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Turkey Box Office Thread

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Thanks @gfb for getting this thread started. It's always nice to get numbers and read about new markets.


Also feel free to update the thread as often as you want. Trust me it wont bother anyone, in fact most people will welcome it. And we have threads for countries with similar or even smaller box office numbers and no is bothered by them being updated. So dont worry and keep posting :)

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Btw I am surprised to see super hero movies are not that big in Turkey from your list above. AoU is the highest MCU movie and its not even top 20. So what do you expect for IW? where do you think it might end up on that list? Any chance for a top 10?

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10 hours ago, ZeeSoh said:

Btw I am surprised to see super hero movies are not that big in Turkey from your list above. AoU is the highest MCU movie and its not even top 20. So what do you expect for IW? where do you think it might end up on that list? Any chance for a top 10?

Part of it is Disney's lack of a strong presence/marketing in Turkey. MCU isn't being marketed like DCEU, F&F, Tolkien stuff here. Not even close really. WB has a much stronger presence for example. BvS arguably was the most marketed (whatever that means) movie this century here, including all the local movies. Disney's lack of a strong presence affects screen counts as well. For instance:


BvS OW screen count: 616 and it increased to 636 2nd weekend

Ultron OW screen count: 501 and 480 in 2nd weekend

BvS OW PSA: 11.590 TL

Ultron OW PSA: 11.895 TL


BvS has some disadvantage at PTA due to having probably smaller theaters added with the +105 screen difference in OW, but I don't think it's crazy to suggest AoU would have a very close OW if not better despite having 1/10 of the marketing campain BvS had, had their screen counts would have been the same. 


Similar stuff with Justice League and Black Panther:


JL OW screen count: 520

BP OW screen count: 371

JL OW PSA: 7.569 TL

BP OW PSA: 9.866 TL


BP is at 703.323 admissions & 10.553.562 TL gross, JL finished at 730.815 admissions & 10.715.292 TL gross. BP honestly might have an outside shot at passing JL at this point. 


Regardless, SH movies aren't that big but also interestingly they have a high floor. For the last few years at least, all of them seem to have had good box office runs. Except X-Men Apocalypse. 


As for AIW, hype is real. Presales are definitely insane. Insane in the sense that, presales aren't super common in Turkey BO, it's heavily walk-up driven. Yet this had packed showings weeks earlier before release as if it's a country where pre-sales are widespread. Global hype and presales increase for the franchise in general seem to spread here too. I'll be interested in its screen count. 


The thing against AIW is the historically terrible exchange rate. If AIW finishes with the exactly same local currency gross as Ultron, it would have 3.846.988 USD with today's exchange rate. Ultron earned 5.864.977 USD with that local currency. For AIW to earn exactly as much as AoU in USD, it needs to get to 23.811.806 TL. Ultron got to 15.618.775 in local currency. That's a huge disadvantage for AIW. It'll have some benefit from 3 years of inflation but terrible ER far exceeds that inflation advantage. I'd be shocked if AIW doesn't beat Ultron in admissions. But actual USD gross is another topic. 23.8m TL would mean the 4th highest grossing unadjusted Hollywood release only behind F7, F8, Avatar as evident by the list above. But it wouldn't come close to top 10 in USD with that gross. That's how bad ER is right now. 23.8m isn't completely out of picture with its presales but it needs to have unprecedented legs or about the same amount of walk-up during its OW despite much, much stronger presales than any other MCU movie. Both situations are possible btw. I would be surprised at this point if it doesn't get to at worst top 10 Hollywood movies by admissions. Social media buzz + presales look very promising. We don't have presale reports because how much walk-up driven the BO is. 


edit: Tried to post the images of how sold its showings are but that didn't work. But looking at them again, I wonder how is this thing won't be the biggest Hollywood movie ever, and at the same time with how terrible exchange rate is, some possible frontloadedness (although presales are spread out throughout the week FWIW), MCU not being dominant against other franchises, etc. I wonder how much it can overcome these disadvantages. I won't be surprised if it's the highest grossing (in Turkish Lira) Hollywood movie ever with those presales and I won't be surprised if it gets stuck well below Ultron with how terrible ER is.

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