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26 minutes ago, grey ghost said:

They have artistic merit but they're not that deep or layered.


For the most part the message and themes are pretty cut and dry.

Objectively wrong. 

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9 minutes ago, grey ghost said:

How is TDK harder to digest than Iron Man 3?


TDK is pretty basic...


Person is given a moral choice by the Joker that proves good people don't really exist. Followed by an action sequence.


Props for the masterful execution and the tacked on yet prophetic NSA critique but I think you guys are adding depth that isn't really there.



Well the hero of TDK has to do something that's politically and morally very unsavory (spying on citizens) to protect the city, which I think made some people uncomfortable at the time. So I do think it was a bit more challenging for audiences. Obviously they're both action blockbusters first.


FYI Cameron stans calling other movie's messages basic is hilarious cause there's nothing more basic than "they're just trees!!" evil corporation vs noble natives.

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