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The King's Man | December 22 2021 | Fox | Delayed again | Comes to Hulu/Disney+ February 18

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pretty good trailer.  Looks way more of a serious tone than the other two, but that's probably just want they were going for in the trailer.  I'm hoping the black humor and comedic elements are still there.

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44 minutes ago, CoolEric258 said:

Looks alright, but the lack of Egerton and Firth really diminishes a lot of the hype for me.

Yeah, their abscence bothered me a lot more than I expected and I think it'll be the same for a lot of people. Feels like this could make half of the previous two films.

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Um....isn't it too soon to release a teaser for something that is not all that big? Still have 7+ months. Could have waited until end August or 1st week sept.


Oh well...i dig the trailer. Not all that sure about its boxoffice prospects though. Don't see how it will top 2nd one at boxoffice unless reviews are great and it manages 35+ over the long weekend.


Has no popular faces in it. Really hope the budget is not more than 70M else this is toast and Kingsman 3 will be dead.

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I don't get it. So is egerton and Firth not in this one? I love the first one thought the second one was okay but will definitely wait for Netflix for this one if those two guys are not in it.

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2 minutes ago, EarlyDeadlinePredictions said:

This looks great but I feel it's going to get lost in November. Doesn't feel like it has any hype especially without Eggsy and Harry.

It was moved to February


The trailer makes it look more dour, not getting a lot of charm or wit from Fiennes and whoever the new young lead is.

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I'm totally fine to explore other eras of Kingsman's history but seems like there should've been at least a trilogy with the main OG cast. This feels a bit like Halloween Season of the Witch, Underworld Rise of the Lycans or FF:Tokyo Drift, the awkward out of place third film in a franchise.

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