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This is the thread to submit films for Year 4 of CAYOM 3.0! The release calendar is below. It's pre-filled with the specified films from the Advance Schedule Thread, but you will still need to make posts for those movies with details about them. You can also submit your fillers here. Note that, unless the film was a tentpole that was specified in the Advance Schedule Thread (and thus is already listed here), you are not allowed to post movies in this thread until they are completed - with full cast and release info and however complete a plot summary you plan on giving them. Keep in mind that directors are limited to one major film or two small films a year and that actors should be limited to a realistic number of projects as well.


To submit a film, make a post in this thread including the relevant information.

Required info includes:




Release Date:

Major Cast:

Theater Count:

MPAA Rating:


Production Budget:

Plot Summary: (Can be as short or detailed as you wish)


If you do not have all of this information finalized, you should not post the film in this thread until you do. Films posted without all this info will not be added to the release calendar in this first post.


You can also optionally include other relevant information like producers, composers, the name of the releasing studio (if you are using your own fictional studios), special formats for release (like IMAX or 3D), even custom taglines or posters if you wish. None of this is required to post your film and it can be added after you first post if you so choose.


Limited releases are allowed, and they can expand into additional theaters on a week-by-week basis. You will need to specify when the film expands and how many theaters it goes into each week, up until the final expansion that is the widest it will go.


I've included some typical midweek release dates around holidays and such. If you want to release a movie on a weekday in some other week, go right ahead and just specify it in the post for that movie. I'll add that day to the release calendar.


This post will be updated regularly with new additions. If available, you can click on the title of a film in the release calendar to go straight to its post.


The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 3rd, 11:59 PM EDT!




Friday, January 3rd


Friday, January 10th


Friday, January 17th (4-Day Martin Luther King weekend)
Solitary - Genre TBA - Directed by Christopher Nolan - In IMAX

Friday, January 24th

Friday, January 31st
Rock & Roll Heart Attack - Supervillain/Romantic Dramedy/Music - Directed by Bill Condon - In 3D

Friday, February 7th
Metroid - Sci-Fi/Action/Horror - Directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson - In IMAX

Friday, February 14th (Valentine's Day + 4-Day Presidents Day weekend)
Bullets and Lyrics - Romance/Drama/Musical - Directed by Damien Chazelle

Pokémon: Rise of the Rockets - Fantasy/Adventure - Directed by Shawn Levy

Friday, February 21st

Second Dimension: Hidden World - Fantasy - Directed by Lana Wachowski & Lily Wachowski - In IMAX

Tulpa - Psychological Horror - Directed by Scott Derrickson


Friday, February 28th
God(s) - Thriller - Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Friday, March 6th

Codename: Kids Next Door - CG Animation/Action/Comedy - Directed by David Soren - 3,854 theaters - In 3D & Dolby Cinema

One Piece: The Journey Begins - Action/Adventure/Comedy - Directed by Jon Watts - 4,250 theaters - In 3D & IMAX 2D+3D


Friday, March 13th
Pillars of Eternity: The Hollow Vale - Fantasy/Adventure - Directed by Miguel Sapochnik - 3,742 theaters - In IMAX

Friday, March 20th
Biker Mice from Mars - Action/Sci-Fi/Comedy - Directed by Marc Webb - In 3D

Friday, March 27th
Kingdom of the Sun - Family/Dramedy/Musical - Directed by David Lowry - 4,130 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema & IMAX

Untitled De Wit Project (Limited Opening) - Traditional Animation/Fantasy - Directed by Michaël Dudok De Wit - 4 theaters

Friday, April 3rd

Untitled De Wit Project (Wide Expansion) - Traditional Animation/Fantasy - Directed by Michaël Dudok De Wit - 3,375 theaters

Friday, April 10th (Easter weekend)
Mass Effect - Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure - Directed by Matt Shankman - 4,016 theaters - In 3D & IMAX 3D

Friday, April 17th
American Dragon: Darkness Rising - Fantasy/Family - Directed by Jon Turteltaub - In 3D

Friday, April 24th

Friday, May 1st
Dragon Ball: The Red Ribbon Army - Sci-Fi/Adventure/Fantasy/Comedy - Directed by F. Gary Gray - 4,382 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema & IMAX 2D+3D

Friday, May 8th (Mother's Day weekend)
Earthsong - Fantasy - Directed by Julie Taymor - In 3D

Friday, May 15th

Friday, May 22nd (4-Day Memorial Day weekend)
Countdown to Extinction  - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Directed by Joe Cornish - 4,150 theaters - In IMAX

A Mere Matter of Marching - War - Directed by Scott Cooper - In Cinerama

Friday, May 29th
Can You Imagine - CG Animation/Comedy/Fantasy - Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky - 4,050 theaters - In 3D

Friday, June 5th

Friday, June 12th
The Odyssey: Homecoming - Fantasy Epic - Directed by Matt Reeves - In 3D & IMAX 3D

Friday, June 19th (Father's Day weekend)
TaleSpin - Traditional Animation/Adventure - Directed by Don Hall - 4,130 theaters

Friday, June 26th

Friday, July 3rd (Independence Day weekend)
Crysis - Sci-Fi/Action - Directed by Peter Berg - In 3D & IMAX 3D

High School Musical 4: Reunion - Musical/Family/Romance - Directed by Kenny Ortega

Friday, July 10th
Aera Rising - Animation/Action/Comedy - Directed by Daron Nefcy - 4,133 theaters - In 3D & IMAX 3D

Friday, July 17th
Warlord of Mars - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Directed by John Krasinski

Friday, July 24th
One Punch Man - Superhero/Action/Comedy - Directed by John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein - 3,958 theaters - In 3D, High Frame Rate 3D & IMAX 3D

Friday, July 31st
For the Love of This Town - Disaster - Directed by George Miller - In IMAX

Friday, August 7th
Blue and Gold - Superhero/Comedy/Adventure - Directed by Peyton Reed - 4,172 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema & IMAX 3D

We Are the Ants - Drama - Directed by Kelly Fremon Craig

Friday, August 14th
Red Dead Redemption  - Western - Directed by David McKenzie - In IMAX

Starlit Highway - Comedy/Drama - Directed by Stephen Chbosky

Friday, August 21st
ThunderCats - Fantasy/Action - Directed by Edward Zwick - In 3D

Friday, August 28th
The Swarm - Sci-Fi/Disaster - Directed by Roland Emmerich - 3,224 theaters - In 3D & IMAX 3D

Friday, September 4th (4-Day Labor Day weekend)
Barry Brookshire and the Case of the Soul Key - Fantasy/Comedy/Family - Directed by Alex Hirsch - In 3D & Dolby Cinema

Friday, September 11th

Friday, September 18th


Friday, September 25th
The Second Crash Bandicoot - CG Animation/Action/Comedy - Directed by Chris Buck & Rich Moore - 4,085 theaters - In 3D & Dolby Cinema

Friday, October 2nd
Freddy Zapper and the Manifesto of Doom - Musical/Horror/Comedy - Directed by James Bobin

Friday, October 9th
Extreme Dinosaurs II - Sci-Fi/Action/Comedy - Directed by Dave Green - In 3D & IMAX 3D

Isle of the Lost - Sci-Fi/Thriller/Drama/Adventure - Directed by Gareth Edwards - In 3D & Dolby Cinema

Friday, October 16th

Friday, October 23rd
The Amityville Nightmare II - Horror - Directed by James Watkins


Saturday, October 24th
Treasure Planet: Gauntlet of Midas (1-day Amazon Prime sneak preview) - Sci-Fi/Adventure/Comedy - Directed by Taika Waititi - 1,000 theaters - In 3D

Friday, October 30th (Halloween weekend)
The Last of Us - Thriller/Drama/Horror - Directed by Alfonso Cuarón - 3,131 theaters

Friday, November 6th
Treasure Planet: Gauntlet of Midas - Sci-Fi/Adventure/Comedy - Directed by Taika Waititi - 4,227 theaters - In 3D, Dolby Cinema & IMAX 3D

A Wish for Wings That Worked - Animation - Directed by Barry Cook

Wednesday, November 11th (Veterans' Day)

Friday, November 13th
The Matinee - Disaster/Drama - Directed by Rian Johnson - In 3D & IMAX 3D

Friday, November 20th
Flights of Fire - Horror/Drama - Directed by Takashi Miike - 3,322 theaters - In 3D

Penpal (Limited Opening) - Thriller - Directed by Trey Edward Shults - 4 theaters

Wednesday, November 25th (Day before Thanksgiving)
Gargoyles: Awakening - Action - Directed by Dan Trachtenberg - 4,050 theaters - In IMAX

Penpal (Limited Expansion) - Thriller - Directed by Trey Edward Shults - 256 theaters

True Love - Animation-Live Action Hybrid/Rom-Com - Directed by Jennifer Lee - 3,846 theaters - In 3D

Friday, November 27th

Friday, December 4th
Penpal (Wide Expansion) - Thriller - Directed by Trey Edward Shults - 3,048 theaters

Friday, December 11th

Friday, December 18th
Voltron: Reunion - Sci-Fi/Action - Directed by Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer - 4,250 theaters - In IMAX

Friday, December 25th (Christmas Day)

Fortnight  - Period Drama/War - 3,314 theaters - Directed by Steven Spielberg

ReBoot 2.0 - CG Animation/Sci-Fi/Family - Directed by Dean DeBlois - In 3D & IMAX 3D



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The Swarm

Release Date: August 28th, Y4

Studio: Gold Crescent Pictures

Genre: Sci-Fi/Disaster

Director: Roland Emmerich

Theater Count: 3,224

Premium Formats: 3D & IMAX 3D

Shooting Format: Digital 8K (Red Weapon Monstro 8K VV) (Converted 3D)

Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 / 1.90:1 (Select scenes in IMAX)

Release Image Formats: 2K DCP, 2K 3D DCP, 4K DCP, 2K IMAX Digital 3D DCP, 4K IMAX with Laser 3D DCP

Release Audio Formats: 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos, IMAX 12-Channel

Production Budget: $100 million

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for peril, disaster, frightening scenes, and language

Running Time: 129 minutes

Major Cast: Jude Law (Dr. Bradford Crane), Amy Adams (Dr. Helena Anderson), Kurt Russell (General Thaddeus Slater), Megan Fox (Rita), Vivica A. Fox (Anne Moore), Ed Oxenbould (Paul Durant), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Dr. Lance Hubbard), Michael Caine (Clarence Andrews)


Plot Summary: Based on the 1974 novel of the same name by Arthur Herzog, previously adapted to film in 1978 by director Irwin Allen.




The United States military loses contact with a remote Army base in rural Texas. Sent to investigate is General Thaddeus Slater (Kurt Russell), who discovers someone or something has breached the base and killed almost everyone inside – despite no sign of gunfire or melee combat, and no toxins in the air. He finally finds a pair of survivors – a medical doctor stationed at the base, Dr. Helena Anderson (Amy Adams), and a scientist, Dr. Bradford Crane (Jude Law). They claim the base was invaded by an enormous swarm of killer bees, and the security footage seems to back up their story – though some of it, oddly, is missing. General Slater notes that there’s no official record of Dr. Crane being stationed here, but Dr. Crane produces credentials straight from the Pentagon allowing him to look into matters there.


The swarm of bees is large enough to be detected on radar, and a pair of Army helicopters are dispatched to check it out. However, they are overcome by the bees, the pilots are killed, and the choppers crash spectacularly. The swarm heads for a populated area and General Slater contacts Washington asking for permission to lead the operation against the swarm. However, much to his chagrin, the higher-ups instead put Dr. Crane in charge because of his scientific expertise and the fact that he witnessed the first attack. General Slater seems unreasonably upset about this, which Dr. Anderson notes suspiciously.


The Durant family is out camping in the countryside when the swarm descends upon them. Thousands of bees repeatedly sting and kill most of the family, with the only survivor being teenage son Paul (Ed Oxenbould), who manages to hide in the family truck and is stung considerably less than the others. Panicked and suffering the debilitating effects of the venom in his bloodstream, Paul races back home to the nearby town of Bloomfield, which is preparing for its annual Summer Flower Festival. Unable to drive properly, he crashes right into the temporary stage set up for the festival in town square.


Dr. Crane and his team quickly learn of the attack and Paul’s condition, and realize the swarm will inevitably head for Bloomfield because of the huge concentration of flowers gathered for the festival. Plans are put into motion to evacuate the town, while Dr. Crane calls in an old colleague of his, Dr. Lance Hubbard (Chiwetel Ejiofor), to assist. Dr. Hubbard is able to trace the swarm to a temporary nest they’ve made just outside of Bloomfield. General Slater wants to air-drop chemicals on the nest to kill the bees, but Dr. Crane points out this risks contaminating the entire area and poisoning the residents of Bloomfield.


While deliberations continue among the Army personnel, a local Bloomfield TV reporter, Anne Moore (Vivica A. Fox), catches wind of the nearby nest and the pending evacuation plans while looking into the story of Paul Durant and his family. She tries to get in touch with General Slater, but is rebuffed and told “no comment.” Despite this, she goes ahead and runs the story anyway, suggesting people leave Bloomfield as soon as possible. This backfires when a group of Paul’s friends, drunk and furious, find the bees’ nest and attempt to burn it down with molotov cocktails.


The bees emerge from the burning nest, killing the group of teens and proceeding into Bloomfield. The military issues an order to remain indoors and seal all doors and windows, and Anne echoes this statement on her program, but it’s too late. Heeding Anne’s earlier advice, many of the townspeople are already out of their homes, trying to escape town. The congested streets become a slaughtering ground as the massive cloud of stinging insects rampages through, killing hundreds – including several parents and the children they were picking up early from school because of the warnings Anne had issued on the news.


At first, Anne and her cameraman rather crassly film the devastation. The sight of so much carnage – and the knowledge she’s partially responsible for it – eventually gets to Anne, though. She’s forced to take shelter in a small diner as the swarm approaches her. Her cameraman, burdened by his heavy equipment, is overcome and killed. Just as she’s about to make it inside, she notices a pregnant woman, Rita (Megan Fox), struggling to make it into the diner. Anne rushes her inside in the nick of time but can’t make it in herself without allowing the bees to enter. She sacrifices her life by slamming the doors shut and barricading them with her body, preventing anyone from opening them and letting the swarm inside. She is agonizingly stung to death.


After the swarm has calmed down, taking to the huge collection of flowers in the town center, the military decides to go ahead and evacuate the survivors by sending a convoy to take them out of town, up northeast to Houston. There’s a tense sequence where the military and townspeople attempt to leave as quietly as possible so as not to disturb the bees. Things go well at first, and Rita and the still-badly-ill Paul wind up in a truck with doctors Crane, Hubbard, and Anderson. However, when the engine on one of the vehicles backfires, the sudden, loud noise sends the swarm into a rage. The convoy is forced to race out of Bloomfield, with many of the vehicles in the back being overcome by the bees, their drivers and passengers killed.


The convoy of military personnel and Bloomfield survivors arrives in Houston, where those who have been stung – including Paul, whose condition continues to worsen – and the pregnant Rita are brought to the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center for treatment. Doctors Crane and Hubbard examine Paul, taking samples of the bee venom from his blood. They determine the venom does not belong to any known species of bee. Looking over the other patients, they are able to retrieve the corpse of a swatted bee from one sting victim. They find that not only is the bee an unknown species, but it appears to be genetically-engineered – using methods Dr. Crane recognizes from his work with the US military.


The swarm is detected heading towards the STP nuclear power plant, 75 miles southwest of Houston. Dr. Crane and Dr. Hubbard want the plant shut down, but General Slater reveals the Pentagon has transferred control of the operation to him after the disaster in Bloomfield. Slater refuses to allow the power plant to go offline, insisting that the strain on the area’s power supply would only make things worse. Not buying the explanation, Dr. Crane asks why the bees would be heading for the plant in the first place, glaring accusingly at the general, who responds, “You already know that, don’t you, doctor?”


Dr. Hubbard puts two and two together. Nuclear facilities are a high-priority target in warfare, and the bees have been specially engineered by the military to seek them out and attack them. Dr. Crane says he was sent by the Pentagon to look into suspicious research at the base from the beginning of the film, and that this must have been it. However, Slater warns the pair that he is in charge now, and any attempt at subordination will be considered treason.


Despite this warning, Dr. Hubbard goes to the nuclear plant himself to try and convince its director, Clarence Andrews (Michael Caine, who played Dr. Crane in the 1978 version of the movie), to shut down. Once Andrews is given the full explanation of the goings-on, he agrees to disobey General Slater’s orders and take the plant offline. However, the decision comes too late. The swarm infiltrates the facility during the shutdown process, killing everyone inside – Clarence and Dr. Hubbard included. Soon after the bees leave, the unstable reactor suffers a meltdown, irradiating several nearby towns and resulting in electricity becoming unreliable throughout the area, including in Houston.


The rolling blackouts caused by the nuclear disaster affect the hospital housing the Bloomfield survivors, and in the chaos of the first power failure, Paul Durant passes away. Meanwhile, Rita’s water breaks. Dr. Anderson tends to her while the hospital staff and military personnel work to set up emergency generators in the hospital and other critical facilities. Radar now indicates the swarm is headed straight for Houston and will arrive in just a few hours. General Slater hastily arranges an emergency evacuation – one which everyone involved knows cannot possibly be completed in time – and, in communication with the Pentagon, is told to consider the possibility of using “the failsafe,” which he refuses. He insists the research can still be salvaged.


Dr. Crane breaks into General Slater’s makeshift command office and retrieves his laptop. He shows Dr. Anderson – in the middle of caring for Rita, who is about to go into labor – what he finds. Documents on the laptop prove General Slater was in charge of the project to create the killer bees, and that his poor judgment and lack of proper security protocols allowed them to escape. Crane had been sent in to investigate because his superiors were suspicious about what exactly was going on with some unknown experiments. The laptop contains the missing security footage from the base as well, showing it was not infiltrated by the swarm at all – the bees were actually already inside, being developed in a secret underground lab, and simply broke free of their confinement. Dr. Crane insists that, should he be killed, Dr. Anderson – and/or Rita, who’s also seeing and hearing all this – make sure the truth gets out.


As Rita goes into labor, and the futile evacuation attempts proceed, General Slater decides to proceed with the same plan he had back in Bloomfield – to drop poison on the swarm and kill it off that way, leaving behind intact bodies so that the research can proceed. He orders gas masks to be provided to members of the military, hospital staff and patients, and those who cannot be evacuated, knowing full well there are not nearly enough. Everyone in the hospital gets a mask, but there is so much chaos out on the streets that the Army and emergency workers have trouble even handing out the limited supply they have for the citizens who are still trying desperately to escape.


When the swarm arrives, thousands of people are killed by the rampaging insects. People stampede and trample one another running for cover. Panicked victims break into buildings, only to allow the bees in through the broken windows to kill them anyway. The hospital is put on complete lockdown, the entire first floor being barricaded, sting victims and refuge-seekers all being turned away. As vehicles including police cruisers, fire trucks, news vans and helicopters and the like are swarmed, they crash and set off fires and explosions all over the city. Amid all the mayhem, Rita finally delivers her baby, a little boy. Dr. Crane goes off to confront General Slater, leaving behind the stolen laptop for Dr. Anderson to guard. If he’s not back in ten minutes, he tells her to open a file he’s left on the laptop with a password he hands to her on a small piece of paper.


Meeting with the General in his office, Dr. Crane confesses to stealing the computer but demands he call off the planes carrying the poison. Slater refuses, saying everyone outside is dead or doomed thanks to the bees anyway. Crane tells him to use the failsafe, revealing he has actually known all about the experiment and the creation of the killer bees from the beginning, and in fact was more directly involved with the project than Slater.


He was sent by the Pentagon not to investigate some mysterious, unknown operation but simply to supervise the project, and has been trying to cover up his involvement from Dr. Anderson and the public, placing all the blame on Slater. He is the one who initially deleted the extra security footage from the Army base, both to frame Slater and because some of it – which he didn’t show to Dr. Anderson – clearly showed him participating in the research. He knows that, now that he’s been put in charge, General Slater has the ability to initiate the “failsafe” from his laptop – which will send out a special frequency that will cause the bees’ immune systems to attack themselves, reducing them to dust so that they cannot be traced or examined. Dr. Crane finally thinks it’s time to declare the project a failure and destroy the bees, but General Slater refuses.


Ten minutes pass and Dr. Crane isn’t getting anywhere trying to reason with Slater. He pulls out a concealed pistol and shoots the General in the head, killing him. The guards storm in and shoot Dr. Crane dead, but in the firefight the large window in the office is shattered by stray bullets and the killer bees come swarming into the building. They quickly spread through the hospital, killing patients, doctors, and military personnel alike. Unable to move Rita and her newborn, Dr. Anderson barricades the door to their hospital room and blocks the gaps around the doorframe with extra bedsheets and other hospital supplies. Since ten minutes have passed, she opens the file on General Slater’s laptop.


The file, a document written by Dr. Crane, details the experiments that created the killer bees – including his own involvement as well as that of General Slater and several high-ranking military officials all the way up to members of the President’s cabinet. It instructs Dr. Anderson on how to activate the failsafe. Currently, only General Slater has the codeword to use it. But in the event of Slater’s death, the Pentagon will revert control to Dr. Crane if contacted and given his own codeword – the same password Dr. Crane had given Dr. Anderson to open this document. If he cannot reason with General Slater, Crane’s document says, he will kill him and in turn doubtless be killed himself, but he has given her his passcode so she can activate the failsafe.


Following Dr. Crane’s instructions, Dr. Anderson pulls up the failsafe program and inputs the passcode. This triggers a check to see if General Slater is still alive, his satellite phone ringing. Obviously, no one answers, and Dr. Anderson is automatically logged in on Crane’s account. She initiates the failsafe, triggering the self-destruct signal to be broadcast from all government-owned radio, television, and wi-fi equipment. However, the process is not instant. The swarm gradually begins to thin, the bees becoming ill and disoriented, the smaller, weaker ones turning to dust. This only causes the hardier ones to panic, and it’s not long before the makeshift seal Dr. Anderson made around the door begins to fail. Dozens of bees force their way in, and Dr. Anderson uses her own body to shield Rita and the baby, saving their lives at the cost of her own.


Finally, the last of the swarm disintegrates. The bombers carrying the poison are called off just in time. Although the death toll is enormous, there are still thousands of survivors in Houston who hunkered down in their homes and workplaces who might have been killed if the gas had been deployed. The government moves quickly to cover up their responsibility for the tragedy, but they remain unaware that it was not actually Dr. Crane himself who activated the failsafe. Rita is savvy enough to copy the evidence from General Slater’s laptop and sneak the info out of the city when rescue arrives. The film ends as she is interviewed for the national news about the miraculous birth of her baby during the crisis, and she informs the press that as wonderful as having her baby boy alive and well is, there’s something else she needs to talk about...



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Blue and Gold


Studio: Endless Entertainment

DC Entertainment 

Release Date: 8/7/Y4

Genre: Superhero/Adventure/Comedy

Director: Peyton Reed

Original Song: “You’re The Worst” lyrics by Lin Manuel Miranda

Rating: PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action violence and some language

Budget: $130M

Theater Count: 4,172

Format: 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby Cinema and IMAX 3D

Runtime: 122 minutes



Jake T Austin as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle

Asa Butterfield as Michael Carter/Booster Gold

Kevin Hart as Timekeeper

Michelle Rodriguez as Black Beetle

Jay Baruchel as Maxwell Lord

Andy Serkis as Doctor Polaris

Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Carter

Adam Devine as Keith


Featuring in cameos

Hugh Jackman as Caveman

David Tennant as King Arthur

Kathryn Newton as Worker 1

Hannibal Buress as Boss




In the year, 2455, Earth is a futuristic paradise but not for all. Michael Carter, a cocky young football player in Metropolis High. However life isn’t all glamorous for Michael as he deals with financial issues and his mother’s is struggling with an illness. Desperate, he decides to bet on his own games by losing on purpose and is quickly found out and expelled. Michael takes a job as a night watchman at the Metropolis Space Museum, where he studied (out of boredom) displays about superheroes and villains from the past, particularly the 21st century and the hero Blue Beetle. However as his mom’s condition worsens, Michael contemplates on what to do next. Suddenly a big ball of light appears in front of him. The ball of light explodes, leaving a mysterious man in silk white robes with a golden staff who looks an awful lot like Kevin Hart. The man introducing himself as the Timekeeper, the guardian of time. Michael makes a quip about the Timekeeper stature expecting someone taller and gets shocked. Timekeeper, sensing good in Michael, promises him a lot of money if he helps him by going back in time to stop a potential catastrophic event and protect the world’s greatest superhero (Michael asks Wonder Woman at first but Timekeeper says she’s aight, Michael then asks Batman but Timekeeper responds that’s no one wants to fuck with Batman, Michael then asks Superman, and Timekeeper says they don’t want another bad Superman story.) The Timekeeper reveals a supervillain has found an imperfected way to time travel and needs to be stopped. Michael is very skeptical but accepts. The man gives him a flight ring, a force field belt, energy blasting gauntlets, and prepares to send him back in time. Michael is shot out into space, travels back in time and crash lands into Metropolis in the past. In a hilarious fashion, he walks out of the crater site moaning about how much his back hurts, debating if he should’ve got insurance.


In the 21st century, Jaime Reyes is a junior in Metropolis High as the school’s renowned photographer but friendless. On his way home from school, a meteorite lands in the forest. Attempting to take photos for the school, Jaime goes into the forest. However, the meteorite opens and a blue bug like creature latches on to him. Jaime is shocked and afraid but runs into Black Beetle, who attempts to kill him. Jaime suddenlychanges. He gains a blue suit of armor with blue bug like wings, a pair of atteanae on his back come out, his face turns black with piercing red eyes. Jaime, although awkward in fighting, holds his own for a while but Black Beetle narrowly beats him but before Black Beetle can strike the killing blow, Michael suited up arrives just in time to help (he then says to Jaime, fight with him if he wants to live). The two of them work together to stop Black Beetle but Black Beetle gets away. Michael tries to shake his hand but Jaime’s hand turns into a cannon. Jaime attempts to turn it off and it fires blasts at Michael which he deflects with his force field belt. Michael, remembers from the exhibit about Blue Beetle, and makes himself not a threat dropping his blaster. The suit dissolves quickly into Jaime’s back. Michael introduces himself as Booster Gold, the greatest superhero of the 24th Century. Michael tells Jaime that he came from the future to save him from Black Beetle and that Jaime will become the superhero Blue Beetle. Jaime is in disbelief and naturally faints upon hearing this. Michael wonders how the hell is he going to get him back home.


Black Beetle hiding in a fast food joint, in civilian garb attempts to travel back before Gold intervened but when she tries, her watch fizzes and malfunctions, creating a small wormhole that spits out a caveman. The caveman is about to wreck havoc but stops to order a burger by pointing at the menu. The scared employee gives it to him and the caveman pays him in shells and walks out with the food. Angered at this, she contemplates on what to do until see an ad for Chimtech and gains an idea.


Jaime wakes up in his bedroom, believing it all to be a dream. When he goes to take a shower, he see the Scarab infused into his back and panics. He tries to pry it off but nothing works, in fact it’s triggers the suit up and he accidentally wrecks his mirror. His mom asks if he’s okay, he replies his is and tries to detransform and it luckily works. Jaime misses the school bus and his parents have left as well, with no ride he try to trigger the transformation by inducing pain (causing him to accidentally wreck his room), which works and flies to school, finally getting the hang of it. Jaime then meets Michael in civilian garb at his school. Michael explains he’s undercover as a foreign student to help protect Jaime until the job is done. 


Throughout the day, the two bond and become fast friends and Michael gives Jaime advice on school to help with Jaime’s social struggles up close but thanks to Michael surprisingly correct help on what do socially (which Jaime criticizes for being way too similar and cliched to high school movies and that no teen is that dumb to fall for it), Jaime’s popularity soars in school. Realizing Michael has no where to stay, Jaime allows him refuge at his house. Jaime’s parents immediately ask who is Michael. The two try to improvise a lie and go with he’s a foreign exchange student from Vlatava. Although Jaime’s parents are confused and skeptical, they go with it. The two eat dinner at Jaime’s house and see a massive explosion in the distance and suit up in Jaime’s garage and humorously race to the cause of it.


The two of them notice a super villain with gauntlets that allow him to gain magnetic properties, Doctor Polaris, robbing a building. The two arrive to confront him (Blue Beetle jokes about his name asking what the “Doctor” in his name for, Polaris comments he was pharmacist, Gold and Blue are impressed with Gold even says “You got bank, why do you need to rob?”. Polaris replies he was a pharmacist. Gold and Blue immediately get it.) Polaris uses the metal in the building to bind the heroes (Booster Gold jokes “I knew I was attractive but this is ridiculous”) but Blue Beetle blasts off the metal from him. Booster Gold using a blaster fires a shot at the villain. Polaristhrows sharpened pieces of metal at them, which Booster Gold using his force field belt to protect him and Blue Beetle. Polaris attempts to attack Booster Gold but Blue Beetle using the Scarab makes his hands into spike covered balls bashing the villain. Polaris attempts to fly away creating many obstacles but the two’s teamwork is too strong. The two are able to defeat Doctor Polaris (who is arrested promptly by the authorities).


We enter Chimtech, as Maxwell Lord, the CEO of Chimtech is giving off a presentation to his shareholders about his newest creation the OMAC, the newest defensive robots but they have kinks in them. His intern Keith rushes into the meeting much to Lord’s chagrin and whispers something in his ear. Lord abruptly ends the meeting and rushes to his office. Lord then proceeds to have a small tantrum using very weak telekinetic blasts destroying the room. Keith tries to reassure him that although Polaris failed to retrieve the weapons, they got enough information from their competitors. It is revealed that Lord hired Polaris to retrieve weapons in order to use them for his OMACs in exchange for money. Black Beetle (who looks like a black and crimson version of the Blue Beetle suit but with the Scarab replaced by powerful gadgets and trinkets) bursts in the room. A startled Keith makes a hasty and quick exit and leaves the room. Lord attempts to brainwash Black Beetle to protect himself but to his surprise it has no effect. His nose starts to bleed immensely afterwards, much to his frustration. 


Black Beetle makes a deal with Lord, to help him retrieve the Scarab. She reveals to Lord that the Scarab has immense adaptational properties that he can use. Lord is intrigued and agrees but asks her why would she do this for him asking her price. Black Beetle reveals Jaime in the future killed her brother who was trying to interfere with the time flow and that her vengeance is enough. Lord is confused but intrigued asking her to continue her story. She explains what happened before (with Lord constantly poking fun at how the time travel is eerily faulty) The two villains decide to team up to retrieve the Scarab but Lord asks Black Beetle to show him some of her time travel skills. Black Beetle shows off her time traveling skills by bringing back the Holy Grail, showing the watch can only bring items way in the past at random. Lord also tries to fix the watch for her.


The next day, Jaime shows Michael around the town and allows him to experience more of 21st Century lifestyle. Michael is fascinated with it and they explore the city. (especially auto tone much to Jaime’s confusion and chagrin as auto tune is trash, Michael explains autotune comes back in the 24th century in a big way). The two later decide to go to the beach.


However, Jaime’s Scarab acts up warning him about an attack and he and Michael leave promptly. Black Beetle, storms a beach and using the time travel watch, which she excitedly monologues about Jaime’s doom but to her confusion doesn’t work. The watch then randomly summons a T-Rex, a Pteranodon and a pack of velociraptors for Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to fight. Black Beetle is shocked but surprisingly pleased and makes an escape. The two heroes run from the dinosaurs. The pack of velociraptors chase Booster Gold as Blue Beetle flies away with the Pteranodon flying after him as the T-Rex chases him on foot. Using his force field belt, Booster Gold protects himself and fires a few blasts at the raptors who evade the assault except for one. Blue Beetle manages to avoid the Pteranodon by luring it into a electrical wire post, electrocuting the dinosaur. Booster Gold using his force field belt bumps the raptors into one another off into the water. The two then team up to fight the T-Rex but realize their weapons have little effect on it. However gaining an idea the two manage to lure the T-Rex into a garbage processing facility where the T-Rex gets pummeled and hurt by the equipment and becomes weak enough for the two to do damage. The two are able to defeat the dinosaurs but Black Beetle gets away. 


Black Beetle goes back to Lord telling him of her failure but ask for Polaris’s freedom. Lord is outraged criticizing her on what she could have done, even questioning the logic in her plan. Black Beetle quickly silences himthrough intimidation and Lord goes along with her plan and pays Polaris’s bail. The next day things goes much smoother than yesterday with Jaime’s new popularity but Black Beetle attacks once more at Jaime’s school with Doctor Polaris as well. The two heroes battle the two villains but the combined efforts of the two seem to be more for the heroes to handle. Doctor Polaris uses his magnetic abilities to attempt to attract the Scarab off of Jaime and does so eventually. Black Beetle and Doctor Polaris attempt to run away with the Scarab in toll but Jaime and Booster Gold manage to barely retrieve the Scarab and recapture Doctor Polaris. Black Beetle, on the other hand, manages to escape once again. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold later attempt to interrogate an incapacitated Doctor Polaris through a humorous good cop/bad cop routine. Polaris reveals that Black Beetle plans on getting the Scarab for herself and Lord is fixing the watch as they speak. 


Later that evening, Michael is approached by the Timekeeper. The Timekeeper ask how his progress is going. Michael tells him that progress isn’t the best and that he is behind. The Timekeeper fed up by his delay says if the threat isn’t fixed within 24 hours, he’ll find some one else. Michael debates on what do, questioning if he should bring the Scarab back to the future to the Timekeeper and confused on what to do next and runs off in a panic. Jaime suits up as Blue Beetle attempts to go after his partner. Michael is then approached by Black Beetle. After a brief fight, Black Beetle attempts to bargain with Booster Gold promising him double whatever the Timekeeper promised which he refuses (obviously in his words because she is both the bad guy and unleashed Jurassic Park upon the two heroes). Black Beetle then shows him off his mother’s condition worsening. Although Michael is horrified, he still refuses not wanting to damage the duos friendship but is visibly unsure. Black Beetle also warns Michael that the longer the Scarab stays with Jaime, the more dangerous Jaime becomes, claiming that in her voyages through time, the Scarab kills Jaime, using his corpse as a puppet for it’s quest of world domination. Black Beetle also promises to leave Jaime alone as him and unhurt. Black Beetle warns him he has about 12 hours to decide. Michael is visibly unsure but walks away glumly. Blue Beetle watching from afar feels hurt and betrayed by this.


Angered at Michael’s apparent deception, Jaime ends their partnership and friendship and takes off to fight Black Beetle himself. Black Beetle proves to be to much for him easily defeating him and manages to pry the Scarab with her suit almost breaking. Black Beetle attaches the Scarab to herself and tosses Jaime off a building but Booster Gold saves Jaime just in time as the two run back to Jaime’s house. Black Beetle successfully brings the Scarab to Lord and Lord returns to her the fixed watch. Lord attempts to betray her using his telekinetic abilities but anticipating this, Black Beetle double crosses Lord and takes Jaime’s Scarab for herself, injuring Lord and forces him to activate the OMACs for her. Keith, who walks in bringing Lord a meal. As Black Beetle is distracted, Lord damages the watch with a blaster creating an explosion which strangely sends Keith, to parts unknown. Black Beetle knocks out Lord and steals some of his DNA. Using Lord’s psychic DNA combined with the Scarab’s DNA, Black Beetle manages to take fix the robots into the perfect killing machines and takes over Metropolis. She then decides for fun to get them to kill the two heroes. Meanwhile, back at Jaime’s home, Jaime is dismayed for losing the Scarab. Michael convinces him what happened wasn’t his fault and he is a far better hero than he ever was. The two reconcile and work together once more to save the city. 


The two manage to stealthy navigate the city making many close calls. Jaime realizes that the OMACs focus on just logic and the Scarab focuses on aggression. Booster Gold recalls the primary weakness (as Booster Gold remembers from working in the Museum) are high enough voltage. Jaime realizes if they do something illogical and non threatening enough, they won’t hurt them but they need somewhere with a lot of energy to destroy them. Booster Gold lures the OMACs evading lasers and sharp weapons leading them to a power plant. The two then do an song and dance routine in the vein of a showtune about their differences called “You’re The Worst”. It manages to confuse the OMACs long enough for Booster Gold to fire a blast at the power grid causing a massive voltage explosion disabling the robots as he protects himself and Jaime from the blast. Jaime quickly grabs a discarded arm of a OMAC for fighting purposes. The two rush to the tallest skyscraper, to finally confront Black Beetle. (Jaime questions the logic in location but Black Beetle says she likes a cinematic fight). The two are outmatched at first, despite Jaime’s use of an OMAC arm as a sort of multi-purposed weapon, as Black Beetle gadgets and combined use of the Scarab is too much for them. 


However, the fighting triggers the watch to malfunction causing them to go to different time periods during the fight causing historical events. (During a prehistoric jungle chase avoiding a triceratops chase, the duo chase after Black Beetle as the watch spasms sending them further in time, narrowly missing the meteor impact. The three finds themselves in medieval ages during some type of brawl, as Jaime pulls Excalibur out of a stone, and throws it at Black Beetle slightly damaging her armor, who throws it back at Booster Gold, who catches it and throws it to a random person who catches it who is later to be revealed as King Arthur. In an attempt to avert the duo, Black Beetle throws Benjamin Franklin into the spot where he gets electrocuted and discovers electricity as the two barely miss being zapped. The three finally have a violent but slapstick esque fight in Mount Rushmore causing cave ins that create the faces of the four presidents, much to the pleasure and surprise of a lazy construction crew (a worker asks should they tell what they saw, and the boss replied their job is done and they should get drinks instead), as the watch spasms one more time.). They eventually stop back at the present where they original where. 



Booster Gold distracts Black Beetle and gets a few good hits in but Black Beetle subdues him warning him he should’ve took the deal but Jaime rips the Scarab off of her and puts it back on himself turning back into Blue Beetle. To his surprise, the Scarab absorbs the OMAC’s arm and adds it as a new tool for the suit. Due to Blue Beetle’s new weapon, the two beat Black Beetle as Booster Gold finally destroys the watch, but she promptly escapes, promising revenge.


Lord is promptly arrested, Black Beetle is missing but the city is saved. Michael goes back into the future as the two best friends bid each other a tearful farewell. A month in the future later, Michael is rewarded and becomes very rich, and his mother completely healed from her illness but Michael misses Jaime and the 21st Century. The Timekeeper approaches Michael one more time to congratulate him from stopping the time anomaly and gives him an offer to stay in the 21st Century as Black Beetle is still on the loose to help defend the timeline. The Timekeeper also allows Michael’s mother to go with him to the past as well. Michael wholeheartedly agrees and is sent back to the 21st Century. 


Jaime is bored in class although he gets a text from Michael telling him to come outside. The two friends happily reunite. Michael reveals what happened that the Timekeeper allowed him and his mother to live in the 21st century for the time being. Michael also reveals that he and his mother decided to actually immigrate from Vlatava permanently and live in Metropolis. Jaime questions the logic in the last part claiming it would’ve been easier to just lie about it and seems like a poorly and sloppily made ending. Michael then comes back with they did a song and dance routine early to distract killer robots earlier that actually worked. Jaime agrees and just chooses to ignore the loophole. The two see an unknown attack on the city again. Michael commits at annoyance at another supervillain but Jaime says they needed something for fun anyway. The two run outside and suit up as the respective heroes and do a mid air pose.



Mid Credit Scene: 

We see Black Beetle hiding in the sewers but suddenly a green light hits her. She turns into a bunch of particles and is whisked into space inside a spaceship. She is approached by a green insectoid like human. The alien introduces itself to her and explains that if she wants the Blue Beetle dead, he’d like to help gifting her a container. The container opens and reveals a black and red Scarab. Black Beetle smiles at the camera.


Post Credit Scene:

Keith is alive and well but is in Ice Age times. Shivering he rushes to find a big pillow, not realizing he’s resting on a prehistoric polar bear.


Completed, Peer Review Pending.

Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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Treasure Planet: Gauntlet of Midas


Studio: Endless Entertainment

Release Date: 11/6/Y4 (10/24/Y4 1 day only for Amazon Prime members)

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure/Comedy

Director: Taika Waititi 

Rating: PG-13

Budget: $185M

Theater Count: 4,227 (1,000 for the Amazon Prime Screening on 10/24/Y4)

Format: 2D, 3D, IMAX, Dolby Cinema and IMAX 3D

Runtime: 135 minutes 

Previous Film Gross: Treasure Planet - 11/2/Y2  - $244,033,773 / $720,366,075


Logan Lerman as Jim Hawkins

Zazie Beetz as Kate Starstrike

Tom Hardy as Captain Ironbeard 

Josh Brolin as John Silver

Taron Egerton as Lance Engelon

Fan Bingbing as Droid-7

Chadwick Boseman as Gurag

Elizabeth Olsen as Qha’kli

Maya Rudolph as Aviara

Taika Waititi as Dr. Doppler 

Brie Larson as Captain Amelia

Will Ferrell as B.E.N. 

Sandra Bullock as Sarah

Chris Rock as The Booty Bandit



Andy Serkis as Scroop




We open shortly after the events of the first movie, a ceremony is being held for Jim Hawkins, who is enrolled into the Interstellar Force, (the galaxy’s protecters if you will) after his act of heroism. A huge party is held. The whole gang is there B.E.N. is living it up cracking cringey jokes, Amelia and Dr. Doppler have a tender moment, and Doppler reveals he’s pregnant, Sarah is chatting with some of the force’s officers but Silver is missing due to him being a pirate who Jim clearly misses, Sarah notices this and tries to console him. After the party, Jim runs into John Silver, a half alien, half robot creature who is still on the run for piracy. Silver congratulates his friend for his accomplishment (even if in his own words “he’s a no good narc.”). Silver says he’s given up piracy and is going back to smaller crimes, like gambling and extortion much to Jim’s dismay. Silver jokes he needs something to give him a rush. Silver gives him a medallion reminding him if Jim needs him again, it will show where he is, as he must go back to his hiding spot.


3 months later, we see Botany Bay, an huge intergalactic prison asteroid. We see a sleek slate spaceship (think part Star Trek ship part boat) cruise by it. One of the guards notice this and turns on their security system, and asks the person in the ship, what is their business here. The ship fires at the prison, enabling the defense system. The enemy’s ship manages to dodge all the blasts. We go inside the ship to see a crocodile like humanoid with muddy green and brown scales named Gurag (Chadwick Boseman) piloting it. Gurag tells a teal skinned woman with four arms named Qha’kli (Elizabeth Olsen) to fire their EMP as he honed in the prison’s weak spot. Qha’kli fires the EMP at the prison causing the defense systems inside and outside of the prison to turn off. 


The three and a big handful of surviving prisoners escape to Monsfressor, the planet from the first movie to steal the Centurion, the fastest ship in the galaxy so they can have some much needed firepower in order to receive the Gauntlet of Midas, a gauntlet that allows the user to turn whatever they touch into gold. 


Jim is a reckless rookie and Morph helps him as well. In a humorous fight against The Booty Bandit (Chris Rock), a pigeon man who is a wannabe pirate, Jim unintentionally causes a lot of collateral damage which pisses off Amelia, who assigns him a partner, another more levelheaded rookie, in Kate (Zazie Beetz), who Jim is both annoyed and attracted to. The two don’t get along as partners but put aside their differences when Ironbeard invades Interstellar Force Headquarters. Jim and Kate along with the rest of the soldiers fight off the pirates as Amelia fights Ironbeard.  Gurag takes the Centurion which BEN is a stowaway on, and takes him too. An abandoned criminal by Ironbeard spills the info during a good cop/bad cop routine by Jim and Kate, on what Ironbeard is after to Jim and Kate. Amelia shrugs it off and that the superiors will take care of it. Jim, worried convinces Kate to secretly go on their own mission to stop them, which cause Jim to enact Silver’s medallion.


The medallion reveals Silver is on a planet called Pecalea, a planet with enough casinos to make Las Vegas look like shit. Jim has a ship but it’d take him days for them to get there. Kate knows a guy who knows a thing or two about ships, which invokes a jealous reaction out of Jim. Jim and Kate visits an old friend of Kate, a nerdy mouse humanoid mechanic named Arthur (Taron Egerton). Arthur helps them fix the ship and the three set off. The three reach Pecalea in a matters of two hours. Meanwhile, Ironbeard finds out from BEN, who gets tortured by Gurag to reveal what he knows. BEN says the map to the gauntlet was split into three parts but he doesn’t know where they are but remembers a riddle. Qha’kli has an idea and finds out it is in Pecalea. 


The three heroes and Morph (who tagged along the whole time despite Jim’s demands) follow the beacon to a casino. Inside the casino, the three split up to look. Arthur gets into some unintentional trouble with blob aliens and Kate accidentally wins some type of gambling game. Jim finds Silver in a tuxedo playing some type of poker/game with the ball landing on a number where it’s obvious he’s struggling but we see extended fingers secretly typing something in and suddenly a strange electrical surge happens causing Silver to win. Silver let’s out a big cheer and is startled by Jim. Silver is ecstatic to see Jim, treating him like a parent who sees the kid come home from college during the week. Morph is also happy to see his friend as well. Jim gets the rest of his crew to meet up at the casino’s bar. 


Silver also introduces his associate in crime, a 7 and a half foot tall perky robot girl (think XJ9/Jenny from Teenage Robot mixed with a splash of Star Wars droid flair) names Droid 7 who has a crush on Arthur. Droid 7 helps Silver win fixed games. Kate dislikes Silver a lot mainly due to his thievish ways. Kate reveals that Ironbeard has stolen the Centurion and is after the Gauntlet of Midas. As soon as the name Ironbeard is mentioned, Silver agrees to join revealing the two have a history together and a score to settle. 


Silver reveals that the gauntlet is in three separate pieces. However, he doesn’t know where they are but remembers a riddle as he was close to Captain Flint.  Kate quickly puts together the first piece of the map is buried on the planet. Before the crew can get any further, Ironbeard, Gurag and Qha’kli burst in the casino. Silver and Ironbeard get into an intense robot weapon arm fight (their arms change in weapons throughout the course of the fight). Gurag takes on Jim while Qha’kli takes on Droid 7. Jim tells Morph to go with the two, as Kate and Arthur are chased by pirates in a fun casino scene using some of the things in the casino like slot machines in a creative fight. While fighting the pirates, Kate demands Morph to turn into a burrowing animal to find the piece but Morph refuses causing Kate to get frustrated. Arthur takes a much more tender and friendlier approach and Morph listens turning into a cute sea green rabbit/mole hybrid and tunnels through the ground in a scene where he slips and slides down the tunnels in a fashion similar to a fun rollercoaster ride and find the first piece. Morph gives the first piece to Kate. Jim barely manages to defeat Gurag after many close calls by getting Gurag’s jaws stuck into some type of machine. Droid 7 manages to barely beat Qha’kli using a electrical pulse that stuns her. The heroes attempt to escape in Jim’s ship, but Ironbeard rallies his crew after them in the Centurion. They get into an intense and fast paced dogfight while Kate and Jim argue who’s steering the ship, Droid 7, fed up with their bickering takes control and is revealed to be a very efficient pilot. However, the Centurion corners them and pulls them into a tractor beam. Silver gets a risky idea, uses their ship’s energy and Droid 7’s electronic abilities that disable their ship and momentarily stuns the Centurion. Jim’s ship begins to free fall into a wormhole which allows them to barely get away.


The ship is hurling towards another planet as the crew embraces for impact. Everyone makes it out fine, except for Droid 7 who they have to reattach her arms and legs (who much to her joy, Arthur helps). The planets landscape is harsh and desert like but soon Jim notices weird rising stones, and convinces the gang to climb them. 


Meanwhile, Ironbeard is furious at his crew for failure. One prison member tells them they’re having troubles getting information out of BEN. Ironbeard goes down to deal with BEN himself. After a brutal interrogation, BEN still says nothing. Gurag has an idea and bring some sort of tablet and hooks it up to BEN, putting BEN in an offline state, allowing Ironbeard to get access to the full access to what BEN knows about the gauntlet. Knowing what to do know, he sends Gurag, Qha’kli and a handful of soldiers after it, Gurag pulls him aside and asks his captain, what he is doing. Ironbeard reveals he’s going scrap hunting.


The henchman are sent to some kind of escape ship, that sends them to the planet they need to go. Ironbeard takes the Centurion and goes to meet with an associate with his on Xataj, an industrial dwarf planet. The associate reveals himself as Scroop (Andy Serkis) from the last movie.


It is revealed Scroop has survived his fall from oblivion, and landed in Xataj, and begun working on something. The two have a friendly chat and explains what has happened so far. He shows the weapon to Ironbeard, revealing it to be a weird type of cannon specifically for the Centurion. Scroop also has worked on small battleships as well. It is also revealed in exchange for the cannon, Scroop wanted details on how to make ships go faster and a sum of the profits. Ironbeard takes the cannon and gives Scroop some of the details and goes on his way, and Scroop says the rest of the battleships will be completed in a day. Scroop asks Ironbeard before he leaves, when he kills Jim, tell him the sound he makes.



The crew ride the flying stones to see a city in the sky. It’s majestic, Imagine like the city of Salt Lake City floating on clouds with a pinch of a tribalistic flair. Kate immediately recognizes this as Planet Alta. We even see some flying cloud whale like buses. They then soon meet Aviara (Maya Rudolph) who is the queen of Alta. Aviara reveals Alta has been hidden for centuries as a planet and asks why they are here. Silver explains they crash landed here, Aviara guesses they crashed on the badlands. Aviara says the ship is probably hidden somewhere in the badlands and they’d be glad to fix it but allows them to stay for a while to rest and relax. Arthur is enthralled by some of the technology they have. Silver slinks off to find a kitchen and actually helps cook (mimicking a PG-13 version Gordon Ramsey, telling the other chefs about their work). Morph plays some harmless pranks. Droid 7 decides to take a much needed nap. Jim tries to convince Kate to take up the sights which she does so reluctantly.


The two end up bonding during a fun day in the city. The two then catch a show of Alta’s past, where a puppeteer with an insane visual show shows the audience that Alta used to be in the badlands which was plentiful and plentiful until pirates invaded. The scene hits Kate hard and she runs off and Jim goes after her. Kate reveals to Jim on her own planet, a planet like earth was invaded by ruthless pirates, which caused the lost of her whole family and she was unable to do anything but escape. That event inspired to Kate to join the Interstellar Force so she’d never be weak again and why she’s hostile to Silver. Jim consoles her revealing he is also dealing with some of the fallout against The Booty Bandit, revealing for the first time in a while, he felt weak. The two share a tender hug as the two grow closer. Silver meets up with the two and tells them their ship is done. The gang resembles at the palace and say their goodbyes as they head off back into space but strangely as they go they notice that another ship is barreling towards the planet Alta. Curious and suspicious, Kate convinced the crew to follow it.


The crew see the ship purposely going into the badlands. Gurag, Qha’kli and the pirates are in the badlands and find a strange cavernous entrance. The gang follows them but keeps their distance, as Silver suggests they follow them. Qha’kli finds a strange series of closing and opening rock doors. Using her skills, she manages to navigate it well finding a switch that disables it. However, the gang accidentally gets spotted due to Kate’s suspicion of Silver. The criminals manage to notice it. Qha’kli and Gurag tells the criminals to get them and attempts to restart the doors, Jim and Kate barely make it inside. We then see a huge maze leading to two doors. After avoiding a series of comical but dangerous booby traps (sharp spikes, a pit of reptile like spiders, and a turkey sandwich with poisonous mayo, evidenced by the dead skeleton with a moldy one in its hand), Jim chases Qha’kli down one door and Kate chases Gurag down the other. Meanwhile, the pirates are fighting Silver, Morph, Arthur and Droid 7. The fight is very intense but fast paced. Morph turns into a sword for Arthur to use which is humorously a small dagger, which Arthur efficiently use to defend himself. Silver uses his robotic hand to make a small blaster swatting off pirates and Droid 7 fires bolts of lightning to stun the pirates. Kate finds the second piece but has to fight Gurag, the two get into a intense sword fight. Jim finds a dead end and face Qha’kli who wield four swords against his one. Qha’kli manages to easily outmatch causing Jim to find a strategy to beat her. Gurag and Kate sword fight continues but both of their swords break and the fight turns into a fist fight. Being more limber than Gurag, Kate has the advantage and grabs the piece stumbling upon a secret exit, which leads her close to the others but is pursued by Gurag but manages to defeat him. Jim slips out and lures Qha’kli back into the doors causing her to be forced to hold it open. Jim slides out but Qha’kli attempts to catch him but the doors alive one of her four arms off. Jim meets up with Kate and the others. However, Gurag escaped riding  the new smaller battleship distracting the heroes and swooping up his gang. Flying the Centurion, Ironbeard snatches the second piece as the fly away. The gang attempts to catch them but struggles as they quickly manages to fly away. 


Back on the Centurion, Ironbeard celebrates their victory with the crew. Qha’kli points out they’re still missing two pieces. Ironbeard says none of the matters as long as they get to third piece. Ironbeard asks to speak to Gurag in private. Ironbeard reveals to Gurag his true nature, showing him the Centurion’s new cannons before showing him the biggest one, explaining that with the Gauntlet and his arm he plans on hooking up the Gauntlet with the cannon which will fire golden lasers encasing whatever passes it into gold. Gurag asks him why is it necessary as they can just turn whatever they want into gold. Ironbeard reminds his first mate of his childhood and his desire for revenge on those who wronged him.


The gang is disappointed at losing the second piece. Jim however gets the gang to turn around in morale and set off to find the third piece. Droid 7 notices a strange pattern that each of the place the map was hidden was in a certain place, near the vast lands of Pecalea or hidden below the skies of Alta. Droid 7 theorizes that the third peice is hidden somewhere with in her words “a lot of water”. Arthur then points out that Marbis is an aqueous planet and suggests they head there. Silver pulls Jim aside to talk to him asking him once they find the gauntlet what will they do with it. Jim says obviously destroy it but asks Silver why he asks. Silver explains he plans on keeping it safe with him. Jim is appalled by this claiming he only helped them to betray them. Kate overheard some of the conversation in secret. Jim asks if Droid 7 knows about this. Silver says no, claiming this was all of his design. Silver then offers him a cut and to join him in the pirate life. Kate hurt runs off and stops listening. Jim refuses and is ashamed of his pseudo father. Jim then runs into Kate who’s mad at him for seemingly betraying them, and hurt after the two bonded. Jim tries to explain himself but Kate runs out ending their friendship and promises after the adventure is over, she will make sure he and Silver are behind bars. Silver sees this and feels awful and tries to console a heartbroken Jim by telling him a story.


Silver reveals he and Ironbeard used to be a part of Captain Flint’s crew. We see a younger Ironbeard and Silver (aged down via CGI, Ironbeard also has less robotic parts and more alien bear like). Both of them were brothers, but were poor and often treated like shit due to them living on a planet where they were racist towards aliens of their kind to the more civilized and cleaner elitists, and Ironbeard was disabled and had mechanical parts due to attacks by the upper class. Ironbeard and Silver met Flint in one of his raid and both join. However, eventually during some time in their life of piracy and Captain Flint’s disappearance, Ironbeard became captain of the crew and Silver was his first mate. The two set out to find the Gauntlet. Silver fell in love with a woman, who was a lot like Kate personality wise and slowly begun to change his ways. Silver also learned Ironbeard plans not to use the Gauntlet for riches but revenge against his tormentors. Silver attempts to talk Ironbeard out of it but he refuses and accuses him of going soft. One night, Ironbeard kills Silver’s wife and the two brothers fight and are left gravely injured, with Silver losing an arm and Ironbeard gaining his nearly full robotic body. On that day, young Silver vowed to never let anyone close to him ever and descending further into crime but explains to Jim he was wrong. Silver advises Jim to work things out with Kate and apologizes for his troubles. Jim finally reach Kate and he and Silver explain everything and Kate forgives him but still doesn’t trust Silver.



The crew finally reaches Marbis. The planet is made almost entirely out of water except for a few pieces of land. The crew find themselves navigating a treacherous storm. Lightning and wind is flown left and right, appearing out of nowhere. Droid 7’s expert piloting skills manage to get them out safe but not without the ship taking damage. After a while everything seems good but a gigantic shark with squid tentacles appears out of nowhere. Our heroes struggle against the monster but using Droid 7’s piloting and Arthur idea of using the ship weapons to aim for the weak part of the tentacles, the heroes barely defeat the sea monster and make a safe landing.


The crew find themselves navigating a treacherous storm. Lightning and wind is flown left and right, appearing out of nowhere. Droid 7’s expert piloting skills manage to get them out safe but not without the ship taking damage. After a while everything seems good but a gigantic shark with squid tentacles appears out of nowhere. Our heroes struggle against the monster but using Droid 7’s piloting and Arthur idea of using the ship weapons to aim for the weak part of the tentacles, the heroes barely defeat the sea monster and make a safe landing.


Using sub aquatic suits Arthur made, Silver, Jim and Kate head below the water. Arthur warns them they have an hour of oxygen. The sea is beautiful. We see all lush kinds of space sea creatures. Silver eventually finds a tomb which opens an entrance. The three which opens an entrance to strange ruins. The three continue the trek when they see the third piece. But before they can grab it they notice, a huge chasm below. The three carefully scale down the chasm with many close calls, one of which were Silver saves Kate. The three finally make it to the piece only to see Gurag without a suit (as he is part crocodile) appears holding it. It was revealed that Ironbeard set up an ambush, and reached their first. Gurag shoots upwards, and swims away, causing a cave in, as the three desperately tries to escape the undersea avalanche, barely making it out of the chasm and try to get back to their ship as fast as they can.


We then see Arthur and Droid 7 trying their best to hold off the pirates, but struggle ultimately against Qha’kli and Ironbeard. Jim and Silver takes on Ironbeard, Kate fights both Gurag and Qha’kli as Morph, Arthur and Droid 7 deal with the rest of the pirates. The fight scenes are glorious. Arthur and Droid 7 have a pretty fun banter about their relationship while fighting pirates and destroy battleships with their skills complementing each other. Kate takes on both Qha’kli and Gurag. Although it seems like she’s outmatched, she uses both her wit, weapons and fighting skills lets her hold her own. Jim and Silver take on Ironbeard and at first they have the upper hand but Ironbeard sensing the same compassion Silver had for his old flair in Jim, focusing on just him and defending himself from Silver. Ironbeard gets the upper hand and chokes out Jim earning Silver not to come closer.


Ironbeard threatens to kill Jim if Silver doesn’t give him the piece. After an intense moment (Jim pleads Silver not to do it), Silver reluctantly gives up the last piece. Ironbeard then makes a retreat and soars off into the skies. The heroes then try to outrun them but are failing. Before the Centurion can pick up enough speed, Jim has a crazy idea and gives Arthur a communicator. Jim then grabs three safety suits, and using their ship’s cannon, combined with Droid 7’s electrical capabilities, shoots Jim, Kate and Silver to the Centurion allowing them to quickly stowaway onto the Centurion without getting noticed and before it’s able to speed away.


Ironbeard gives a rousing speech to his crew as Gurag pilots the ship. Jim, Kate and Silver sneak carefully avoiding detection and wait until they reach the location to stop Ironbeard but Jim notices someone in the distance and heads to a prisoner cell and finds a offline BEN and shows Kate and Silver. Jim reactivates him and is happily greeted by BEN, BEN tries to warn them about Ironbeard but Jim says they already know and they are trying to stop them. BEN then asks how long was he out, Jim says he doesn’t know but assures him not only are they going to get him out of here but stop Ironbeard. Qha’kli completes the gauntlet as Ironbeard celebrates gloating, and puts it on his left hand and prepares to go back to the ship. As the ship flies off just as Ironbeard removes his left hand, Jimsnatched it and the four attempts to escape while fighting off the pirates making it to the escape pod room. Unfortunately, they are outnumbered and can’t keep it up and Ironbeard takes back his left arm


Left with no other options, Jim sacrifices himself so Kate, BEN and Silver can escape via an escape pod, as the crew quickly are sent flying into parts unknown and Jim is captured. Gurag asks what should they do with BEN, Ironbeard says he wants him alive to witness his master plan unfold and holds him in the prison cell. The three wind up back on Monfressor back at Sarah Hawkins Bed and Breakfast. The three explain their story to Sarah. BEN suggests they give up but Silver and Kate refuses saying they know Ironbeard is going and even if they can’t beat him there they are going to stop him for both Jim and the galaxy. Sarah wants to help as well as Jim is her son. Silver then says he has an idea but he doesn’t like it.


Back in space, as Arthur and Droid 7 are at a bar getting drinks, glum about how they haven’t gotten a response back. Arthur then goes on about that he’s a failure and was foolish to think they could stop them. Droid 7 reassures that they will and that he isn’t a loser, claiming she doesn’t like losers. Arthur has a brief smile before getting a message from their communicator from Kate telling them to meet them in (planet without a name where Ironbeard was let’s call it Urse for now) and to stock up on weapons. 


Silver goes the Interstellar Force headquarters much to the surprise of everyone. A partly healed Amelia has returned to work, and tells the guards to arrest Silver. Silver reveals to her he needs their help and explains the whole course of the story. Amelia is reluctantly until he says Jim has been captured and that Ironbeard with the Gauntlet means bad news. Promising if they can help him save the galaxy, he deal with his past consequences. Amelia agrees with these terms and tells every member of the Interstellar Force to set distance for Urse. 


Meanwhile Kate and BEN gear up for war, (BEN sports battle armor similar to gladiator, and ask Kate does it make him look fat). The two then rendezvous with Arthur and Droid 7 at the bar and go over the plan via a tablet like device so we see Amelia, Silver and even Dr. Doppler on the other side and go over their plan. Arthur says the fighters led by Droid 7 and Amelia are going to be primarily in charge of disabling the Centurion and the battleships and helping refugees, Droid 7 then says their plan is to keep Ironbeard distracted enough from reaching Urse. Kate says in phase two, she, Dr Doppler and Silver will go onboard to free Jim and take on Ironbeard while Doppler disables the cannon. Amelia then asks if she’s sure they can trust Silver. Kate then says it’s all they got right now and reluctantly says yes as well. The crew then speeds to Urse as fast as they can. 


Meanwhile on Ironbeard’s ship he goes over the plan to turn the entire planet of Urse into gold. Also sending escape ships, he gives Gurag, his biggest battleship to take down escape ships. Gurag is against this for two reasons: 1 because Urse is the richest planet in the galaxy and would rather plunder instead of mass killings and 2 because if they turn Urse into gold the monitory value goes down. Ironbeard angered, remarks he doesn’t care. Gurag attempts to stage a coup. However, Ironbeard using the Gauntlet turns Gurag into gold, killing him. Ironbeard puts an unsure Qha’kli in charge who agrees but with dismay. Ironbeard then talks to Jim about his plan saying it was a shame for such spunk to be wasted on a narc instead of a pirate. Jim momentarily sulks disappointed in himself but doesn’t let that get him down, vowing to stop him.


Just as Ironbeard is about to reach Urse, hundreds of Interstellar Force fighters show up. Amelia commands the left half, Droid 7 commands the right half as Arthur and a small fleet of big cargo like spaceships go to the surface to evacuate the citizens. Ironbeard sends some of his pirates in their battleships. BEN drops off Kate, Silver and Doppler on the Centurion during the commotion. It’s an epic ship vs ship battle out there. In order to get the fighters off the Centurion, Ironbeard orders Qha’kli to attack the evacuation ship much to her reluctance and instead rams into the Centurion slowing the ship. Enraged, Ironbeard starts firing golden lasers at everyone causing the ships to turn into gold, and strikes Qha’kli’s ship and some of his own in the crossfire causing the ships to become dense and crash. Amelia manages to save Qha’kli just in time but Qha’kli tells her to get her back on the ship which she oddly complies. Droid 7 and Amelia use a series of evasive maneuvers to avoid the lasers as Arthur transports citizens in and out. Fed up, Ironbeard decides to do a kamikaze attack so that a small amount of the planet would turn into gold and tells half of his battleships to call off the attack and head to straight to Urse in order to stop the evacuation ships.


Meanwhile on the ship, Kate goes to free Jim as Silver and Doppler find Ironbeard. Jim and Kate happily reunite and go to help the others. Silver and Doppler walk into the control room to see Ironbeard manning the cannon. Silver tells Doppler to find a way to deactivate the cannons as he takes on Ironbeard. Ironbeard grabs a piece of the gauntlet out of his doomsday machine, fashions a dagger, and fights Silver. The two clash back and forth as Doppler tries to deactivate the ship’s course. Silver and Ironbeard duel back to back and although they’re evenly matched, Ironbeard gains the upper hand and is about to stab Silver with his golden dagger but Jim and Kate knock it out of his hand. We then cut to Arthur and Sarah holding their own against the battleships, but barely. The three continue their fight but Ironbeard overpowers all of them. Gaining an idea, Kate tricks Ironbeard into stabbing himself with his own golden dagger, encasing him into gold. Doppler manages to override the system and get the ship off of it’s colission course but causes the ship to self destruct. The four make a hasty retreat and manage to escape just in time but the ship falling apart traps them in rubble but Qha’kli comes to their rescue and helps Silver move the wreckage and transports them to an escape pod but there’s only one left with room for four. Qha’kli suggests she should go but Silver sacrifices himself so they can escape and braces for the explosion and tells Jim, that he loves him as a son. Jim and the gang refuse to let this happen but Silver enacts the escape hatch and sets the cooardinates. We see Silver then creating a small shield and as the heroes leave a golden explosion happens. Meanwhile back on the ship, the whole crew takes a moment as silence for Silver as Kate consoles Jim.


We then cut to a month later at a ceremony where Amelia gives a speech on what happened and announces the promotion of Jim and Kate to captains of the force to help the galaxy, Arthur and Droid 7’s enrollment in the academy and Qha’kli getting a pardon. We then see it’s Jim turn to give a speech and talks about Silver’s sacrifice and the measures of a hero. The crowd cheers for the heroes as Kate consoles Jim, as he is still mourning, saying Silver would be proud. The two share a kiss and gaze at the stars together and we cut to outside to see a statue made for Silver out of gold in Monfressor.


Mid Credit Scene: We cut to an alien hospital, as we see Amelia, Jim, Kate, Arthur and Droid 7 running alongside the doctors who are carrying a mysterious figure. Amelia hopes they make it in time. In a humorous matter, they burst into a hospital room and it is revealed to be a pregnant Dr Doppler going into labor. Dr Doppler gives birth to a litter of kitten/puppy baby hybrids.


Post Credit Scene: Scroop finds a map to Atlantis, gaining an idea.



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8 minutes ago, Xillix said:

Friday, December 25th (Christmas Day)

Fortnight  - Period Drama/War - Directed by Steven Spielberg

ReBoot 2.0 - CG Animation/Sci-Fi/Family - Directed by Dean DeBlois - In 3D & IMAX 3D

True Love - Animation-Live Action Hybrid/Rom-Com - Directed by Jennifer Lee - In 3D

Did I accidentally put True Love for Christmas, I meant 11/25 my bad.

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Posted (edited)

Kingdom of The Sun 


Studio: Endless Entertainment 

Release Date: 3/27/Y4

Genre: Musical/Dramedy/Family

Director: Michael Gracey 

Producers: Damien Chazelle, Roger Allers,  Mark Dindal (executive), Jon Favreau (executive), Phil Lord (executive), Chris Miller (executive)

Story and Screenplay by: Jared Bush

Score: John Debney

Songs by: Benj Pasek and Justin Paul

Rating: PG for thematic elements, brief action violence and scary images

Budget: $170M

Theaters: 4,130

Format: 2D, 3D, Dolby Cinema and IMAX

Runtime: 121 minutes



Jake T Austin as Kuzco

Carl Morales as Pacha 

Michelle Pfeiffer as Yzma (Mckenna Grace as young Yzma)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Kronk

Teissa Farmiga as Mata

Alisha Boe as Malina 

Christian Narravo as Ichu

Maria Canals-Barrera as Mama

Benjamin Bratt as Sol

Renee Victor as Luna

Tatanka Means as Eclip

Sofia Vergara as Chicha

Anthony Gonzalez as Tipo

Michael Pena as Hucha

Idris Elba (motion capture) as Supai 

Tom Jones as Theme Song Guy




We open in a dark and rainy night in the jungles of Peru. We see a lone llama walking in the rain and shaking his fur in sadness and starts crying. A narrator is calling the llama pathetic but feeling sympathy for the llama, revealing he was the llama. The narrator introduces himself as Kuzco. Kuzco narcissistically claims he was the victim in this story, as he did nothing wrong, and everything was stripped from him. Kuzco then asks the audience if they don’t believe they can see for themselves. 


Kingdom of The Sun 


We then cut to a lavish golden castle in the shape of a Mayan esque head as the camera cuts to Kuzco’s room. Kuzco reluctantly gets up to do some stretches and rings a little bell. A guard with blue and red face paint arrives in his room. Kuzco demands him to bring the Theme Song Guy to him. Two more guards bring the Theme Song Guy in his room, who is an old man with a grey afro who seems sleep deprived. Kuzco asks him excitedly if he finished the lyrics he asked for. The Theme Song Guy hands him the lyrics saying he worked on in all night yawning asking if he can get some rest. Kuzco allows this but he has to sing it first. The Theme Song Guy refuses until he is looked down menacingly by the guards and reluctant agrees. The Theme Song Guy with a sudden energetic vibe bursts into a funk like song about Kuzco’s greatness (Perfect World 

)as the camera focuses on Kuzco gets ready for the day with his emperor duties and life (we see a group of servants carrying him (while he’s sitting on his throne) outside, and as soon as he gets there he starts some royal duties, cutting ribbons, kissing babies via a stamp and throwing a bottle like a football hitting a ship about to go. Kuzco is then rushed back to his castle for Kuzco time ignoring the bigger issues by having them pushed back until a servant throws off his groove abruptly pausing the song causing Kuzco ordering the guards to kick him out literally). As soon as the song is finished, his advisor, Yzma, an old woman with spiky purple hair. (Makeup is done for Pfeiffer to look extremely older and a bit more lanky, giving her wrinkles and a mole on her chin, the purple hair for Yzma is made whiter, creating a white with a strong hint of purple). Yzma quickly reminds Kuzco of his royal duties which he does so reluctantly. Yzma tells Kronk, a buff but dim witted bodyguard to fetch the potential wives for Kuzco. A number of young woman are brought out for Kuzco as he judges each one but chooses Malina, because he feels she is the prettiest but Malina doesn’t want to marry Kuzco.


Meanwhile, in a nearby farming village, we see a chicken about to chirp but Pacha, a young man who looks exactly like Kuzco wake up excitedly. His neighbor and friend Mata, is annoyed claiming he woke her up early. He goes around having fun around the village doing some good deeds helping others along the way. Pacha’s mother, Mama reminds Pacha that he is running late for work. Pacha then does a cutthroat and fast paced dash throughout the village, finally arriving at the llama farm. Pacha and Mata both heard llamas, something Mata has grown tired off. In a 50’s rock style song, Mata and Pacha debates on their life’s value as llama herders (Llama Drama, alliteration and a lot of rhymes are used for this song even a little bit of jazz near the end).


Meanwhile, back at the castle, Kuzco has an important meeting with his kingdom “acquired” friend, the deadpan Ichu who is his confident. Kuzco moans and complains about his problems, but often ignores the problems that Ichu has and doing stuff only he wants to do. Yzma and Kronk are at a meeting with the Royal Court who have been in charge of Peru for centuries. The building has a pentagon like shape and in a black room with only a few torches lighting up the building. The three members walk to their column shaped podiums. Their leader, Sol, asks Yzma on why she wants them to meet. Eclip jokes it’s the only reason she comes out into the sunlight. Yzma, for the tenth time this year, has been complaining Kuzco is incapable of ruling Peru. The second in command, Luna suggests to ask Kuzco themselves much to Yzma’s disapproval. Luna tells Kronk to bring Kuzco to them. In Kuzco’s room, Kuzco asks a guard to bring Malina in, where Kuzco gives her a comically long list of requirements for his bride to be. Malina is pissed about this and humiliating him by “accidentally” breaking a statue of himself using the list to trip it. Kuzco orders the guards to bring Malina into the dungeon but not before Kronk comes in to escort Kuzco to the Royal Court. Kuzco tells the guards to let Malina go and he’ll deal with it tomorrow.


Kuzco finally gets to the royal court, greeting the senior members as a way of kissing up. Eclip asks Kuzco what is has he done for the kingdom this year. Kuzco knowing well he has done much stalls until he comes up with an idea, explaining that he plan on expand the city by adding more room to train guards, a better access to goods and a convenient summer home for him. The court surprisingly approves of this but asks where. Kuzco continues the lie say he specifically has a place randomly pointing to a cliff at first but quickly backtrack to Pacha’s village. Sol is pleased, allows it, and sends a crew immediately but still doesn’t think Kuzco is the most fit in charge, warning if he doesn’t get his act together in the week, he loses his title as Emperor. Kuzco is visibly upset but acts like it is nothing and leaves with Kronk and Yzma secretly bumps her fist that no one seems to notice.


The village soon learns of the construction work done due to the swarm of Kuzco’s builders and servants coming in. Villagers are in a panic as Mata tries to calm them down. Pacha offers to volunteer to meet with emperor promising to return when he changes his mind. The village cheers in happiness as Pacha treks off into the city. Stressed out, Kuzco sneaks out at night and leaves to take a well deserved (or what he believe is one) break but sounds an alarm causing the guards to follow him, forcing Kuzco to run and hide in an alleyway. Kuzco accidentally bumps into Pacha, who has camped outside in hopes of speaking to the emperor about his village and the farms being torn down. Both of them are shocked to see how much they look alike and sort of sound alike. Kuzco begs Pacha to help him get away from the guards which Pacha agrees if he lets him talk about his situation. The two eventually lose the guards and hide at a nearby pub in disguises. 


Pacha tries to explains why he wanted to speak but Kuzco cuts him off talking about himself and thanking him in a narcissistic way. When Pacha finally gets the chance to explain his predicament, Kuzco explains why his village was being torn down and needed something to please the council as he has done nothing as emperor, and that he just wants sometime to relax. Pacha relates to that too growing a bit tired of his llama herding job. Suddenly, Kuzco gets an idea and suggests the two of them switch places for the day. Pacha is reluctant but Kuzco promises his village will get to stay and convinces him they’ll both get the vacation they want. Pacha finally agrees and the two switch clothes, Kuzco explains to him the basics of being emperor, and go their own ways promising to meet back the next night. The guards catch up with Pacha and bring him back to the palace. A strange coin rolls from the bar revealing to be alive and rushes to the sewers into a laboratory right into the head of Yzma.


Yzma asks the coin, Hucha what he find out. Hucha reveals Kuzco and a peasant have switched places. Yzma delightfully realizes that now that the two have switched places, it’ll become easier for her plan to take place much to the confusion of Kronk and Hucha. It s revealed Yzma wants to get Kuzco’s spot as emperor disgusted at his selfishness. Hucha agrees but Kronk is slightly unsure but goes along with it. Yzma tells Kronk to bring her Kuzco so she can dispose of him, as she searches for the “emperor”. When the two of them leave, Yzma explains through a jazzy mamba song (Snuff Out The Light


(as we get closer to the end, it gets trippier, as the colors become more vivid yet macabre with stop motion mummies and traditional animated shadows leaping out)) of her true plot to awaken Supai to exterminate the sun so she can become younger but she needs the power to do so. 


The next day we see Pacha awake as the Emperor. After some stretches, Pacha walks out to the kitchen, surprising the guards, the servants and the chefs as he whips himself up some breakfast. After an awkward breakfast, Pacha is then greeted by a group of servants who constantly pamper him, as one tells him his itinerary for the day as a group of guards show up with Malina. Pacha is overtaken by her beauty. The guards ask him what to do with her and if she still should be punished. With his voice cracking slightly, Pacha immediately says no and apologizes to Malina for whatever “he” did. This again humorously shocks everyone but Malina accepts his sincere apology. Pacha then does his emperor duties but with much more grace and civility, actually kissing babies on their forehead, carefully cutting ribbons and throw the bottle with care. Pacha also meets up with Ichu later who is much kinder and understanding to him than Kuzco causing him to open up. The two quickly bond and have some fun racing llama driven chariots throughout the hills where they reach a contsruction worker heading to his village, Pacha asks them in a Kuzco-ish way to stop construction and they do it. Meanwhile, back at the village, we see Kuzco asleep as Pacha not awakening from the chicken’s chirps, until he eventually gets up. He does his stretches and greets Mama who asks him how was the meeting with the Emperor. Kuzco says it went well and that the emperor understood bragging about his greatness. Mama warns him he’s late for work and Kuzco runs out of the house, not wanting to blow his cover. 


Kuzco while running across the village wonders to himself what is work until he literally runs into Mata. Mata asks Kuzco why he was so late, and Kuzco immediately flirts with her saying beauty takes time. Kuzco actually humorously has trouble herding the llamas due to for the first time in a while actually having to physical work and his arrogant attitude not sitting well with llamas. Mata asks Kuzco if he is okay today, wondering if it has to do anything with the emperor. Kuzco continues saying the emperor was understanding and kind much to Mata’s surprise as she said the emperor was always an arrogant jerk, wondering if he hit his hard or something on the way there. Kuzco takes immediate offense to this almost blowing his cover, narcissistically talking about himself and insulting Mata and the villagers but quickly covers it up by saying he was doing an impression of the emperor. 

Kuzco then says that was enough “fun” work for the day and suggests the two of them relax a bit. Mata is confused and irritated that he didn’t finish his job and stays despite Kuzco leaving. 


Kronk travels quickly to the outskirts of the town where Kuzco as Pacha with the locals playing some kind of soccer like game, and although he sucks at it, he makes a bunch of excuses of why he’s doing so badly. Kronk manages to get Kuzco alone, who admit he did switch places but said it was worth it to get a break. Kuzco then says he wants to leave immediately commenting it smells like, but before Kuzco can finish his sentence Kronk knocks him out cold and puts him inside a burlap sack.


Kronk takes an unconscious Kuzco to Yzma’s laboratory. Yzma is pleased to see Kronk with the unconscious Kuzco. Yzma instructs Kronk how to make the potion to kill Kuzco as she must have a talk with Pacha and instructs Hucha to snoop around a bit more for her. Kronk makes the potion and uses the serum with a skull label but the label pulls up revealing it to be llama extract. Kronk feeds the unconscious Kuzco the potion which seemingly works at first but to his surprise, Kuzco transforms into a llama. Kuzco attempts to wake up but Kronk knocks him out and places him back into the sack, leaves the castle to a nearby chasm and attempts to get rid of the body but hesitates with the murder and instead finds a way to get rid of Kuzco without killing him. After all he’s just a llama now. Kronk finds a llama salesman and sneaks the unconscious Kuzco in with the pack. 


Pacha and Ichu return back to the castle only to find an strangely happy Yzma in front of them, with Ichu commenting he never thought smiling was possible for her. Yzma asks to speak to the emperor alone and Ichu leaves. Yzma reveals to Pacha she knows he’s not Kuzco as he is too kind but makes an offer for him. Yzma says that Kuzco is dead and she already has found out but promises not to tell if he does as she says. Pacha refuses unwilling to trust Yzma. Yzma reveals that he can continue to be emperor and begins to sing a song in the vein of “Mother Knows Best” from Tangled and a slow romantic ballad (Just Play Along (In the song Yzma appears both giving and taking to Pacha, offering him to be a good king fixing Peru, the village being untouched, and potentially Malina too all he has to do is obey her but threatens his and his loved ones doom). With no other options, Pacha reluctantly agrees.


The next day, Mata goes back to work only to see something strange, a talking llama asks her where is he. Mata is curious and ask who or what he is. The llama sarcastically replies he’s a filthy llama, but the replies he’s obviously the emperor. Mata asks Kuzco to look at his hand, Kuzco does so reluctantly assuming that is some kind of dumb peasant game until he realizes he’s been turned into a llama. Kuzco panics and has a mental breakdown as Mata tries to console him which she fails at doing. Mata asks if he can remember anything on what happened to him, Kuzco tries to walk on his hind legs but fall flat on his face. Kuzco tells her the last thing he really remembers is him switching places with a peasant who looks like him and tricked him by promising to stop construction on the village. Mata immediately realizes that Kuzco and Pacha switched places. Kuzco then assumes Pacha did this to him and swears that his vengeance will be swift and brutal accidentally spitting a loogie much to his horror. Mata obviously points out the flaws in his thinking, and Kuzco agrees as it’s giving Pacha too much credit. Kuzco then says Yzma has some sort of laboratory and maybe she knows of a cure and demands Mata to bring him to the palace. Mata refuses to help him unless he promises to help save the village and get her friend back. Kuzco refuses saying he doesn’t have to take orders from anyone and goes off into the forest despite Mata’s warnings about the jungle.


At the castle, Pacha is very on edge this morning worried on what Yzma has planned. He is greeted by Hucha though who tells him that Yzma has nothing planned for him today but says he’ll be watching him. Pacha, then decides to take a stroll about the city showing kindness Kuzco never had actually helping the citizens putting in rules to help the city at the same time draining some of the nation’s finances, which slightly angers the Royal Court a bit. Pacha attempts to talk to Malina despite his nervousness, the two have a surprisingly good yet awkward conversation to the point where both are rambling. Pacha meets up with Ichu later and asks him for a bit of advice with Malina, Ichu promises to go along as his wingman. Ichu jokes for the emperor he sure is not that confident. Pacha nervously chuckles at his joke. Pacha attempts to talk to Malina inciting her out for the day. Pacha and Malina are about to leave but the servants asks if they want them to escort him but Pacha refuses. The two have a small little romp around the city as the two of slowly begin to fall for each other a little more (Ichu gives him advice from the shadows hiding not to be seen and leaves once he has got it down). However Pacha noticed a guard with a bayonet ordering a prisoner to get down on his knees. Pacha ask what the guard is doing. The guard tells him they caught a thief and the punishment is death. Pacha asks the guard to ask the prisoner before he gets executed why he stole and what. The thief reveals he stole food for his family because he couldn’t afford it. Pacha tells the guard to let the thief much to his outrage as not only does it go against tradition but it allows the criminal to be free and makes them look soft. Pacha gives the thief some money for his family saying that’ll stop it from happening again. This action both impressed and touches Malina


Kuzco attempts to navigate the jungle by himself but gets scared off by the danger and sits down on something until he realizes it is a sleeping panther. Kuzco tries to get out as quietly as possible but has to naturally spit like most llamas and awakes the panthers. Kuzco attempts to escape the panthers but runs right near a cliff but Mata swinging on a vine manages to save Kuzco. However, the vine entangles them to a tree trunk falling into a river, then down a waterfall which lands them in the middle of a chasm. Although freed from the tree trunks the two are stuck together via vines. Mata says the two of them are going to have to walk together up the chasm after a debate on who’s right to start with. Mata eventually gets to a branch but Kuzco gets a scorpion on his neck and freaks out hitting a small cave causing a swarm of bats that propels them to the top. The two sigh in relief until the area Mata is on starts to crumble, and Kuzco saves her much to her surprise, insisting there some good in him much to his denial.


As everyone goes to bed, Hucha greets Pacha and asked him how everything went. Pacha excitedly talks about how his date went but how nervous he is as emperor wondering what he should do. Hucha advises him to follow his heart. Later that night in the palace, Pacha struggles with his affections for Malina and vice versa through song with both sneaking out of the castle. (One Day She’ll Love Me


) The two eventually met up and awkwardly try to cover up what they were doing late at night. Gaining an idea, Pacha asks Malina to come with him as the two go to a nearby farm and spend a romantic evening. Malina reveals that she was taken from her village to be selected as his wife and was unsure about marrying him. Pacha, distraught and shocked by this revelation, tells Malina since he is the emperor, he is giving her the choice if she wants to marry him, letting her free and breaking off the arranged marriage. Malina is overflown with joy but also tells Pacha she is falling in love with man he has become and despite what happens stays with him. The two share a passionate kiss and head back to the palace and agree to take things slow. Hucha having watching this is curious at Pacha’s genuine kindness. Hucha treks back to Yzma’s laboratory. Yzma asks if Hucha has found anything against the emperor, and Hucha denies any real evidence. Angry, Yzma grabs Hucha warning him she made him and can unmake him inadvertently revealing the true nature of her plan. Hucha reluctantly reveals that Pacha broke the arrange marriage. Yzma squees with glee as this is the biggest broken tradition that’ll upset the Court and quickly spreads the word to them. Kuzco and Mata take a rest in the jungle and set up camp. Kuzco grows hungry and asks Mata to make something. Mata tells Kuzco if he wants dinner he’ll help make it. Kuzco humorously struggles with slicing the berries for the stew Mata is making how eventually comes to help joking how great it was. Kuzco admits he never learned how to do anything himself. Mata you have to learn no matter how powerful you are. Kuzco somewhat understands and tries slicing a mushroom himself which he does so miraculously and celebrates, the two then eat and go to sleep.


In the morning at the castle, Pacha awakes happily and even greets Hucha with happiness. Pacha thanks Hucha for his some of his advice and despite the situation he’s in currently he’s grateful Hucha has been so kind to him. Touched by Pacha’s friendship, Hucha decides to show him something. Mata and Kuzco wake up and grow hungry. Mata and Kuzco attempt to grab the leftovers only to find a squirrel eating the remains. Starving the two quickly find a diner but has a sign that says no llamas. Mata dresses up Kuzco in a human disguise as the two pose as lovers. Kuzco spots Kronk at the diner and attempts to get his attention but Mata stops him just in time. Mata tries to explain what’s going on but Kuzco assumes Mata is doing this to force Kuzco to stay with her and lashes out, hurt at what he thought was his first genuine friend was seemingly using him, and tells her to leave. Mata does so sadly but not before calling Kuzco out for his selfishness. Kuzco, behind some bushes waits for Kronk after a few hours, Kronk gets out and starts a fire with Yzma communicating with him asking on how the progress is going on capturing Kuzco. Kronk tells her he hasn’t made progress yet. Yzma berates Kronk and says he should’ve killed Kuzco when he had the chance or at the very least find someone more competent to hunt him down and orders to find him by tomorrow or else and Kronk leaves the diner quickly. Kuzco realizes the truth and tries to call out for Mata. Kuzco then realizes he had made a terrible mistake and sadly walks away.


We see Kuzco in the jungle strolling by dismayed in the same scene as in the opening as he realizes how much of a jerk he was but the narrator Kuzco from early still insists he did nothing work debating with him in a song where he vows to become a better person even if he is still llama (A Llama’s Lament). Kuzco eventually walks away into a nearby llama herd and sleeps. The next day Kuzco tries to fit in with the llamas but fails spectacularly until he hears Mata’s voice commenting about their situation admitting Kuzco saved her and that she couldn’t leave him for dead, commenting he wouldn’t have survived a hour by himself and still believes there’s good inside of him. Kuzco apologizes to Mata on what he has done but before he can finish Mata straightforwardly asks him if he’s tired of being a llama. Kuzco bursts into tears and says yes, Mata hugs him and forgives him.


Meanwhile, Yzma meets with the Royal Court again to talk about the situation with Kuzco and his irresponsibility. Sol, Luna and Eclip are hesitant at first but debate about it through song (What’s Next (the song is similar to The Mob Song in BATB, Yzma plays the role of devils advocate by stoking up the court’s fears to get them to go along with it.)).


Mata suggests they should stop at her house for supplies as a man stops her saying a buff family member of her’s came looking for her. Kuzco immediately guesses it’s Kronk as they runs to the house hopefully before anything bad happens. Kronk is having a good time with the family, helping and playing with the kids almost forgetting why he was here until suddenly he gets a message from Yzma via a glass of water. Yzma, furious at his incompetence, uses a small portion of his magic and formulas, creates some shadow creatures and tells them to get to the house. Mata and Kuzco sneak into the back door and tell Mata’s mother Chicha on what’s happening who accidentally hits Kuzco in fear not used to a talking llama. 


Having grown somewhat close to Pacha, Hucha reveals Yzma’s plot. Pacha vows to stop Yzma but before he does that he tells both Ichu and Malina the truth of his origin and that he’s an imposter and Yzma’s plot. The two are angered at first but forgive Pacha and agree to help him stop Yzma due to them having grown close to Pacha. Meanwhile, back at Mata’s house, Chicha, Mata’s younger brother Tipo, and the rest of the family play an elaborate prank on Kronk by lying to him on whereabouts of Mata sending him the opposite way, but promises to catch up sometime. Kuzco and Mata get the supplies they need and run back to the jungle only for Mata to notice a hand on back, revealing three of Yzma’s shadow creatures behind them. In fear, the two quickly run away. Gaining an idea, Kuzco tells Mata to get on his back which allows them to get away faster... until Kuzco gets tired after a good five minutes as Kuzco thought llamas would’ve been faster. The two then head off on separate feet (or hooves for Kuzco’s case) avoiding the branches from the trees, ravines and everything dangerous the jungle has to offer while on the run from the creatures. The rain starts to pour and thunder starts to strike and Kuzco and Mata are left near a cliff with nowhere else to run, with the shadow creatures glaring menacingly at them but a bolt of lightning hits the ground creating a small fire causing the shadows to retreat. Gaining an idea, Kuzco grabs a stick with his hooves, engulfs the tip in the fire and strikes one of the monsters causing it to disintegrate and comically burning his hooves. Mata grabs a few flaming sticks and kills the creatures. The two then quickly attempt to get back to the castle ASAP.


Pacha, Hucha, Malina and Ichu finally confronts Yzma, and tells her off refusing to help after learning of her true intentions and before he can tell the court, a group of guards get him saying that the Royal Court wants to see him, Yzma then snatches Hucha and stuffs him in her pocket. Just as Mata and Kuzco are about to enter the castle, Kronk stops them dead in their tracks and captures them. Pacha, along with Malina and Ichu, are bought to the Royal Court who fire Pacha as emperor and places Yzma in his place. Yzma then reveals to the court, Pacha is an imposter and lies she was threatened to keep if Kuzco was to be return. Sol orders for Pacha to be executed but Malina and Ichu stand up for Pacha, warning Yzma is planning something. Sol also orders them to be imprisoned assuming they’re in too deep. Kronk bursts in with Kuzco and Mata in chains, revealing to Yzma and the court that he’s got the people who killed Kuzco as well. Luna orders them to be executed along with Pacha. Kuzco breaks free of his muzzle and speaks stunning the audience revealing he’s the emperor and Pacha is innocent revealing the two of them switched places to escape their lives for a day and Yzma is a traitor and turned him into a llama. The court is not sure what to make of this until the shadowy creatures capture Sol, Luna and Eclip, realizing they had made a terrible mistake before they are knocked out. Yzma orders the creatures to bring the heroes and council members into the dungeon as she tells Kronk to get her Ingredients ready. Kronk brings the potion ingredients and mixes it, Yzma rips a piece of hair in the elixir and then tells Kronk they need a sacrifice to make this work and gets a shadow creature to bring Sol in. Kronk refuses to kill Sol which infuriates Yzma who berates Kronk for his cowardice and kindness. Yzma then reaches in her to pocket to grab Hucha and throws him into the brew, for his treachery to her, further disgusting Kronk as Hucha was his friend. Kronk attempts to stop Yzma but it is too late.


The ground starts to violently shake as the sky turns into a pitch black. Suddenly, a figure made out of shadows and gleaming yellow eyes appear. The shadows digress and a man with skin as black as the night sky and two big thick horns appears revealing himself as Supai. Thanking Yzma for freeing him, he turns her young but it work too well making her into a 12 year old girl, which she is okay with as she says she can wait a few more years (her voice is humorously still it tact but there’s a bit more of a squeakiness to it similar to a voice crack as if she was going through puberty.) Supai then gives her magical powers to help his rule. Yzma, giving Kronk a second chance, then orders Kronk to kill the prisoners or he’ll be killed and a dismayed Kronk rushes down to the cells.


However, with a change of heart, Kronk opens the cell of the captive heroes and kills the shadow creatures with a torch. Kuzco, Mata, Pacha, Kronk, Ichu and Malina quickly formulate a plan to stop Yzma’s plot one and force all. Kronk says the only way to stop the eternal night is the emperor, confusing the rest which he agrees is confusing. Malina suggests perhaps Yzma’s lab has more answers. Kuzco and Pacha head to the lab while the other four head outside to distract Yzma and Supai. Kuzco and Pacha accidentally hit a level causing them to go on a ancient rollercoaster ride that sends them to her lab as the two go through information to find out what to do. Pacha reveals that an emperor (Kuzco) must do a grand truly selfless act of putting others first instead of himself. The two quickly run as Supai found them and prepares to kill them. Meanwhile, in the castle, the four faced down Yzma and her guards. Malina tells the guards the truth about what happened and they turn on Yzma but she uses dark magic turning into loyal humanoid animals. (One guard asks to leave due him being turned into a cow, Yzma agrees and he leave. Yzma asks anyone else if they need to go, and the others says they’re fine) The transformed guards charge at the heroes as the heroes run throughout the castle.


Meanwhile, Supai chases Pacha and Kuzco who manage to harm and outsmart him using torches. Pacha has an idea and suggests they burn the lab to create an explosion that’ll make enough light to harm him. Kuzco agrees and goes to break stuff in the lab as Supai chases Pacha. Back at the castle, Kronk manages to help take out a few guards but they are outnumbered stranded in the kitchen until Ichu accidentally pulls a lever that causes the guards to fall into the ground, with Mata commenting how convenient it. The four rush to find Kuzco and Pacha but Yzma corners them. Kronk charges at Yzma but she fires a bolt of magic causing Kronk to be sent flying out of the castle, gloating, unaware Malina snuck up behind and knock her out using a frying pan which Mata admires for her courage but still believes it was too convenient.


Kuzco manages to escape with Pacha via a giant bungee cord that sends them to the top of the castle, as the laboratory explodes and the two celebrate only for Supai to emerge barely damaged, missing a hand. Supai hurls Kuzco near the edge of the roof and fights Pacha was doesn’t hold up well at all. Supai turns his hand into a dagger to kill Pacha but just as Supai is about to finish Pacha, Kuzco pushes Pacha out of the way, taking the fatal stab, killing him much to Pacha’s sadness as Supai gloats, ready to kill Pacha but suddenly a small ray of light bursts hitting Supai much to his displeasure. Due to Kuzco’s noble sacrifice and change, small rays of light slowly burst through the clouds eventually causing the sunshine to burst throughout the kingdom, destroying the shadowy night sky illuminating it with bright blue colors again, reverting the guards back to normal, Supai quickly burns to ashes and to the joy of his friends Kuzco is revived and back in human form. Hucha also is to the surprise of everyone revived. The light hits Yzma, but instead creates an ominous cloud of smoke with flashing red eyes, as Yzma warns them of their doom which slowly turns into gibberish but the smoke clears up and reveals Yzma has been turned into a harmless baby girl. Pacha suggests they should get rid off her but Kronk, having survived the fall takes Yzma, offering to parent her in an effort to raise her right. Kuzco gives Pacha his blessing to be with Malina, allows the village to stay, promotes Ichu as his advisor, and gives some money for the farmers to expand their business. Kuzco also decides to pursue Mata and decides to turn over a new leaf becoming a better emperor and a better person. The kingdom throws a huge celebration in the castle as The Theme Song Guy writes a new song (Let The Sunshine Reign).


We end the movie with a Disney traditionally animated end credits.


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Codename: Kids Next Door

Studio: Endless Entertainment (through the Endless Animation division)/Animated by Endless Animation

Curious Pictures 

Release Date: 3/6/Y4

Genre: CG Animation/Comedy/Action

Director: David Soren

Producer: Mo Williams

Writers: Mo Williams and David Soren

Score: Alexandre Desplat

Rating: PG for animated action sequences, mild brief language and rude humor

Budget: $90M

Theater Count: 3,854

Format: 2D, 3D and Dolby Cinema 

Tagline: “Kids will be kids”


Noah Schnapp as Numbuh 1/Nigel Uno

Jeremy Ray Taylor as Numbuh 2/Hoagie Gilligan 

Haley Tju as Numbuh 3/Kuki Sanban

Julian Dennison as Numbuh 4/Wallabee Beatles

Storm Reid as Numbuh 5/Abigail Lincoln

Mark Hamill as Father

China Anne McClain as Cree Lincoln

Storm Reid and Jeremy Ray Taylor (distorted) as The Delightful Children From Down The Lane 

Cameron Boyce as Numbuh 274/Chad Dickson

Millie Bobby Brown as Numbuh 86

Francesca Capaldi as Numbuh 362

Kelsey Grammer as Monty Uno

Nick Offerman as Stickybeard

Daniel Henney as The Ice Cream Man

Hugh Jackman as Mr. Boss

David Tennant as Toiletnator 

Joan Cusack as Cat Lady



We open in a huge mansion, and see a small wooden 2x4 jet fly over it. We then see it land on the ground ever so lightly. A group of six kids walk out of the jet armed to the teeth with 2x4 weapons and handmade gadgets. Their leader, Chad takes a football helmet off of his head. He warns his team to be careful as they are about to face off against the most evil man on Earth. One of their members puts a Game Boy like device on the door which blows open the door. Inside the mansion, it’s dark and quiet until suddenly a throwing star almost hits Chad who catches it in mid air, telling who ever is there to show themselves. A group of armored teenage ninjas with pink bras on top of their armor emerge from the shadows. The leader traps them in a force field projected by a cell phone. The leader of the teen ninjas, Cree greets them claiming Father will be pleased on what they found. Chad is appalled by Cree’s betrayal revealing she used to be a Kids Next Door operative. Chad screams “Kids Next Door! Battlestations!” and a massive fight breaks out. One of the KND operatives using a SPLANKER, (a crossbow like weapon that fires a wooden board) which hits a teen ninja in it’s face. Another KND operative uses a gun like tool that fires a boxing glove that hits a small group of teen ninjas. A group of teen ninjas corner one operative but using her braces fires lasers to defeat her attackers. Chad and Cree have an aerial battle. Cree uses a laser whip that resembles a USB charging cable and Chad pulls out a laser sword and the two clash with many close calls. The KND operatives eventually beat the teen ninjas. Chad tells the operatives to take off Father while he fights Cree. 


The operative eventually find Father (a man in an all black body suit, and the only thing you can see are his yellow eyes and a pipe in his mouth area) in the mansion who is lounging on a recliner, greeting the kids, gloating he knew they were coming he would’ve gotten more dressed up. One of the operative tells him to surrender himself now or face the consequences. Father chuckles claiming he’s the adult, and he’s the one that gives the consequences. His body suit erupts in flames and rushes towards the operatives. It’s a 5 vs one fight, despite the team’s best efforts, Father seems as if he anticipated this and takes them down easily. We then cut to Cree fighting Chad. Cree slings her whip at Chad who dodges every hit and using a pair of mittens grabs the whip and ties Cree up. Cree laughs saying everything is going according to plan. Chad realizing this was a trap and rushes to find his door only to see Father’s door gone. Remembering the big glass window on top Father’s room, Chad rushes outside to climb the mansion. Luckily the operatives beat Father causing he to cower behind his desk begging mercy and presses a button that traps them, Father excitedly showing them his new invention, which they are in, his Delightfulcation machine, a machine that brainwashes children to obey anything an adult wants. Chad sees this tries to break this glass but it’s too late as Father activates the weapon, brainwashing the children. However the machine blows a fuse and Father is surprised in awe as the machine works faster. Chad finally break the glass and falls in the room demanding Father fixes this. Father refuses and introduces him to his children. The operatives step out of the machine in private school like uniforms, neat clothes and hair, and soulless light blue eyes. The children speak in an ominous, monotone voice in unison asking Father what to do now. Father tells them to kill Chad and the children do so delightfully. Chad makes a hasty escape promising to be back for his team. Father promises that he’ll come for the KND next, and dubs the children “The Delightful Children From Down The Lane”. Father questions if it’s too long of a name. The children disagree almost as if they’re lying. Father lets out a cackle and we see the title in the sky.


Codename: Kids Next Door


(We hear the KND theme mixed with a slightly jazzy, Bond-sequel flair with some of Desplat’s technique)


We cut to an ice cream truck speeding down the suburb streets. Kids run outside with handfuls of cash but the truck, almost purposely avoiding children but we see another ice cream truck race after it. We then see the adrenaline junky Numbuh 4 (a young Australian boy with a blond bowl haircut and yellow hoodie) driving the truck. Also inside the truck, we see Numbuh 3 (a young Asian girl with a green hoodie) trying to get the ice cream machine to work, trying to reason with it as one would with a child. We then see the Ice Cream Man (Daniel Henney) holding onto the ice cream cone model on top of the truck. Using magnetic shoes (literally two u shaped magnets stuck together over their shoes), he is approached by Numbuh 5 (a young African American girl with a blue hoodie and red baseball cap) and Numbuh 1 (a young boy who dons a luxurious set of hair sporting a red jacket) who try to interrogate the Ice Cream Man on why they refuse to give kids ice cream. The Ice Cream Man refuses to talk swearing he doesn’t know anything. Two more ice cream trucks tail behind the heroes. Numbuh 1 tells Numbuh 4 to step on it and take evasive maneuvers as a truck rams in the side of them as their truck swerves. The opposing truck spills a hot fudge oil slick causing their truck to swerve once again as the ice cream machine Numbuh 3 was trying to get work flies out of the truck hitting one of the two enemy trucks behind them creating an ice cream explosion. The remaining ice cream at the back wails in anguish for his comrade, and fires an giant model ice cream cone that acts a drill causing our heroes. Numbuh 4 quickly drives into a tunnel going upside down to get in front of the enemy truck previously in front of them as the drill hits the opposing truck creating an explosion that totals the other truck as well.


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Studio: Cookie Pictures

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Epic

Directors: Matt & Ross Duffer

Producers: Sebastian Peters, Joaquim Dos Santos

Executive Producers: Jon Favreau, Shane Black

Cinematographer: Michael Seresin

Composer: James Newton Howard

Shooting Format: 2.35:1 aspect ratio / Select sequences shot in IMAX 70mm

Production Budget: $260 million

Running Time: 155 minutes (2 hours, 35 minutes) [estimate]

Release Date: December 18th

Theater Count: 4,250 (including 392 IMAX locations)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action, language, thematic elements and some frightening images

Based on: Voltron: Legendary Defender by Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery. Inspired by the Voltron franchise by World Event Productions.


Previous films gross (DOM/WW):

Voltron: Defenders of the Universe - $322,572,086 / $954,675,898

Voltron: Rise of Lotor - $630,062,284 / $1,645,020,552


Live cast:

Taissa Farmiga as Katie "Pidge" Holt

Jake T. Austin as Lance

Tom Hiddleston as Lotor

Tessa Thompson as Allura

James Rolleston as Hunk

Daniel Henney as Shiro

Damian Lewis as Coran

Elizabeth Banks as Witch Haggar


Voice/Performance Capture:

Daniel Craig as Emperor Thorne

Timothée Chalamet as Thim

Liev Schrieber as Sal

Mae Whitman as Shay

John DiMaggio as Captain Ozar

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as The Archivist


Hidden cast/minor roles/cameos (spoiler warning):


Reserved until completion



In case you need a reminder (I highly recommend you walk into Reunion with a fresh memory of previous events) or is experiencing the series for the first time, I have linked Reunion's two predecessors below.


Voltron: Defenders of the Universehttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1M1d-ekaEEkz-Hi7EE9yeEgC70EHzIwYEEpcIlZCOaj8/edit?usp=sharing (Note: 11,953 words)

Voltron: Rise of Lotor - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GssJOlJdS2qTMufKVmrHn2gMSIMHYL7ub9o2KUP3AFo/edit?usp=sharing (Note: 18,638 words)


Voltron: ReunionUNDER CONSTRUCTION [ A Google docs link will be posted here shortly due to the expected length of the final product. ]

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Dragon Ball: The Red Ribbon Army


Studio: Endless Entertainment 

Village Roadshow Pictures

Legendary Pictures

Release Date: 5/1/Y4

Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure/Action/Comedy

Director: F Gary Gray

Producer: Shawn Levy

Score by: Alex Silversti 

Rating: PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action violence, peril, and language

Budget: $160M

Theater Count: 4,382

Format: 2D, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D and Dolby Cinema

Runtime: 138 minutes


Introducing, Chris Fuu (made up actor) as Goku

Karen Otomo as Bulma

Ryan Potter as Yamcha 

James Hong as Oolong (mo cap)

Derek Mio as Krillin

Randall Duk Kim as Master Roshi

Winston Duke as General/Commander Black

TBD as The Ox King (mo cap)

Mei Chang (made up actor) as Chi Chi

Jackie Chan as Son Gohan

TBD as General Blue

Tom Hardy as Commander Red

Chris Pratt as Captain Silver


Plot is Under Construction

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In the near future, humanity perfects the science of time travel but it is subject to heavy government regulation. Paleontologist Aaron Derry, boiler room mechanic Chester Bradley and museum intern Sue Garcia get a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to travel back to the cretaceous period in pursuit of retrieving a dinosaur specimen they can exhibit as a means of saving their museum from bankruptcy. As they emerge in the cretaceous period however, something goes disastrously wrong with their time rover and they are trapped in the past, now having to find a way to get the rover back in operation and return to the future before an extinction-level event takes them with it. On the way, they meet the cast of Dinosaur and discover hidden truths not just of the world around them but of each other.


Studio: Cookie Pictures

Genre: Sci-Fi/Dinosaur/Adventure

Director: Joe Cornish

Producers: Sebastian Peters & Jon Favreau

Cinematographer: Bill Pope

Composer: James Newton Howard

Shooting Format: 2.35:1 aspect ratio / Select sequences shot in IMAX 70mm

Production Budget: $180 million

Running Time: 135 minutes (2 hours, 15 minutes) [estimate]

Release Date: May 22nd

Theater Count: 4,150 (including 392 IMAX locations)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of action and peril, instances of language, smoking and frightening images

Based on: Dinosaur by Ralph Zondag & Eric Leighton and Countdown to Extinction/Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom by Walt Disney Imagineering



Chiwetel Ejiofor as Aaron Derry

Charlie Day as Chester Bradley

Rosa Salazar as Susan "Sue" Garcia

Shea Whigham as Jack McConnell

Naomie Harris as Anastasia "Ana" Derry

Shohreh Aghdashloo as Mrs. Vargas

Toby Leonard Moore as Mr. Darryl

Alfred Molina as Gustavo Scalia

Jack Quaid as Timothy Thaddeon






Buenos Aires


A few years from now…


The film opens by zooming out from a framed image of paleontologist Aaron Derry and his wife Ana huddled together smiling and standing next to a large Brontosaurus bone at some excavation site. The placate below reads “Wyoming”. We pan over to more images taken with them alternating between normal and comedic poses against dinosaur bones at various excavation sites over the years: Panama, China, Utah, Niger, the list goes on. One image catches the camera’s attention however, a photo taken in Mongolia where one can barely make out that Ana has a larger belly. The very next photo is even more peculiar however: It’s taken several years after the last, and Aaron is standing alone next to an unearthed carnotaurus skeleton in Colorado. His smile is much more restrained than in the earlier photographs, and his eyes appear rather sunken.


We pan away from the photographs to show a futuristic looking smartphone attached to a speaker. The words “Now Playing: Irma Thomas - Time is on My Side” is displayed on the screen. Sure enough, the song starts playing. We get a short montage of a man, soon revealed to be Aaron, getting himself dressed in his finest tweed jacket and polyester trousers. He walks out of his bedroom to greet Ana who’s frying eggs and bacon for him. Aaron, acting rather dapper and cheerful, pulls Ana away from the stove so they can waltz to the music while Ana laughs at her husband’s demeanor. Cut to them finishing their breakfast as Ana asks Aaron if he’s feeling nervous about this “special day”. “Can’t you tell?” he replies while chuckling. Ana’s demeanor quickly changes, asking with slight worry if he’s really sure he wants to go through with this, knowing the risks that come with it.


Aaron: Scola had to pay an arm and a leg for this. If this doesn’t save the museum, nothing will.

Ana: ...Just look out for yourself, okay? They don’t have rulebooks where you’re going.

Aaron: Hey if I don’t make it back, maybe you can dig up my fossil in sixty-six million years, heh.


Aaron: ...What is it?

Ana: ...Nothing. [ looks at the clock ] I think you should get going.


Aaron doesn’t know what to make of Ana’s sudden mood swing. He looks out the window and sees something in the distance, realizing it’s his cue to depart. He kisses his wife goodbye at the doorway and dashes out to his car. Ana smiles at him but as she watches him drive away her worry returns.




We see Aaron driving along metropolitan Buenos Aires, trying his best to avoid traffic before he reaches a police blockade. The highway is being bottlenecked leaving at least three lanes heading south downtown empty. He drives up to the policemen maintaining the blockage, several of them armed with heavy weaponry. (0:10) He hands the foreman his driver’s license, museum employee card and a signed certificate from the Argentinian government. The foreman locks eyes with him in an intense glare, which makes Aaron break a sweat.


(0:22) The foreman waves at his subordinates telling them to open the blockade and let Aaron pass through. The opening credits begin to roll intercut with aerial shots of a futuristic Buenos Aires.


Cookie Pictures presents


As Aaron speeds down the highway, he soon catches up with a convoy of three massive armored trucks surrounded by police vehicles and government limos.


a Joe Cornish film




Chiwetel Ejiofor


Aaron drives up near one of the armored trucks hoping to sneak a peek on what’s inside, but is told to back off by a policeman driving up to him.


Charlie Day


(0:43) As Aaron drives past the convoy to the front, he spots the insignia of the Time Institute of South and Central America plastered on the side of the front truck, which gets him all giddy.


Rosa Salazar




Naomie Harris


Aaron passes by the convoy and slides near the leading limo, where TISCA director Mrs. Vargas are seen riding with her assistant Mr. Darryl. Vargas looks out and sees Aaron waving at her all cheerily, and she rolls her eyes.




Shohreh Aghdashloo


The convoy exits the highway and drives down Avenue De Julio, which itself is blocked off, approaching the iconic obelisk.


with Shea Whigham


and Alfred Molina




Aaron: It’s not everyday you get to beat rush hour like this…


(1:12) We get a dramatic shot of the convoy swerving around the obelisk before it heads southeast to Plaza Del Mayo.


Music by James Newton Howard


Director of Photography - Bill Pope, a.s.c


Produced by Sebastian Peters, p.g.a


(1:23) The convoy suddenly stops. An elderly woman has somehow gotten past the barricades and attempts to cross the street. Taking rather extreme measures, the guards protecting the convoy all aim their firearms at her. (1:30) Attempting to defuse the situation, Aaron gets out his car and quickly leads the startled old woman across, (1:33) handing her over to a pair of policemen who bring her past the barricade. The convoy is cleared to proceed as we get another dramatic overhead shot of the city.






(1:49) The convoy turns a corner and enter the parking lot belonging to the Buenos Aires Museum of Natural History. A crowd is gathered outside just to see what’s going on. (2:03) The director of the museum, Gustavo Scola, walks out and is ordered to sign papers before they open up the trucks. He does so even if he’s feeling a bit intimidated by the glares he gets from the guards. (stop at 2:12)


Gus leads Vargas and Darryl into the museum with Aaron trailing them. Gus begins spouting off about how great his museum is, how it’s the pride of Buenos Aires (well, with the exception of… pretty much everything in Buenos Aires), how if it weren’t for Chicago they’d have the greatest collection of dinosaur bones in the world, how the walls are lined from top to bottom with-


Vargas: I am here to supervise your use of the time rover. I’m not a tourist.

Gus: Oh, um… I’ll be frank, this museum has… seen better days.

Vargas: Given how you’ve spent the last four years making hundreds of calls begging me to authorize use of the rover for you, I can tell. Still… I guess it would be a shame if the museum had to go under. Kids are uneducated about history as is.

Aaron: I just want to say we are incredibly grateful that you’re giving us this opportunity. Bringing home a live dinosaur specimen would be… something.

Darryl: We hope you don’t have aspirations of bringing home a T-rex or a Sauropod. Mrs. Vargas specifically asked for one small specimen only.

Gus: ...Just one? It’d probably draw bigger crowds if it were the whole family.

Vargas: You have been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, Mr. Scola. Don’t try pushing it.

???: ...Hello? Hellooo? Anyone here?


The group turn to see a college-age girl emerging from behind a pillar, looking a bit lost before she sees them.


Vargas: ...Who is this?

Gus: Crap, I forgot… [ facepalms ]

Vargas: Who are you and what is your name, girl?

Sue: My… my name is Susan Garcia. I, uh… I’m here for the internship…

Gus: Susan here was supposed to begin today. I got so caught up preparing I forgot to tell her to come tomorrow instead.

Aaron: Wait, how’d you get past the barricades if Gus didn’t let you in?

Sue: ...Sorry about your back window.

Darryl: Should I order for her arrest, Mrs. Vargas?

Sue: ...Arrest? W-w-what’s going on?!

Vargas: Let her be for now. Make sure she signs a non-disclosure form before she evens as much as breathes near the rover though.


Gus tells Aaron to keep a watch on Sue while he, Vargas and Darryl head to his office so he can sign more papers (he audibly complains that these forms never seem to end). Aaron formally introduces himself to Sue and Sue introduces herself to him, saying she’s a sophomore history student at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and this internship is part of her education plan.


Aaron: Your name’s Susan, huh?

Sue: Yeah, well, she named me after this woman named Sue Hendrickson...

Aaron: Sue Hendrickson? As in “the woman who discovered the best preserved T-rex skeleton ever known to exist” Sue Hendrickson?!

Sue: Yeah… mom used to looooove dinosaurs. ...She used to take me to this place all the time, in fact. To be honest, coming back here is a bit bittersweet… in more than one way.

Aaron: Yeah… you’ve probably heard we’re not exactly on top financially. All these guys you see walking around here? [ points to the guards bringing large, cloaked items past them ] Beats our peak attendance.

Sue: I was honestly kind of surprised director Scola even accepted my application for an internship. I guess it’s because I don’t get paid...

Aaron: Scola’s been cutting a lot of corners, but I know he cares for this museum as much as I do. Today is going to change all that, though.

Sue: W-what do you mean?

Aaron: Until you sign those papers I’m contractually obligated not to tell you.


Gus re-appears and asks Aaron where a guy named Chester is, since Mrs. Vargas had chosen him specifically to operate the rover. Aaron tells him Chester’s where he usually is, and Gus tells him back to go get him because Vargas’ patience is hanging by a thread.


Edited by cookie
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Pillars of Eternity: The Hollow Vale


Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Starring: Ana de Armas (Sarana), Dan Stevens (Eder), Iwan Rheon (Aloth), J.K. Simmons (Durance), Boyd Holbrook (Urgeat), Winston Duke (Kana Rua), with James Cromwell (Maerwald), and Colin Farrell (Lord Raedric)

Co-Starring (In Alphabetical Order): Lucy Boynton (Aufra), Jamie Dornan (Kolsc), Carmen Ejogo (Osyra), Ariane Labed (Lady Raedric), Ian McElhinney (Nedmar), Miranda Raison (Calisca)

Directed By: Miguel Sapochnik

Written By: Beau Willimon

Original Music By: Patrick Doyle

Release Date: March 13, Year 4

Theater Count: 3742

Running Time: TBD

Budget: $150 Million

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of fantasy violence, brief strong language, and disturbing images


Setting/Background Info: Our story takes place in the Dyrwood, part of the Eastern Reach, a section of the world of Eora. The inhabitants of the world believe in a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses that seem to interact on occasion with society, and in a cycle of reincarnation where souls after death return to the wheel for years at a time before being spun back out to a new life. The study of souls and their properties is known as animancy, and countless try to learn from the secrets of the Engwithans, an ancient nation that crumbled many centuries ago that was a master of animancy. The deities of the pantheon are:


Abydon – god of crafting and the forge

Berath – god/goddess of cycles, doors and death.

Eothas – god of light and redemption.

Galawain – god of the hunt in all its forms.

Hylea – goddess of birds, the sky, song, and childbirth.

Magran – goddess of fire and war.

Ondra – goddess of oceans, mourning, and the moon.

Rymrgand – god of death, famine, plague, or simple bad luck.

Skaen – god of secret hatred, resentment, and violent rebellion.

Wael – god/goddess of dreams, secrets, mysteries, and revelations.

Woedica – goddess of law, memory, rightful rulership and vengeance.


The world features several races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Aumaua, and Orlan. The world also features the Godlike, beings of various races with major mutations that reflect being “touched” by a particular deity. Our story takes place in the year 2823, approximately 150 years following the independence of the Dyrwood from the Aedyr Empire, and 15 years following the end of the Saint’s War.


Plot Summary:



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Mass Effect

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure
Starring: Mackenzie Davis (Lt. Commander Shepard), Blair Underwood (Captain Anderson), Sean Teale (Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko), Rob McElhenney (Lieutenant Jeff “Joker” Moreau), Rosamund Pike (Dr. Kahlee Sanders), Pablo Schreiber (Nihlus – mo-cap), Clive Standen (Balak), with Mandy Patinkin (Admiral Hackett), and Jake Gyllenhall (Commander Armistan Banes)
Guest Starring: Connie Britton (Captain Hannah Shepard), Giancarlo Esposito (Saren – mo-cap), Essie Davis (Dr. Karen Chakwas), Ralph Ineson (Charles Saracino), Adam Beach (Elanos Haliat), Logan Marshall-Green (Captain Markor)
Directed By: Matt Shakman
Written By: Bryan Fuller
Original Music By: Clint Mansell
Release Date: April 10, Year 4
Theater Count: 4016 Theaters
Running Time: TBD
Budget: $160 Million
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, language, disturbing images, and some suggestive material


Plot Summary:



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Starring: Jason Clarke (George Washington), Damian Lewis (Sir Charles Cornwallis), Alden Ehrenreich (Henry Knox), Domhnall Gleeson (Nathanael Greene), Armie Hammer (Joseph Reed), James Marsden (John Sullivan), with Tom Holland (Alexander Hamilton), with Ben Mendelsohn (Sir William Howe), and David Tennant (Hugh Mercer)
Co-Starring (in Alphabetical Order): Sean Harris (James Grant), Sebastian Koch (Johann Rall), Thomas Kretschmann (Carl von Donop), Andrew Lincoln (John Haslet), Tobias Menzies (Charles Mawhood), David O'Hara (William Alexander, Lord Stirling), Jimmi Simpson (Robert Morris), Shea Whigham (John Glover)
Genre: Period Drama/War
Directed By: Steven Spielberg
Written by: Tony Kushner

Original Music by John Williams
Release Date: December 25, Year 4
Theater Count: 3314 Theaters
Budget: $100 Million
Running Time: TBD
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for scenes of war violence, language, and some disturbing images

Synopsis: December 1776. With the American Revolution on the verge of being of snuffed out. George Washington plans a counterstroke that could either lead to the final destruction of the colonial army, or revitalize the flagging rebellion.

Plot Summary:



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"Once upon a time.....a mysterious stranger rolled into town."



Director: Daron Nefcy

Writers: Daron Nefcy and Mark Perez

Composer: Cliff Martinez (Description TBD)

Cast: Aubrey Plaza (Aera Razzatto), Elizabeth Debicki (Warlene Mazan), John Cena (Dag), Lil' Rel Howery (Gippir Lae), Jenny Slate (Curator Haki), John Mulaney (Senator Gyzan)

Also Starring: Will Ferrell (Kipo Razzatto), Kristen Wiig (Zari Razaatto), Cardi B (Professor Aechi), Abraham Attah (Ezen Baklattan), Nina Dobrev (Agorava Naryani), Bill Skarsgard (Vycas Tarek)



Jake Gyllenhaal, Taissa Farmiga, Letita Wright, Logan Lerman, Gerard Butler, Noah Schnapp


Genre: Animation/Comedy/Thriller/Action

Date: July 10th

Theaters: 4,133 (Includes 3D and IMAX 3D)

Budget: $125 million

Runtime: 109min (1hr, 49min)

Rating: PG for action sequences including peril, some crude and suggestive humor, language, and thematic material


Synopsis: 30 years before the events of Spark: Rising - Aera Razzatto made her way into galactic space. Struggling to make a living, she tries to get by in an underground fighting ring. After her life in Celestial Haven is jeopardized, she must unite with a band of renegade heroes to find an artifact that could jeopardize the galaxy.


*NOTE: The animation is a 2D/3D esque hybrid. A bit like Paperman and Feast with some cel shaded aspects. The colors are pretty saturated and overall quite stylized.*



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"A bloody good love story."



Director: Yorgos Lanthimos

Writers:  Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthimis Filippou

Composer: Alexandre Desplat

Cast: Barry Keoghan (Will Hyman), Saoirse Ronan (Leonie), Udo Kier (Lt. Scholz), Daniel Kaluuya (Vincent DeVries), Kate McKinnon (Madame Mia)


Genre: Romance/Horror/Comedy/Drama/Thriller

Date: November 25th

Theaters: 4 (11/25), 56 (12/4), 539 (12/11), 1,725 (12/18), 2,385 (12/25)

Budget: $35 million

Runtime: TBD

Rating: R (reasons TBD)


Synopsis: As WWII comes to a close, a British soldiers thought to be AWOL finds himself in the Swiss village of Zermatt. Taken in by a young shopkeeper, the two form an intoxicating relationship as he waits for British support to arrive and bring him home. Things slowly begin to turn towards bizarre, intoxicating secrets as the idyllic setting of Zematt becomes a nightmarish battlefield of a new kind.



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Posted (edited)


Based on the Manga by ONE

Directors: John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein

Composer: Junkie XL

Genre: Superhero Action/Comedy

Studio: Lager Pictures

Release Date: July 24th

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Theater Count: 3,958

Format: 3D, IMAX 3D, and HFR 3D

Runtime: 145 minutes

Budget: $190 million


Cast: Taron Egerton as Jay Saitama (C), Charlie Heaton as Genos (S), Ludi Lin as Speed 'o Sound Sonic, Anna Kendrick as Tamara Helios/Tornado of Terror (S), Ansel Elgort as Street Rider (C), Harry Styles as Amai Mask (A), Jared Leto as Dr. Genus, John Malkovich as Dr. Stench, Jamie Foxx as Carnage Kabuto, Stanley Tucci as The Deep Sea King, Jensen Ackles as Sneck (A), Billy Magnussen as Tank Top Tiger (C), Tim Robbins as Mr. Sitch, with Richard Armitage as Lord Boros, and Chow Yun-Fat as Bang (S)


Secondary Hero Characters:


Tadanobu Asano - Atomic Samurai (S)

Ike Barinholtz - Puri-Puri-Prisoner (S)

Millie Bobby Brown - Child Empress (S)

Jemaine Clement - Pig God (S)

Terry Crews - Superalloy Darkshine (S)

Neil Patrick Harris - Flashy Flash (S)

Jason Isaacs - Metal Knight (S)

Toby Kebbell - Drive Knight (S)

Rami Malek - Zombieman (S)

Ryan Reynolds - Tanktop Master (S)

Alexander Skarsgard - King (S)

Miles Teller - Watchdog Man (S)

Iko Uwasis - Metal Bat (S)

Eminem - Golden Ball (A)

Casey Cott - Stinger (A)

Jamie Dornan - Tank Top Black Hole (A)

Bradley James - Iairon (A)

Damian Lewis - Spring Mustachio (A)

Dacre Montgomery - Lightning Max (A)

Maika Monroe - Felicia Helios/Miss Blizzard (B)


Cult of Boros:


Bill Skarsgard - Melzargard

Matt Bomer - Groribas

Helen Mirren - Geryuganshoop


Alien Minions

Naomi Scott

Sasha Lane 

Taissa Farmiga 

James Rolleston 

Jake T. Austin

Yoo Seung-Ho 


Various Villain Characters:


Mark Strong - Vaccine Man

Colin Farrell - Crablante

Bob Odenkirk and Colton Haynes - Dr. Ronald Maguen and John Maguen

Charlie Day - Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II

Will Arnett - Subterranean

Keith Ferguson - Subterranean King

Margot Robbie - Mosquito Girl

Steve Carell - Kamakyuri

Hugh Jackman - Beast King

David Tennant - Ground Dragon

Eddie Redmayne - Slugerous

Andy Serkis - Frog Man

Ice Cube - Armored Gorilla

Joan Cusack - Giant Squid

Daniel Henney - Giant Crab

Chiwetel Ejiofor - Giant Octopus

Idris Elba - Ancient King

Al Pacino - Sky King

Tom Hardy - Pluton


Premise: Saitama, a superpowered man who can defeat enemies in a single punch, has grown bored with his overpowered abilities and the absence of a worthy challenger. Saitama gains an ally in the form Genos, a teenage cyborg who devotes himself to Saitama as his disciple, forming an unlikely duo. The two superpowered men join the Hero Association to gain the status of official heroes and face several challenging obstacles. Meanwhile, across the universe, a dangerous threat in the form of an all-powerful alien ruler sets his sights on Earth, in search of worthy opponent.



Under Construction

Edited by Rorschach
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Posted (edited)


Based on the Novel by Dathan Auerbach
Directed by Trey Edward Shults
Music by Mica Levi
Additional Music by a l e x and Sufjan Stevens
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Studio: Lager Pictures Classics
Release Date: November 20th (limited), November 25th (limited expansion), December 4th (wide release)
Theater Count: 4 (Nov. 20th), 256 (Nov. 25th), 3,048 (Dec. 4th)
MPAA Rating: R for violence, disturbing images, and some language
Runtime: 134 minutes
Budget: $10 million


Cast: Jackson Robert Scott/Noah Jupe/David Mazouz/Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Dathan (7/11/12/16/26 years old), Cade Woodward/Noah Schnapp (Josh, 7/11/12 years old), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Dathan's mom), Joel Edgerton (Josh’s dad), Michelle Monaghan (Josh’s mom), Kacey Fifield/Kara Hayward (Veronica, ages 10/19), and Krisha Fairchild (Mrs. Maggie)


Coming Soon

Edited by Rorschach

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6 hours ago, YourMother the Edgelord said:



Endless Entertainment and Amazon Prime teamup to show Treasure Planet: Gauntlet of Midas to Amazon Prime members early on Saturday, October 24th at 5:00 pm. Endless is doing this in hopes of boosting WOM and will be shown in 1,000 theaters across the country.


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Posted (edited)

Well time to pre-load:




Written By:  Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers & Jon Watts

Composer:  John Willams

Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy/Pirate

Studio: Aesir Pictures

Release Date: March 6th

Theatre Count: 4,250 (this number includes 392 IMAX screens

Runtime 115 minutes

Available in: 2D 3D IMAX 2D IMAX 3D

Production Budget: $ 140 Million


Major Cast: Finn Wolfhard (Monkey D. Luffy) Keith Stanfield (Zolo) Olivia Cooke (Nami) Will Poulter (Usopp) Jaeden Lieberher ( Colby) Jim Carrey (Buggy The Clown) with Guy Pearce(TBA) and Benicio del Toro (TBA)



Edited by Reddroast
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The Second Crash Bandicoot

Studio: Endless Entertainment (through the Endless Animation division)/Animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks 

Release Date: 9/25/Y4

Genre: Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Director: Chris Buck and Rich Moore

Rating: PG for animated action sequences and crude humor

Budget: $85M

Theater Count: 4,085

Format: 2D, 3D and Dolby Cinema

Runtime: 95 minutes (including a 5 minute short)


Chris Hemsworth as Crash Bandicoot 

Jack Black as Doctor Cortex

Trey Parker as Doctor Brio

Karen Gillan as Tanwa

Keith David as Aku Aku 

Patrick Stewart as Uka Uka 

Channing Tatum as Crunch

Jim Carrey as Pinstripe 

Keegan Michael Key as Bull Bill

Dee Bradley Baker as Koala Kong

Drake Bell as Tiny Tiger

Josh Peck as Dingodile



The movie opens with a parody of the Star Wars crawl saying Crash, Aku Aku and Tanwa are on their way to battle Cortex in his newly made space station. Tanwa pilots a small ship, warning both Crash and Aku Aku to be careful. Crash is naturally confident and cocky but Aku Aku, (still with the small wooden body at the end of Crash 1) saying she’s right. Tons of Cortex’s ships appear and they get into a dogfight. Tanwa’s ship dodges lasers will dishing back, more destroying enemy ships. Crash, in a sort of blue and silver space battle suit, holds Aku Aku telling Tanwa to send the in the ship. The two enter a small cannon on top of their ship and are shot into Cortex ship, making a dent on the outside and slowly slide to the entrance door. The two are lost but Aku Aku quickly finds a guide (similar to a mall guide and find the control room) and the two enter an elevator. The elevator moves slowly up playing elevator music, which annoys Crash to the point he destroys the speaker. 


The two heroes finally stop and get to another room much to their confusion. It’s quickly revealed to be an ambush. We see henchmen from the previous movie (Pinstripe, Bull Bill, Koala Kong and two new ones Dingodile (a crocodile/dingo hybrid) and Tiny Tiger (think Tiger Claw from TMNT but no eyepatch)). Pinstripe gloats about the two heroes walking right into a trap. Crash quickly asks who’s the new guy. Pinstripe introduces Tiny Tiger (Drake Bell) and Dingodile (Josh Peck) to Crash and Aku Aku which is both hilarious and awkward. Aku Aku asks what happened to Ripper Roo. Bull Bill reveals after the encounter with Crash, he went back to college and became a renowned professor. Crash is shocked, believing it was because of the scandal of Azi- but Aku Aku elbows him before he finish the sentence saying now is not the time for that. 


The two then proceed to fight the henchmen. Tiny Tiger and Dingodile using blasters shoot at the two who dodge each shot and Crash holding Aku Aku creates an energy shield that protects the both of them causing the blasters shot to bounce back to the villains. Pinstripe then pulls out a sword attempting to stab Crash who dodges each swing, he and Aku Aku create a spell that sends him flying back. Bull Bill and Koala Kong try to hit Crash but Crash and Aku Aku are too swift for both of them, defeating the duo with a magic enhanced punch.


The two then rush to the master control room to see Dr. Cortex in a mech suit about to fire his Cortex Vortex on the planet. Cortex gloats his machine is immune to magic and the only way to stop is a code they’ll never find out. Cortex then fight the duo. The mech suit despite Crash and Aku Aku’s combined power seems to much for them. Aku Aku gaining a idea creates a huge puddle of water and tells Crash to create an opening in the suit and lure him into the puddle. Crash complies and lures Cortex near the puddle, electrocuting Cortex, knocking him out. We then see the two scramble to find the code until Tanwa via Crash’s wrist communicator finds the password through expertise hacking. The Vortex is shut down but the space station will explode. The two of them escape with Cortex as their prisoner as the space station explodes. However we see a chunk of it crashing towards Earth opun some burial site. A mask that looks like Aku Aku but rounder and more evil with bones around it’s body, rises chuckling.


More soon


Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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