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What Blu-rays Have You Purchased/Received Recently?

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Yep, the HP 7.2 Blu-ray does look and sound fantastic.Miramax Multi-Feature Blu-rays:-Dracula 2000/Dracula II/Dracula III/They-Children of the Corn III/Children of the Corn IV/Children of the Corn 666/Children of the Corn V-From Dusk Till Dawn/From Dusk Till Dawn 2/From Dusk Till Dawn 3/Full-Tilt Boogie-Hellraiser: Bloodlines/Hellraiser: Inferno/Hellraiser: Hellseeker/Hellraiser: Hellworld

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Just finished watching it on Blu-ray, keep in mind this is only the second time I've seen the movie. I only saw it once in theaters.It is simply stunning. I bought the DVD/blue-ray combo pack for no reason tbh. I will never buy another DVD again. If you don't have a blu-ray player, GET IT!!!!! HARRY FREAKING POTTER@@@@@

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