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Cobra Kai (Karate Kid 34 years later) | Netflix Original

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Loved Season 1 as I wrote before. Finally am tackling Season 2 now that it's on Netflix. I'm through five episodes and it's very good. I like it alot. It's a bit hokey with some bits and I'm a bit tired of spike haired guy. I'm interested in where the nerd guy who just joined Miyagi-do. Now to power through the final episodes. 

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Finally finished Season 2 and I'm a bit disappointed in the direction the show has gone. The last episode with that big fight was cool but ridiculous at the same time. No teachers no security no nothing. Kreese being back as a guy you hate is just too easy too convenient. We can't have a rivalry between Johnny and Daniel without Kreese and without the ultra bullying and aggressiveness of the students. All those kids would be expelled or suspended today and what competition would even allow such known aggressive students? I liked the campy feel of some of the episodes and scenes and #9 was awesome but then 10 just went the wrong way.

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