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6 minutes ago, fabiopazzo2 said:


And remember IW broke OW presale last year, trippled previous record.

Madness :insane:

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23 minutes ago, salvador-232 said:


Is basically impossible for Argentina to do $6m USD.  ER is less than half than last year and inflation hasn't been able to catch it. 

$5m in Chile depends on the average ticket price. With last year's I would say that is physically impossible to do (outside summer at least). But Captain Marvel had higher prices in USD even with worse ER so there's hope. 

Thanks. How much could Argentina be? 

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46 minutes ago, fabiopazzo2 said:


For more info:

- The first 24 hours of presale, Endgame did 200.000 tickets which is roughly around 688k USD. Infinity War did 50.000 tickets in the first 3 days of presale, 100.000 tickets in 4 days.

- Endgame is expected to earn over 8.6M USD and win the tittle of highest grossing film in Viet Nam. For comparison the current record holder is a local film with 8.25M USD (it has the advantage of being release at the height of Lunar New Year), second is Infinity War with 8.0M USD.

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23 minutes ago, Charlie Jatinder said:

Thanks. How much could Argentina be? 

Around 4m maybe. IW OW with Captain Marvel's avge ticket price gives 3,5m USD...


BTW, for Chile, after checking some matinee's showings for the weekday part of the OW, $5m is looking better. 

I will still wait for the final number of showings to give my verdict but is definitively possible.  

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