshed out as it should have been. I felt like there was a ton of potential with that to truly make him one of the best and most empathized movie villains in years that they just left on the table, and now he's already dead. Really my only gripe about the film. 

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3 minutes ago, aabattery said:

Kilmonger is phenomenal. I got no issues with how he was done. Hail Michael B. Jordan.

There's just so little of him though when you get down to it, and I felt like his childhood and adolescent years were just itching for some more fleshed out backstory that never came. 

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9 hours ago, expensiveho said:

Now, I hate the way Marvel kills all their villains. It isn't a coincidence that the only villain that has appeared in more than one movie is their best. I hope they at least do Baron Mordo justice.

Yeah that's been bothering me for years.   All the fake complaints about "Marvel never kills anyone" made me roll my eyes.   They kill too many characters in my book.


My impression was I liked it but didn't quite love it.   Maybe a 7/10 or 8/10 even.


No preachy politics unless you are really looking for it.  It's about a King so obviously there will be politics.  (power struggle stuff)  But there is a difference between that an an agenda.  I didn't feel that except maybe one line.   And it's not like T'Challa is going to "throw open the borders" to Wakanda. He's more about helping other countries advance than bringing them to his country.  (great idea)  So that really isn't there if anyone is worried about that.


If there is a political "message" it's that political extremists are dangerous.  No big revelation on that one.  The bad guy is a left wing extremist.   T'Challa certainly doesn't agree with him.  T'Challa has always been a voice of reason.  He is a wise leader in the comics and they do the same with him here.   Well done.


The movie also reveals the flaws in a monarchy. It's fine if the leader is a good man like T'Challa....not so fine if you get an extremist in the chair.


The flaws I found weren't really about politics. The movie drags a bit in spots and the fight scenes are "meh".  Nothing like the inventive and interesting fights in Winter Soldier and Civil War.   The CGI was noticeable in spots if you care about that.  (I don't)


The actors do a good job all around.   Chadwick Boseman is perfect.  Not overly impressed with Michael B. Jordan though.  Sterling K. Brown played his dad and has way more charisma imo.  I would love to see him in more movies.


As a T'Challa fanboy I was a bit irritated that he seems a little underwhelming as a fighter without the Panther powers.   Kinda like how Daredevil gets his butt kicked so much in every fight in season 1...not a fan of that.   The odd notion that freezing someone in ice to keep them alive in a coma was weird...but a minor thing.


Not a ton of humor but they put it in the right places.   One line in particular near the end was perfectly placed to defeat a familiar movie cliche scene.


edit:   Forgot to mention.   Beautiful movie to look at.  Very well done there.

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