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40 minutes ago, Captain Craig said:

Her death is what sets the whole film in motion so...did any of it really happen? Are all the deaths from earlier undone? Does Firefist become evil now and still kill Cable's family?

Mind blown gif.

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Posted (edited)

Another good time at the movies. LOVED Domino. The skydiving scene was gold, especially Brad. Negatives were a few dead spots that had me and my son just looking around bored, especially the never-ending death scene. Just too long. Didn’t make any sense that Cable would stay. The cab driver was dead weight this go round. And I was a bit disappointed in some of the action, it didn't quite measure up to the first. 





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On 5/19/2018 at 12:48 AM, baumer said:

A couple of quick notes:


Ryan Reynolds was the voice and face of Juggernaut.

The Brad Pitt cameo was the invisible dude.

Matt Damon was one of the rednecks.


Onto the movie.  


I found the first half very funny, but kind of off in some ways.  I think the death of Vanessa took my by surprise and this just kind of set me off in the wrong way.  It just came across as strange in some ways.  It was humourous and the action was well done, but the first half just felt off.  But then about the mid way point, it just got better, and then it just kept getting better.  It was kind of like a long distance race, you don't start your sprint at the one mile mark of a 26 mile marathon.  But as the finish line gets closer, you kick it in gear. 


I thought the X-force sky-diving stuff and then their deaths, was some of the best stuff I've seen in any comic book movie.  You just don't see it coming.  I mean, Terry Crews shows up and you think they are going to be a major part of the movie, and then they all die heinous and horrible deaths.  And the Brad Pitt cameo was brilliant.  Domino was fantastic in this part of the film as well.


The Say Anything moment had me doubled over from laughing.


And of course the best mid or post credit sequence in the history of film takes place here.


Overall I enjoyed the hell out of it.  The original is a 10/10 and this is 8.5/10  Terrific sequel and looking forward to a 3rd.

I pretty much agree with this

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It was great. Probably on par with the first one personally.



- Ryan Reynolds killed it as Deadpool as always.

- Action sequences were a step above the first with Leitch directing. The opening montage, prison fight and truck chase were are all well done.

- Cable and Domino were solid editions. Juggernaut was a nice surprise too.

- Probably even funnier than the first movie. Loved the x-men cameo, x-force getting killed off, and constant wolverine callbacks. 

- Epic post credits scene. 

- Song choices were something else.



- Killing off Vanessa was cheap and I didn't feel any of the emotional beats the movie tried to pull off afterwards. At least they brought her back (reshoots?)

- Really tried to force in the x-force movie setup. Negasonic and Yukio were wasted and Colossus was just annoying. 

- Cable mellowed out way too quick and didn't get to see enough of Brolin in the role.

- Firefist was alright but nothing noteworthy. 


Deadpool for me is all about comedy and meta commentary rather than plot and this pulled it off just as well if not better than the first in that regard. 8.5/10 (A)


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Thought I'd give it a shot based on the trailer even though I thought the first was overrated and mostly unfunny, unfortunately it just doesn't add up once again. 

Reynolds already tired in the role, or the role is tired in itself. 



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On 5/20/2018 at 10:31 AM, GroceryGuru said:

I saw it and liked it. I felt betrayed that so many websites were asking what Domeno's power is, and once I see the film I thought of that like a spoiler, and not so much a question. No one flagged that, and it ruined a piece of the film for me. Seeing the demise of his team was an unexpected treat. The scene in the tree shredder with acid will stick with me for a while. Unfortunately so will the baby Deadpool genitalia that flashed on the screen. Those jokes were off color. 


Cable came too quickly to be a nice guy, even putting up with DPs jokes. tolerating being called a racist etc... It was too convenient. This Is (conveniently) a family film, and I hope DP will go after hitler in the next film. Steel a plot line out of the Misfits maybe. The battle against that big Ram dude in the end was too quick, and we barely got to see the teen lady's powers. That needed more. 


I liked the credit scenes, and the R rated soundtrack (the first ever?) was there for us when there was no scene at the Very very end.  


Enough with Hitler being used as a bad guy or plot device. The traditional "evil" is passe, those guys get what's coming to them more often than not because their humanity is obviously lacking. If movies wanted to take on "real" evil, then they'd go after the cancers of society- and I don't mean generic corruption & greed & money that you see in any/every action, superhero, sci-fi, fantasy flick, but put the spotlight on the hypocrites. Take a look at Hollywood, sure, the paedophiles and the abusers are "evil", but are all those wilfully covering it up any better? It suits them to keep quiet, and so they do. 

Another would be the entire world politics stage, where some countries like N. Korea and Iran are viewed as terrorist regimes and the West is supposed to be the pinnacle of democracy, but the West more often than not contributes to the rise of dictators, kleptocrats, authoritarians and so on. Once again, this can easily go the generic route of simple imperialism and whatnot ie Black Panther, or it can be hard hitting. Why not take a look at the financial imperialism of China and their brainwashing ways? 

It would make for a more nuanced and chilling depiction of evil and not just Nazis & Hitler. 


On 5/20/2018 at 10:50 AM, Kevin Bacon said:

I'm surprised by this reaction. I went into it cautiously optimistic; the trailers were fine, the first movie was solid but I'm of the mind its freshness kind of made it feel better than it actually was. It's a constant risk with this character to get sucked into the one-liners and profanity and end up writing a big long meme instead of a film. 


But you know, I loved it. It took everything that I liked about the first movie and made it better, and my first impression is that it's my favorite non-Logan superhero movie in a very long time. There were some misses (most notably the dubstep bit, which really didn't need to be revisited at least three times), but by and large the movie was funnier than the first. The action was significantly better, packed with so much creative, brutal violence I imagine if I see it again there will be plenty I missed. And what really puts it over the top is the damndest thing: for all the winks at the audience, preposterous humor, and meta commentary, the story carries a strong emotional weight that's been absent from every corporate universe bullshit blockbuster from the past ten years. Not every single emotional beat works; I didn't terribly care about Cable's already dead family or Russell for much of the movie (I half expected it to be building to a punchline where Wade goes "fuck it, kill him").


But the important elements did make me care: I cared about Wade and Vanessa (the first movie established that), I cared about Wade's pain and desire to die, i cared about his reunion with Vanessa the end and they even got me caring about Russell by the end. There are definitely conventional aspects of film here and there that can be criticized like the weird pacing of the story, but when everything works on as many levels as they did here, who cares? 

Funny how you shit on the "corporate blockbuster"'s lack of emotional weight and use Deadpool 2 as evidence to the contrary.

Vanessa's death was a joke. It was generic, the character was one-note and only existed to push along some flimsy storyline (that failed) to carry the movie. She's reduced to the useless love interest with redundant, recycled dialogue and has barely a presence before being killed. 

Anyway, I'm not saying many of those which you slight are any good at it either, but this is a pretty pathetic comparison to big up something that you liked against something you didn't. Some kind of need to prove why you are different or to justify your like of a film that is pretty much like everything else. You liked it, big deal. It's not the end of the world. 

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Deadpool 2 is a really fun summer movie that's just as good as the first. It's tighter in action and humor, but the heart of the first isn't entirely her, along with a much more convoluted plot. Reynolds grounds it in his excellent portrayal of the Merc with a Mouth, and Beetz and Dennison are inspired additions to the franchise. Brolin's Cable has disappointingly littler to do than expected, but hopefully, he'll have a bigger role the next go-around. Leitch's direction is as assured as ever, but the action is disappointing compared to his other films. Still, it's better than most superhero movies in that department, and it's really funny to boot, while not losing track of the very slight humanity of the title character. Deadpool 2 is a standard comic book sequel that is marginally better than the first, but it's still a really good time at the theaters. Enjoyed myself. B-

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Forgot I already "reviewed" it here, but still can't understand the stanning of this franchise. 


I revisited Guardians of the Galaxy, after disliking it the first time around, and found it pretty good. But, Deadpool and its sequel are not much better than your average spoof movie. It's pretty lowest common denominator and thinks pointing out cliches that it also adheres to is somehow superior or intelligent. It's not. It could be even worse. 


That's not to say there are some pretty creative setpieces, but those don't make a movie.

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Posted (edited)

Deadpool 2 reminds me why I quit my job, burned my house down, and sold my family to white slavers, in order to become a movie reviewer.

Deadpool 2 is the single greatest film to date. All other movies (and other works of art for that matter) with the exception of Deadpool 1 are filth by comparison.

Audiences members were initially shocked to discover this film is actually in the 3d. Due to incredible technological advances pioneered for this film, Deadpool 2 does not require viewers to wear 3d glasses. It is unfortunate however, that so many surprised viewers died of heart attacks as a result of the shock (making Deadpool 2 responsible for more deaths than any other motion picture).

Spanning several decades, this time travel based movie places Deadpool in old West shootouts, Medieval jousting matches, high seas pirate battles, Shaolin temple kung-fu fights, chocolate factory misshaps, Space exploration, Moon colony baking competitions,robot sex slave rebellions, and much, much more.

The nonstop humor, graphic nudity, violence, child endagerment, and family drama is sure please comic book fans and critics alike.

Cameos almost feel a little excessive with apperances from the likes of Wolverine, Spiderman, Deathlocke, Judge Dredd, Kermit the Frog, Batman, Hellboy, Grumpy Cat, Donald Trump, John Wick, Master Shake, Lando Calrissian and Chief Gordon Ramsay.

Ryan Renolds is wonderful upon his return to his titular role as a costumed homicidal. Despite their intital outrage, fans will discover Michael Cera does tremendous justice to the role of Cable.

Deadpool is back and he must travel throughout time to fight evil and save the past, present, and future!

The after credit sequence is wonderful and violent homage to "Leave it to Beaver," which will likely leave moviegoers sobbing and gently rocking themselves as they urinate in terror.

Watch this movie or continue to be a piece of shit for not watching it.

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Deadpool 2 was good but I felt the storyline was all over the place

Like they are tying Days of the Future Past style Storyline with deadpools antics and storyline.


Anyways it was pretty solid fun 7/10

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