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Eternals | Marvel Studios | Nov 5 2021 | Magnum-Opus by Oscar winner Chloe Zhao - Marvel's first rotten movie | Dips into the 40s on RT, B CinemaScore

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Just looked at RT for the first time, some of the scores against the review blurbs are amusingly incongruous.


Oct 27, 2021
Eternals offers a bold yet epic vision that further reinforces a new creative direction in the franchise.
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Wouldn't be too surprised to see this one get quietly swept under the rug for a few years much like Thor 2 and the Ed Norton Hulk movie until Marvel decides to bring it back up down the line (Thor 2 was relevant to Endgame while Tim Roth's character from the latter is returning). I'm thinking the Kit Harrington will be the connecting link, showing up out of nowhere in the next Avengers movie (whenever that happens).

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3 minutes ago, Liiviig 1998 said:

66% now . Is this going rotten!!!. Let the shit storm commence🍿


The reactions




Did feel like it would be low (if the early reaction does not make a movie like that sound like one of the best movies of the last decade, that mean that people commenting have a lot of reserve)


30 minutes ago, john2000 said:

Lets say it one more time, unless the film is a bomb and the audience reception is trash , what some users here are saying wont happen, in terms of marvel throwing this franchise under the bus. Is that clear ? good

Are you saying that if the movie do well commercially and is liked enough by the audience Marvel will not throw forget that franchise and rather do some adjustment to it ?

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If Marvel didn't sweep IH and TDW under the rug they won't do it with Eternals either. If anything they'll Ragnarok the sequel to make it more fun, which is probably what was going to happen anyway now that the introductions are out of the way. 


Reviews are definitely much worse than I hoped and I have adjusted my expectations accordingly, but historically there's no reason to think that Marvel/Feige will bury these characters. 

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