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AVENGERS ENDGAME | 1939.4 M overseas ● 2797.8 M worldwide

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33 minutes ago, infamous5445 said:

Random question, The-Numbers has Furious 7 over TA, but Box Office Mojo has it barely below. Which one is right?

TA is slightly ahead of F7. The numbers has got it wrong

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6 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

Every media outlet including Forbes(articles written by everyone's favorite Scott Mendelson) follow Box Office Moo for their box office totals.

I don’t think Scott knows about the new figure. Now he’ll mention it in the next article for sure.

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21 hours ago, Alexdube said:

Based on what? Endgame? Endgame didn't even get an extension, for whatever reason, they certainly weren't getting that "re-release". And Titanic is a re-release they allowed yes?



Foreign movie quota? Well that doesn't tell me much on how it would affect an Avatar re-release but maybe I'll dig in on that. A Titanic re-release or an Avatar re-release are not common things though. There are only so much of these "biggest movies ever" that get re-released. It's probably more of a case by case situation

1. If you edit out the user name of a quote, said user has no chance to answer it


2. why not follow the advice and ask at the China sub-forum, general thread for details? If you are not informed enough to know about OS details that get here posted again and again, than I think its not our job to provide all the work to write a summary (again)


3. interesting how you already judge certain details without even knowing the rules of a country


A summary from last year, newer details should be simple to find in the net.



= a re-release would be too costly, as it limits the count


Plus: the US is not the only movie making country.....


Anything more here would be wayyyy too OT (already OT)


= re-release A:EG here, yes, obviously. Re-release posts about any other movie = no.




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12 hours ago, Moses said:

We heard this many times before

It is impossible to pass 2750

It is impossible to pass 2770

It is impossible to pass 2787  etc

And we can see now where it is

Mission Possible: Assemble

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