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Eric the Jigsaw Killer

A Quiet Place 2 | Paramount | May 28, 2021

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12 minutes ago, filmlover said:

Over 13 months after it was pulled a week before opening. This is what everyone should've done back in March tbh.

I guess Sony (for once) had the right idea when they chose to count their losses for this year, and move stuff like the Ghostbusters and Morbius films to 2021. 

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Good move, expected. Guess we'll be all seeing each other for (hopefully) some box office discussion by the end of summer. 

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33 minutes ago, Eric and the Last Dragon said:


While fall is better for horror, I think this is the good spot - getting the "old" movies out and seen.


And they must want a big movie hitting Paramount+ in the summer, so this works...taking a semi-page from the HBO Max strategy, and letting an "old" movie get the write off and hopefully some service sign ups, even if it doesn't go big on its spot...

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Only a few weeks before Conjuring. Normally I'd be worried, but honestly theaters need anything they can get ASAP. I'm just worried that I will be unable to see it when it releases because I'm not sure whether theaters where I live will be open by the end of May.

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I'm curios how this will do at the end of May. It's the biggest release after GvsK. Also, why they decided to move it from September. Could it be they are testing the market for Top Gun 2?

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