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On 2/16/2018 at 1:41 AM, MovieMan89 said:

Was anyone else a bit underwhelmed with Killmonger's treatment? I do like what's there with him, but he doesn't really show up until half way through and I didn't feel like his backstory was nearly as fleshed out as it should have been. I felt like there was a ton of potential with that to truly make him one of the best and most empathized movie villains in years that they just left on the table, and now he's already dead. Really my only gripe about the film. 


I think he was perfect. So perfect that people are truly conflicted on whether he was really right. I'm conflicted about his death as well, but I think it sent a very strong message. "I'd rather die than live in bondage." He is referencing an actual event that history books don't teach, and I really can't state how powerful that is.


And his death couldn't have been handled any better. I was personally afraid they were gonna do the classic villain slips, hero grabs villains hand, monologue, villain falls and dies anyway routine. He died with the sunset.

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34 minutes ago, aabattery said:


How many White Wolves can there be? We're up to, like, three now.


34 minutes ago, 4815162342 said:


I mean, we all know there is only one really



So what I’m getting out of this is that all White Wolves are trash.


Sounds about right.

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17 minutes ago, baumer said:

Jordan was incredible.

Garras was fantastic

Lupita was awesome

Boseman was incredible


The acting in the film was top notch!

Bro you forgot Winston Duke as Mbaku - that guy was awesome.  And prob my favorite besides jordan, Letitia wright was sooo awesome as tchallas sister.  That was actually my favorite part of the movie...the banter between tchalla and shuri- brother and sister stuff...I can relate.  Great movie.  9/10 for me. 

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Few random thoughts:


-Michael B. Jordan is a fucking god.  His villain in this film is probably the one of the best MCU villains (maybe not as good as Trevor Slattery).  It feels like there’s real stakes, a real arc, and real character motivations.  Definitely one of the highlights of the film

-Normally the third act final action scene in this film would’ve bothered me to no end, but it says a lot about the film that I ended up really liking it.  Thought that it was well lit, well choreographed, and I actually gave a shit about what would happen.

-Also the cinematography in this is fucking ACES.  Holy shit.  Best looking and best shot Marvel film by a looong mile.  Had a few minor complaints about it during a scene or two, but other than that it was pretty much flawless.

-Wasn’t too big of a fan of the opening expositional monologue, but it didn’t hinder my score too much because everything that follows it was pretty great

-That car chase was very good

-Also they played a song by PSY when they cut to Korea 🤔

-And that South Korea casino scene was pretty cool.  Although that was one of the scenes where the lighting and cinematography bothered me somewhat (doesn’t really hinder my score though)

-Another aspect that would’ve bothered me in most other films is Killmonger “killing” T’Challa but we already know he’s gonna be back.  I thought something about it in this film worked though?  Maybe it’s the fact that Michael B. Jordan is that fucking good

-Soundtrack rules.  Should go without saying

-Loved the ending

-My mom called it her favorite superhero movie after it was over.  She’s usually not a big fan of these but she’ll probably see Infinity War now just because Black Panther will be in it

-Andy Serkis is having so much fun in this film and that’s very good.  @CoolEric258 what the fuck were you thinking

-Killmonger’s death was surprisingly emotional.  He’s one of the most threatening villains in one of these films, yet he’s given a real, proper death with actual emotion tied to his scene.  Loved that aspect about it.


Overall, it definitely joins the upper tier of the MCU (along with Iron Man 3, Winter Soldier, and Guardians 2)

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One of the many things I really liked about this movie was the romance. MCU movies get some flak for how poorly they flesh out the romantic interests of their heroes, but in Black Panther, Nakia wasn’t just a romantic interest. Take away the romantic angle, and she’s remains an important character as a brave, fierce, compassionate and independent woman. It was just so nice to see and her chemistry with T’Challa was believable. I can’t wait for Black Panther 2.

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Alright, y'all want to know my issues with Serkis, well, here you go.


Is Serkis entertaining? Yes. Does it look like he's having the time of his life? Yes. Is a hammy villain always a delight? Yes.


But I feel that he was way too over-the-top, and it didn't work for a film that was far less comedic than a lot of the other MCU movies. If he was in Ragnarok, or one of the Guardians movies, I could forgive it. Hell, Klaw and Hela together would have been absolutely epic.


But seeing him laugh every 10 seconds, bark and growl, and sing "What is Love" at random points just felt out-of-place, and clashed with all of the other characters. He still could have worked if some of his extreme psychoticness was played down just a bit, because ham is always a treat, but too much ham will give you a stomachache.


Besides, @MovieMan89 is in here, trying to argue that everything about Michael B. Jordan wasn't perfect. Y'all should get on his ass, not mine.


Anyway, moving away from Serkis, something that I absolutely loved about this movie that I don't think anyone mentioned was how good the chemistry between T'Challa and Shuri are. The way they played off one another, the way they joked with one another, the way they insulted one another, but out of love, was probably one of the few authentic moments of sibling relationships that I've seen in a long time. The "What are those" joke and the part where Shuri records T'Challa getting knocked out is totally something one of my sisters would do...if she was a scientific supergenius.

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Soooooooooo this movie ruled. Got so many things right, it's not even funny. Ryan Coogler is death talented and this is right up there with Creed. Maybe not as good, but close enough.


Stellar ensemble, all around. Michael B. Jordan, Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright were the highlights, all of them incredible. They had the best characters in the movie (Killmonger is next in line to Loki as the MCU's best villain; Shuri and Okoye were so fucking awesome too) and performances to match. Although, absolutely nothing to take away from Boseman, Lupita, Whitaker, Duke, Kaluuya, etc. who were all really good/great as well.


Story was also very engaging. One can argue that it didn't really take off into top gear until Killmonger showed up in his full glory, but as a sort of coming of age story for a young king to become a great king, it worked. I have to disagree that Killmonger only appearing halfway through was a problem. Honestly, it served the story perfectly to have him as much (or "little") as they did. And every character had something cool to do, which..... one could say that T'Challa was a little overshadowed in his own film at points, but ultimately, it still felt like his story (well, his and Killmonger's).


The worldbuilding, from the colors, to the outfits, the traditions, the everything about Wakanda was great. It felt like a living African nation in all of its glory.


Cinematography was, at points, killer stuff. The amazing lighting definitely helped. And the usage of handheld was well advised; ESPECIALLY during scenes on a Wakandian set, which only made that world feel more real and lived in. Some shots were a little muddled, though, but overall, it was a very smartly shot film.


Score and soundtrack was also excellent, though that goes without saying


Action had some lesser moments than others (wasn't the biggest fan of the opening action sequence; also wasn't as thrilled w/the T'Challa vs M'Baku fight as others may have been), and pacing wise the movie had some more dead moments too. Still, there were some phenomenal action sequences spread out (Korea car chase and the 3rd act stand out the most; also really liked Killmonger's crowning moment, mostly due to MBJ, but also because, while it was obvious that Boseman was alive, the supporting cast sold it great and really elevated the emotion of the scene).


Far and away the most mature MCU movie that I can remember as well - both in terms of the story, as well as the presentation: was surprised to see a lot of graphic stabbings and shit like that, though, unsurprisingly, not a whole lot of actual blood. And the humor was both charming, well placed and never felt recklessly snarky (especially between T'Challa and Shuri). 


Overall, a damn good movie, and I had a great time watching it.


(Post credit scenes: the 1st one was pretty much the real ending of the movie, and I really liked it, though the 1st ending was also very smart; 2nd one was total blah all around... except for the kids' makeup, which was dope.)

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Anyone get Phantom Menace vibes in the last act? There was a ship battle piloted by an outsider. A battle between armies on an open field. And a fight between similarly powered people with the same weapons where bridges/railways and energy shields played an important role. It's like if Phantom Menace was good. 

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42 minutes ago, GambitPool said:

Anyone get Phantom Menace vibes in the last act? There was a ship battle piloted by an outsider. A battle between armies on an open field. And a fight between similarly powered people with the same weapons where bridges/railways and energy shields played an important role. It's like if Phantom Menace was good. 

You're not the only one. Brad Jones in his review stated that the last act was like a better version of The Phantom Menace. I could see that too, especially with the waging armies. The Black Panther / Kilmonger fight was also like Duel of The Fates only in a much better film. 

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