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Godzilla: King of the Monsters OS thread

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18 hours ago, Claudio said:

This will have a good opening at least in Indonesia. 5-day OW with Thursday being a holiday will be a big boost. I think it’s a lock this will be the #1 movie beating Aladdin second weekend going by traditional opening weekend count ( 5-day ow vs 3-day 2nd weekend ) But I’m Not quite sure if its FSS can top Aladdin second weekend yet. The real problem is the screen count. Godzilla gets all the premium seat ( IMAX , Premiere , etc ) and 1-2 regular screens ( depends on how big the theatre is ) while Aladdin still occupies 2-4 regular screens thanks to great WOM. Either way , most showings for those two movies are full and they both will coexist just fine. More likely a good opening for Zilla and strong hold for Aladdin.

I agree. Last week I thought Godzilla would dominate this week. But Aladdin turned out to have a really good WOM, so it didn't lose that many screens. For FSS, I think they're gonna be close, with Godzilla having the edge on Aladdin, for being the newer one. Either way, I can't believe a fantasy musical will actually outgross a CGI-heavy action film here! So unexpected.

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1 hour ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

Not may be. 60 Dom + 70 China + 100 Rest is good Deadline prediction but I guess, judging by India and Korea opening, 75-80 OS Rest is better pick.

So more like 200m max.


Considering current opening markets all having big drops from 14G....

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First full day in UK... debuted in 4th behind all 3 openers of last weekend. Brutal


Given schools are off this week, you might excuse SLOP and Al, but Zilla being below even Rocketman is terrible.

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