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Eternals | Marvel Studios | Nov 5 2021 | Magnum-Opus by Oscar winner Chloe Zhao - Marvel's first rotten movie | Dips into the 40s on RT, B CinemaScore

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Hey I love bayformers except last knighy and watched them as a kid and just have a place in my heart but they are still pretty bad.

I know RT /metacritic ain't always the ultimate determinant of a movie good or bad but some movies will always be good or bad .

Man I really love when poeple say they don't care about RT when the movies they were expectant of don't do as expected and then when the movie is recieved well they latch unto RT. Same goes for sites like imdb etc....




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4 minutes ago, SpiderByte said:

Please, the reviews were much more negative

Well, at this point (41 reviews) Thor: The Dark World was at an 85% with a 6.6/10 average rating. Its average rating ended where Eternals is at right now, and the trouble Eternals is probably gonna face is it's incredibly rare the average goes up over the course of all the hundreds of additional reviews being added.

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30 minutes ago, ThomasNicole said:

I always get shocked seeing people using rotten tomatoes as a proof of a movie being terrible (without seeing it).


I like RT / Metacritic, it's a good entertainment, but i just can't use as a sacred thing. In this case especifically, for the good or the bad it seems like it's a experimentation for MCU, i can't believe it's terrible just because some people say so.

people reading too much into this. eventually you gotta see it yourself.. (unless it's at 2~40% rotten level ish)


just going through writers who gave rotten to Eternals. 

BBC writer gave 4/5 to WW1984, 5/5 to NTD, 2 to invisible man, 3 rotten to Eternals


then one youtuber reviewer who mostly review mostly big commercial releases

4.5/5 to BW, Free Guy, Malignant. 4 to SC,TSS, Dune, 3 to Venom 2, 2.5 to Eternals


Writer from The Sun

5/5 to Ron's gone Wrong and Black Widow, 4/5 to Spirit Untamed, TSS, NTD, Dune. 2/5 to Venom2, Free Guy, Eternals.


Writer from Insider who only has 8 reviews this year. all big commercial films.

her best film? Free Guy with A, worst? C with Soul and Eternals.


I mean.. it's good for you if you agree with all of this.. but many of them has very.. interesting ratings too.

(of course, same goes to gave positive rating) so you can't just judge it by some rotten on RT.



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1 hour ago, TheDarkKnightOfSteel said:

I saw it was at 71% on RT and I was like "why people are panicking". Then I checked RT and saw that the score was for only 41 reviews and I was like...why people are panicking? 

I think this Walt Hickey article is out of date (and anecdotally may not still hold up), but it suggests that you'd expect another 5 points worth of RT% drop by release day. If you're talking about a release day review in the mid-high 60s, it makes some sense given Marvel's big pitch for this film was all about the film's quality. 

On the other hand, I agree this backlash feels overstated (and probably because of marketing's priming)



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3 minutes ago, JWR said:

Potential observation: Reviews could be harsher initially due to premiering at a festival. Not a guarantee it'll go up, just something with mentioning.

Recently MCU isn't getting much disparity between first reviews and final too.


BW at the same point was at 80% or so (ended with 79%) and SC at the same point was 94% or so (ended with 92%).


It doesn't necessarily means Eternals will follow this, but i think it have a good shot ending around what it have now.

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6 minutes ago, JWR said:

Potential observation: Reviews could be harsher initially due to premiering at a festival. Not a guarantee it'll go up, just something worth mentioning.

I don't think that has much effect either way. Most of the reviews aren't from the festival. 

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On 4/27/2021 at 9:04 PM, titanic2187 said:

Oscar-wining director were mostly specialise in making an amateur-artsy, their track record in smaller film doesn't mean a default success in commercial blockbuster. Just look at WTF ang lee did with Hulk and Gemini Man. 

I haven't seen the film but unable to adapt to the studio-filmmaking environment could be a problem for an amatuer filmmaker like Zhao. Not to mention the film production was largely completed in 2019-2020, before Zhao's fame at the Oscar, giving her far less directing power behind the scene and within the system.   

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3 hours ago, charlie Jatinder said:

Reviewers who reviewed Black Widow 


BW - 18/23 (78%)
SC - 16/16

ET - 15/23 (65%)
V2 - 6/11 (55%)

Reviewers who reviewed Shang Chi


BW - 12/16 (75%)

SC - 23/23
ET - 16/23 (70%)

V2 - 5/10 (50%)


Reviewers who watched all 3 MCU movies


SC - 16/16

BW - 12/16 (75%)

ET - 11/16 (69%)

V2 - 4/9 (44%)


Not much clarification except that final result of other two was round same of this sample.

One key missing point with this analysis is that I was checking reviews by the critics, now many publications has multiple critics, so it is possible that they reviewed a film but by a different critic. I guess its better to compare by individual critics and not publisher. 

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2 minutes ago, SpiderByte said:

Nothing in the tracking indicates this.

The usual review bump in sales that comes when a film unleashes its first reviews, especially if reviews are great, was nonexistent last night. It's not that hard to see a scenario where the film's sales drop like a cliff.

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28 minutes ago, CJohn said:

Dropping my 100M OW prediction to 75/200. This is going under Shang-Chi.

Oh CJohn, it might not even surpass Black Widow with the sales dropoff it's having. The long runtime is going to limit shows going into Thanksgiving too.

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