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The Last of Us

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Genre: Thriller/Drama/Horror

Release Date: October 30

Major Cast: TBA

Theater Count: 3131

Rating: R-rated

Runtime: TBA

Production Budget: 125M

Plot summary: TBA

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Studio: Cookie Pictures

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Drama

Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Producer: Sebastian Peters

Executive Producers: Greg Weisman, Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver

Cinematographer: Dan Mindel

Composer: Michael Giacchino

Shooting format: 2.39:1 aspect ratio / Select sequences shot in digital IMAX (1.9:1)

Production Budget: $155 million

Running Time: 120 minutes (2 hours, 0 minutes) [estimate]

Release Date: November 25th

Theater Count: 4,050 (including 392 IMAX theaters)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of fantasy action, some language, smoking and frightening images

Based on: Gargoyles produced by Walt Disney Television


The Manhattan Clan (all voice/performance capture):

Idris Elba as Goliath, the leader of the Manhattan clan who carries a firm sense of morality albeit with a short temper

Christopher Lambert as Hudson, a Gargoyle elder who advises Goliath

Daniel Kaluuya as Brooklyn, Goiath's impetuous and somewhat sarcastic second-in-command

Alex Wolff as Lexington, the smallest Gargoyle in the clan and a technical wizard

Kristian Nairn as Broadway, the goodnatured if a bit food-happy member of the clan

Terry Notary as Bronx, a dog-like Gargoyle beast who essentially serves as the clan's guard dog


The Humans:

Jon Hamm as David Xanatos, an all-powerful billionaire who brings the Manhattan clan to the present while hiding ulterior motives

Zoë Kravitz as Elisa Maza, a strong-willed NYPD detective who decides to investigate strange happenings at Xantos Enterprises

Michael Emerson as Owen Burnett, Xanatos' right hand man


Hidden cast/cameos:


Reversed until completion






We open to a shot of the Scottish highlands. A lone fancy sports car speeds past a crystal clear lake and heads towards the mountains. We fly across the summits and discover the car is heading towards the ruins of an old Scottish castle.




The car pulls up a few miles away from the castle, and two people we only see from the waist down exit the car. One of them heads to the back of the car and opens up the trunk. The trunk is revealed to contain a briefcase with some documents and a load of cash stored in it.




We follow those same footsteps as they make their way back around the car before stopping in place for the camera to reveal his companion in full from the back. His coat and ponytail hair both blow in rhythm with the breezing winds as he appears to be staring at something in the distance. The footsteps approach as the camera tilts upwards to reveal it's a short-haired blond man who hands the ponytail guy a pair of goggles.


We see through the goggles as the ponytail man is gazing at the castle, taking particular interest in what looks like a Gargoyle statue positioned like the Thinker statue on top of the castle's tallest tower.


We cut to a frontal shot of the man with the ponytail as he lowers his goggles... to reveal it's tech billionaire David Xantos with the most striking Riker-esque beard. The blond man behind him is his right hand man Owen.


Owen Burnett: Have you found what you've been looking for, Mr. Xanatos?

David Xanatos: Castle Wyvern...


David Xanatos turns back to Owen with a smug, almost sinister smile while a dramatic cue plays.


Xanatos: It's more than I could've ever bargained for.


Xanatos and Owen get back in the car and begin speeding off towards the castle. Once they arrive, Xanatos dashes out of his car and runs through the ruins of the castle, quickly ascending the stairs to the tallest tower and emerging at the top seeing the Gargoyle statue up in person. Owen soon catches up with him.


Xanatos: [ rips the vines off the statue ] ...Magnificent.

Owen: It's... smaller than I imagined.

Xanatos: They were known to be fierce and fast creatures of the night. Not towering giants.

Owen: This one does look particularly... frightening.

Xanatos: Make the offer now, Owen! This instant!

Owen: May I remind you one more time, Mr. Xanatos... [ pulls out phone ] That the cost of this venture will be astronomical.

Xanatos: A small price to pay when you consider the long term gain. Start hiring crew! I want machines on site at dawn!

Owen: You might have difficulty accumulating the right manpower in that short amount of time. This castle has a bad reputation, the locals considers this place haunted.

Xanatos: You already know my rebuttal to that, Owen. Pay a man enough... and they'll walk barefoot into hell.


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Flights of Fire

Release Date: November 20th, Y4

Studio: Red Crescent Pictures

Genre: Horror/Drama

Director: Takashi Miike

Theater Count: 3,322

Premium Format: 3D
Shooting Format: Digital 6K (Red DSMC2 Gemini) in native 3D
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1

Release Image Formats: 2K DCP, 2K 3D DCP, 4K DCP

Release Audio Formats: 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos

Production Budget: TBA

MPAA Rating: R for violence, frightening images, language, and thematic content

Running Time: TBA

Major Cast: Max Thieriot (Jim), Margot Robbie (Marie), Cierra Ramirez (Ana)


Plot Summary: WIP

Edited by Xillix

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Gonna pre-load this one and then edit all the stuff in at a later time.



Untitled De Wit Project


Studio: Cookie Pictures Animation

Genre: Traditional animation/Fantasy/Drama

Director: Michaël Dudok De Wit

Producers: TBA

Composer: Joe Hisaishi

Production format: 2.39:1

Production Budget: $100 million

Running Time: 130 minutes (2 hours, 10 minutes) [estimate]

Release Date: March 27th (limited), April 3rd (wide)

Theater Count: 4 (3/27), 3,375 (4/3)

MPAA Rating: PG-13


Voice Cast: 

Timothée Chalamet

Maisie Williams

Jodelle Ferland

Dacre Montgomery

Kodi-Smith McPhee

Nat Wolff

Abby Ryder Fortson

Zelda Williams

Neil Patrick Harris

Ezra Miller

Keri Russell



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True Love

Studio: Endless Entertainment/Animated by Endless Animation 

Media Rights Capital

Release Date: 11/25/Y4

Genre: Traditional Animation/Live Action Hybrid/Rom-Com

Director: Jennifer Lee

Rating: PG for thematic elements

Budget: $70M

Theater Count: 3,846

Format: 2D and 3D

Runtime: 100 minutes (with a 5 minute short)



Auli’i Cravalho 

Cameron Boyce

Donna Murphy

Kevin Hart

Patrick Stewart 

Benedict Cumberbatch 

Hailee Steinfeld

Steve Carell 

Katherine Langford 




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Can You Imagine?


Studio: Endless Entertainment (through the Endless Animation division)/Animated by Endless Animation (The movie alternates between two styles of animation. The CG Animation looks and feels like Hotel Transylvania or a CG animated Dexter’s Laboratory. The hand drawn world has a lot more realistic feeling like Paperman)

Walden Media

Release Date: 5/29/Y4

Genre: CG Animation/Comedy/Adventure

Director: Genndy Tarkovsky 

Writers: Genndy Tarkovsky and Meg LeFauve

Score: Michael Giacchino

Original Song: Imagine That by Lorde

Rating: PG for thematic elements and mild action

Budget: $90M

Theater Count: 4,050

Format: 2D and 3D

Runtime: 100 minutes (plus a five minute short)


Alison Brie as Jennifer Anderson

Ryan Reynolds as Kyle Anderson

Iain Armitage as Ethan Anderson

Tom Hanks as The King

Dave Bautista as Earl 

Terry Crews as Captain Scaley

Aubrey Plaza as Judy

Chris Hemsworth as Craig

Kate McKinnon as The Dark One

Tim Curry as Blazhar

Teissa Farmiga as Dancypants

Billy West as Doctor Screwluz




Short: Bad Fur Day (with Black Sheep and Hungry Wolf)

Rating: G


We open up at a farm where the sheep from the previous short and getting the wool cut off. The Hungry Wolf watches from the distance and gets an idea. In a poorly made barber disguise, the wolf attempts to lure the sheeps into his barbershop so he can eat them. The Black Sheep goes first knowing of the wolf’s treachery has a very slapstick’s fight in the barbershop, smacking the wolf with a mirror, spraying the wolf with alcohol burning him, and leaving the wolf with a poorly done mullet and missing some of his fur thanks to a razor. Furious, the wolf decides to up the ante by building a pack of robotic wolves with shear like tails and orders them to hunt the sheep. But before him can activate them he notice the remote isn’t working and the wires are lose. The Black Sheep hands the wolf the batteries surprising but pleasing his adversary. The Hungry Wolf starts but the robot wolves turn on him revealing the sheep messed with the setting causing the wolf to be chased off into the sunset. The day progresses and the sheep loses their wooly coat but spot the wolf completely hairless but in a fur bikini and laugh.




We open in a traditional animated world, we then cut to high school and a title card says “Sometime in the gnarly 80’s” in neon colors. The world has sort of a Paperman esque flare in design but very colorful. A sort of jazzy yet melancholy tune plays through a high school. We see Kyle, a young jock (Ryan Reynolds) being celebrated by his classmates however, he notices Jennifer, a nerdy girl (Alison Brie) having trouble with her books. Kyle decides to help and the two fall for each other on first sight and walk to class.


We then cut to their marriage. The couple is clearly young but the Jennifer has a bump on her belly. As time progresses, the world gets more muddy in color as we cut through ore things as the melody becomes more melancholy (we see things as the birth of their son, Jennifer’s college graduation and her miserable job, Kyle giving up his football dreams, the firing of Kyle and his rapid denial of job applications and finally we cut to scenes showing the couple growing more distant as the colors become more muddy and gray.)



Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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After an invaluable artifact is stolen from Khan Industries by a vicious (if clumsy) band of air pirates led by the dastardly Don Karnage, the crew of Baloo’s Air Service (recently poached by aspiring entrepreneur Rebecca Cunningham) are misled by Shere Khan into pursuing Karnage in a covert mission to retrieve the artifact. As winds shift and allegiances turn on a dime however, the potentially destructive capabilities of the artifact are revealed and Khan Industries’ hidden motives are unearthed.


Studio: Cookie Pictures Animation

Genre: Traditional animation/Adventure

Director: Don Hall

Producers: Sebastian Peters, Mark Dindal

Composer: Alan Silvestri

Production format: 2.39:1

Production budget: $175 million

Running time: 115 minutes (1 hour, 55 minutes) [estimate]

Release date: June 19th

Theater count: 4,130

MPAA Rating: PG for sequences of peril and crude humor

Based on: TaleSpin by Jymn Magon and Mark Zaslove

Note: Part of the ”Duckverse” series of films


Voice Cast:

Ed O’Neill as Baloo

Noah Jupe as Kit Cloudkicker

Mary Louise Parker as Rebecca Cunningham

Abby Ryder Fortson as Molly

Taika Waititi as Don Karnage

John C. Reilly as Wildcat

Idris Elba as Shere Khan



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The Day We Found Earth

Director: Duncan Jones
Genre: Science Fiction

Release Date: February 28

Major Cast: TBA

Theater Count: 2135

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Runtime: TBA

Production Budget: 50M

Plot: TBD

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@Xillix The dates for the De Wit project are off. It opens in 4 theaters on March 27th, then goes wide on April 3rd.

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5 centimeters per second

Director: Taichi Ishidate

Genre: Drama/Romance

Release Date: June 5th

Major Cast: TBA

Theater Count: 2801

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 110 mins

Production Budget: 50M

Plot: TBA

Edited by ChD
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After the end of a great war, a young, stoic woman with metallic prosthetic arms named Violet wakes up in a hospital bed asking to report to her Major, seemingly unaware of what had befallen him. A close friend to the Major, Colonel Hodgins, attempts to make Violet adjust to a normal life now that the war has come to a close and the land of Leidenschaftlich is at peace. Due to her military indoctrination however, Violet finds it difficult to adjust and shows a lack of empathy or compassion towards others. Soon employed at Hodgins' postal company, she takes instant fascination at a second hand business at the company called Auto Memory Dolls, a group of women employees who ghostwrite for those who cannot write themselves or otherwise have trouble putting their feelings into words. Impressed by the resolve of someone who's only ever followed orders, Hodgins lets Violet work as an Auto Memory Doll as she begins seeking out not only her life's purpose in a world without war but also the meaning behind the last few words the Major ever spoke to her.


Studio: Cookie Pictures

Genre: Drama/War

Director: Joe Wright

Producers: Sebastian Peters, Julie Taymor, Taichi Ishidate

Cinematographer: Haris Zambarloukos

Composer: Dario Marianelli

Shooting Format: 2.35:1 aspect ratio

Production Budget: $75 million

Running Time: 135 minutes (2 hours, 15 minutes) [estimate]

Release Date: November 25th (limited), December 11th (wide)

Theater Count: 4 (11/25), 3,050 (12/11)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 

Based on: Violet Evergarden by Kana Akatsuki



Saoirse Ronan as Violet

Ben Whishaw as Claudio Hodgins

Taron Egerton as Benedict Blue

Remaining cast TBA



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Jaws: The Return

Release Date: June 5, Y4

Studio: Red Crescent Pictures

Genre: Horror

Director: J.A. Bayona

Theater Count: 4,015

Premium Formats: 3D & Dolby Cinema
Shooting Format: 35mm anamorphic Panavision (above-water shots, 2D-3D conversion), 5K digital Red DSMC2 Gemini (underwater shots, native 3D)
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Release Image Formats: 2K DCP, 2K 3D DCP, 4K DCP, 4K Dolby Cinema DCP
Release Audio Formats: 5.1, 7.1, Auro 11.1, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X
Production Budget: $85 million

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for blood, suspense, peril, language, and suggestive content

Running Time: 118 minutes

Major Cast: Felicity Jones (Candace Jeanne), Richard Dreyfuss (Dr. Matt Hooper), Sam Neill (Mayor Hamilton), Samuel L. Jackson (Freddie Pryce), Amy Adams (Sheriff Kelsey Craig), Elle Fanning (Kira Jeanne), Zackary Arthur (Garrett Jeanne)

Plot Summary:




We open at sunset, on a yacht off the southern coast of Brooklyn. The ship passes by Coney Island, its occupants - a group of rich teenagers - marveling at the twinkling lights on the boardwalk and amusement rides. One of them, a girl named Teresa, pulls out her phone to take a picture. She climbs up onto the railing along the edge of the deck to take a selfie. She leans back more than she should, one hand on the railing, one holding her phone. She dangles out over the dark, chilly water, her hair streaming behind her in the wind... and she snaps the picture without a problem. As she's re-steadying herself on top of the rail, though, she receives a phone call from her mother. The sudden ringing and vibrating of her phone startles Teresa, and she slips right off the rail into the sea. Her phone drops onto the deck of the yacht, where one of her friends picks it up and answers. Everyone else gathers around and watches Teresa resurface, laughing and recording video. One of the boys lowers the boarding latter for her, and she begins to swim for it, but the boat is still motoring on ahead.


Cut to beneath the surface of the water. The familiar John Williams theme begins its ominous melody as Teresa's flailing legs come into view. Through the shark's hungry eyes, we see it approach her from below. Teresa begins swimming for the ladder, but she's fighting the current. Someone yells to the young man driving the boat to stop the motor, and he obliges - but it continues to drift forward through the water on inertia. Most of the teens don't seem too worried about Teresa, even though it's clear from her uneven strokes she's not an especially gifted swimmer. The distance between her and the yacht is still growing. But the space between her and the shark is rapidly shrinking. From below, we and the shark close in.


Just as the music crescendos, Teresa's friends watch from the yacht as she is jerked beneath the surface. The boy on the phone with Teresa's mother hangs up and drops the phone as he and the others race over to the railing to look for her. Someone yells to the driver to turn the ship around. As he spins the wheel, Teresa's upper body emerges from the troubled water, blood mixing in with the foamy surge around her. She screams in agony, flailing her arms, trying to paddle - but she begins moving backwards, her body being dragged away from the boat by the savage predator. One of her friends dials 911, and another throws out a life preserver, which lands several yards away from Teresa and bobs uselessly in the waves. Again she disappears under the red water, her friends calling out her name. One arm reaches back up out of the depths - only to spasm and flop over like a falling tree, severed at the elbow. Quickly we cut back to the devastated teens, crying and screaming, Teresa's phone is still on the deck of the ship, her mother calling back, unaware her daughter will never pick up...



The opening credits play out over footage of an oceanographic survey, in which marine scientists onboard a boat are tagging and releasing various ocean animals for tracking. As the credits come to an end, one member of the team is finishing up a phone conversation. As he hangs up, he heads into the ship's cabin to speak with none other than Dr. Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss). He informs Dr. Hooper that there's been a shark attack near Coney Island, just a few dozen miles away.


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Reality Shift


Director: Peter Atencio

Genre: Comedy/Satire

Release Date: February 7

Major Cast:

Robert Downey, Jr. as Mark Flamed

Randall Park as Mike Chen

Kristen Schaal as Keira Quail

Michael Pena as Adam Torres

Shameik Moore as Tanner Pine

with Kelly Marie Tran as Rachel Nguyen

and Wallace Shawn as Paul Jones,

(Cameos by Jack Black, Michael Cera, Tina Fey, Zach Galifianakis, Keegan-Michael Key, Tobey Maguire, Melissa McCarthy, Trevor Noah, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Kenan Thompson, and Jessica Walter.)


Theater Count: 3,623

MPAA Rating: for violence, drug use, strong language, and sexuality

Runtime: 101 min

Production Budget: $60 million

Music by: Christophe Beck

Plot Summary: A crazy reality show producer teams up with a hitman to kidnap people and make a 24/7 reality show about their life in captivity.



 Mark Flamed was on the top of his game. He is creator and host of the hit show "Legacy," where people compete to become the longest lasting on an island. However, in recent years, his other shows has decreased his brand name. We go through "Pet Swap," "Human Pac-Man," "Mark Flamed's Protege," and "So You Think You Can Make A Better Reality TV Show Than Me," all of which become worse and worse received. The executive of DBS, Paul Jones, has had enough of Mark Flamed's flops, but Mark convinces him of one more show, his magnum opus.

"Babies With Broadswords" premieres with Mark happily hosting the bloodbath. Mark introduces the psychopathic parents, John and Mary, (Melissa McCarthy and Tobey Maguire) that gladly donate their children. John says that she loves fighting, and Mary says he just wants his child to be famous. The babies fight and end up chopping off each other's heads. John and Mary then sue DBS, but Mark and Paul happily point out that they signed waivers and they have no grounds to sue.
Unfortunately though, the first episode was broadcast live, and the FCC charges a massive fine to DBS. Paul is pissed at Mark, and says Mark can have more shot at a show, or else he's canceling "Legacy!" Mark then goes home to his mansion, depressed at how he has to deal with Jack Black living at the mansion next door. Before Mark pulls into his driveway, Jack Black invites him over to a weenie roast, but Mark says no, he has work to do. Jack Black shrugs, and then says he met an interesting guy earlier this week; a mustached hitman, Mike Chen, who specializes in kidnapping, not murder. Mark tells Jack Black to leave him alone; he's having someone come in the morning to put mines in his front yard so Jack Black can't annoy him.
Mark then makes himself some popcorn and gets ready to watch the season premiere of "Legacy." He cheers everytime he does something; after all, he's awesome. However, during the show, we see Mike break into Mark's house, smiling. Thankfully, Mark isn't an idiot, and as soon Mike reaches Mark's TV room, Mark promptly pepper-sprays him. Screaming in terror, Mike listens to Mark's question asking who sent him, but Mike answers that he just wanted to be famous. Mark slaps Mike, and asks him what he means, and Mike blubbers, saying maybe "Confessions of a Psycho Kidnapper" would be good.
Mark thinks, saying it'd be a good show, but too many audiences these days would rather have conservative shows that stupidly follow the law. Mike looks around, and tells Mark he has a nice place. That's when Mark gets his genius idea; he's already having his house booby-trapped for Jack Black, so why not have Mike kidnap four random people, dump him in his house, and do a "Truman Show" meets "Big Brother" thing where there is 24/7 coverage of four people living together? Mike says it's an utterly stupid idea, but Mark asks him if he wants a show or not. Mike thinks for a second, and then tells Mark he'll be back in the morning with four people.
Keira Quail works the pharmacy at a local Walgreens. An older woman (Jessica Walter) gives her trouble when she asks where the applesauce is. Keira tries to explain that applesauce is not a medicine, and is thus not in the pharmacy, but then the woman calls her a hippie liberal. Keira won't take this, and yells at the woman to just shut up. Her manager (Michael Cera) calls her over, and tells her that as this is a business, the customer is always right. Keira asks what if someone asks for arsenic pills, and her manager sighs, saying they have to give it to the customer. Keira looks her manager, appalled, and promptly quits her job. Storming out of the Walgreens, she hails a cab, and when one pulls up, she gets inside. Her driver asks her where to, and she says home. The driver looks at her weirdly, and knocks her out. We see that the driver was Mike in disguise.
Adam Torres is a bartender at, well, a bar. He doesn't particularly like dealing with the drunks, but he took the job solely so he'd get unlimited drinks. However, a drunk (Seth Rogen) begins giving him a particularly hard time. Adam tries to get him to leave the restaurant but he refuses, instead choosing to lick Adam's face. Adam promptly calls 911 to get an officer to come arrest this man for disturbing the peace. However, a cab pulls up and Mike walks out of the cab. Adam grabs Mike, asking him if he's the police officer. Mike looks at Adam oddly, but says yes. The drunk goes up to Mike, hugging him and calling him his father. Mike promptly tases the drunk, and Adam thanks Mike profusely. Mike looks at the drunk, saying he won't do, and then tases Adam. Mike then carries Adam's unconscious body to the car and throws him in the back with Keira.
Mike then decides to get the last two reality show contestants at a local college. We see Tanner Pine studying hard at UCLA's college library. The librarian (Zach Galifianakis) walks up to him and tells him it's closing time. Tanner asks for a few more minutes; he's deep into 13th century English literature. The librarian begins hyperventilating and tells Tanner he needs to leave NOW. Tanner looks at the librarian in terror, and grabs his books. Tanner runs away, but the librarian screams at him that he didn't check out the books, he's stealing. Tanner runs out of the library, but the librarian is chasing him. He runs across the street, but is promptly hit by a cab. Mike runs out of the cab, scared he killed him, but it's easy to see that Tanner is alive, but unconscious. Mike loads Tanner in the car, and begins driving off into Sorority Row.
Two sorority girls that are way too old to be in college are showing off their sorority to new inductees. One girl, Rachel Nguyen, asks why they're still in college. The first girl (Tina Fey) says that once you're in this sorority, you never want to leave. The other girl (Amy Poehler) agrees, saying that sometimes, people says sororities are like cults, and they're exaggerating, but with this sorority, it's the truth. Rachel is slightly weirded out by this, and she excuses herself to use a public campus bathroom. She walks into... the men's restroom. Utterly embarrassed, she runs out straight into Mike. Mike looks at her, and says she'll do. Rachel asks him what that means, and he promptly tases her, knocking her out. He then attempts to drag her to his cab, and finds near impossible. After about five minutes though, she's in the cab and they are off.
Meanwhile, Mark pitches his idea to Paul, who says it's utterly stupid. Mark asks him why, and Paul says it is much too sadistic a show to air. Paul then tells Mark he's had enough of his stupidity, and if he doesn't leave his office right now, he'll cancel "Legacy." Mark leaves grumbling, but then comes up with a horrendous idea. He goes to the central control room, which is being protected by a security guard (Kenan Thompson). Mark offers the security guard a chance to have his own TV show, but the security guard denies it, saying he has his own priorities in life to move to Russia after he gets enough money here to become a star dancer. Mark looks at him oddly, and then pulls out a credit card. He hands the card to the guard and says spend as much as he wants. The guard cheers and leaves the room open for Mark's taking. Mark promptly deletes every show the network has.
Paul, in his office, is watching his station on TV when it suddenly goes black. Paul quickly calls up various people, asking them what to do with his suddenly black station. Mark then strolls in and points out that he has a live-show 24/7 ready-for-airing within twelve hours. Paul grimaces but realizes he has no choice but to air Mark's new show. Mark gives himself a high five while Paul looks on in bizarre fascination. Mark then excuses himself and calls up Mike. Mike says he has the four contestants and Mark once again gives himself a high five. Mike says he's just arrived at Mark's mansion, and Mark tells him he'll get to be co-host. Mike begins freaking out at this, but Paul then yanks Mark off the phone saying he needs to do press for the next twelve hours on their vacant station.
Mark gladly spins a yarn of epic proportions on national television, saying that throughout all of his reality TV making, he's always wanted to make a 24/7 show, and this is it: "Watch Out!" The show will air for at least a season, which will be how long it will take for DBS to make new scripted programming. Mark pitches the show to the audience: Four people have been "kidnapped" by a deranged host and must live together for the rest of their lives with the host being their only link to the outside world. The show is recorded with Mark's state-of-the-art HD security cameras, which are really just cameras Mark put up to take videos of himself. If they try to escape, well... Mark shows a video of a stuntman (Keegan-Michael Key) walking up to Mark's mansion. The stuntman poorly acts, saying "Oh boy, how I'd love to crash that show and become instant celebrity." He then walks into the mansion's yard, and blows up. Mark continues, saying that's right, the entire yard is loaded with mines, with only the host with a electromagnetic pulse in his pocket to turn it off. Mark then proudly says the show begins NOW!
Mike begins speaking, saying hello to America and that he's so happy to finally have a reality show. Now, it's time to meet the contestants. He pulls out a bag, and dumps Keira, Adam, Tanner, and Rachel on the ground to awake them. They ask what's going on, and Mike says they've won a free vacation! Tanner looks at him oddly, and asks him if he's lying. Mike says yes, he is. Adam asks what's going on, and Rachel promptly tells everyone that she is going to watch the news first. Everyone looks her oddly for this bizarre proclamation, but she turns on the TV, seeing that they are on the TV. Keira asks Mike what's going on, seeing her action mirrored on the TV. Mike begins speaking, that they're on a new reality show seeing how long human beings can go living in a house with three total strangers and with no contact to the outside world. Adam bluntly says that's stupid, and he is going to leave. Mike smiles, and points out Jack Black, who is coming the front door to extend an invitation. He promptly explodes a mine, flying up his dead carcass into the air. Tanner throws up as Keira looks on in disgust.
We then show a montage of Mike introducing them to their new living quarters. Mark watches on from his control room in utter hope the show is a success. It is. Millions tune in for the 24/7 show, saying it is easily their favorite show currently airing. Keira, Adam, Tanner, and Rachel live in fear of Mike who shows psychopathic tendancies quite often, demanding they bow to him and massage his feet. Rachel refuses to do anything, but the other three follow Mike's orders since they do not want to be murdered on national TV. We see the four also grow closer together in a weird form of Stockholm Syndrome. They begin looking for a way to escape the show and return to their normal lives. Meanwhile, Mark does several interviews, happy to be back at the top of his game. Being smarmy, he says that he will have Mike join him in an interview on the six-month anniversary of the show. The contestants plan their escape for this day.
The day arrives and after Mike leaves via helicopter, they enact their plans. Tanner takes a pill that Adam and Keira have developed to allow his body to send out signals to turn off the mines. Tanner then leads the charge out. Unfortunately, the pill has a side effect of being a laxative, and Tanner screams in agony as he craps throughout the entire minefield. Adam tells him to shut up, and Keira says Adam is adorable. Rachel looks at them insanely, and tells them that she has nowhere to go to, and love is disgusting. She promptly commits suicide by walking away from Tanner's cleared out mines and blowing herself up! Keira, Adam, and Tanner look on in disgust, but then shrug, saying they never really liked her. They make it through the minefield and run off the place where Mark and Mike are being interviewed.
Unfortunately for Mark and Mike, the explosion of Rachel came in as breaking news in their interview. Mike begins crying as Mark says who cares about Rachel. The interviewer (Trevor Noah) asks Mark if he's insane, and Mark explains, no, that's Mike's job. The three contestants burst in, and the interviewer switches to talking to them, congratulating them on the escape. Mark realizes he needs to escape with his money or the FCC will kill him for the murder of Rachel on live TV, but Tanner won't let him. Tanner punches out Mark while Mike wakes up and goes into cardiac arrest. Adam and Keira kiss, saying that they've secretly loved each other the whole time. While they are celebrating, Mark escapes into the woods to live happily ever after as well.
During the credits,  we see clips of Mark Flamed's new show, "Surviving the Wilderness" as he slowly gets more and more comedically injured. However, as he gets more hurt, the ratings go up, so he's one happy camper.

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Khanh Bernarda Alba


Director: Asghar Farhadi

Genre: Foreign Drama (Iran)

Release Date: March 13; March 20; March 27; April 3

Major Cast: 

Leila Hatami as Bernarda Alba

Niki Karimi as Darya



Theater Count: 4 (3/13); 423 (3/20); 716 (3/27); 1124 (4/3)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic elements and disturbing images

Runtime: 99 min

Production Budget: $1 million

Music by: Sattar Oraki

Plot Summary:

Upon her second husband's death, domineering matriarch Bernarda Alba imposes an eight-year mourning period on her household, as per her family tradition. Bernarda has five daughters, aged between 20 and 39, whom she has controlled inexorably and prohibited from any form of relationship. The mourning period further isolates them and tension mounts within the household.


After a mourning ritual at the family home, eldest daughter Asieh enters, having been absent while the guests were there. Bernarda fumes, assuming she had been listening to the men's conversation on the patio. Asieh inherited a large sum of money from her father, Bernarda's first husband, but Bernarda's second husband has left only small sums to his four daughters. Asieh' wealth attracts a young, attractive suitor from the village, Abdul-Aleem. Her sisters are jealous, believing that it's unfair that Asieh, plain and rather sickly, should receive both the majority of the inheritance and the freedom to marry and escape their suffocating home environment.


Youngest sister Adela, stricken with sudden spirit and jubilation after her father's funeral, defies her mother's orders and dons a green dress instead of remaining in mourning black. Her brief taste of youthful joy suddenly shatters when she discovers that Asieh will be marrying Abdul. Darya, Bernarda's maid, advises Adela to bide her time: Asieh will probably die delivering her first child. Distressed, Adela threatens to run into the streets in her green dress, but her sisters manage to stop her. Suddenly they see Abdul coming down the street. She stays behind while her sisters rush to get a look—until a maid hints that she could get a better look from her bedroom window.


As Darya and Bernarda discuss the daughters' inheritances upstairs, Bernarda sees Asieh wearing makeup and a green dress. Appalled that Asieh would defy her orders to remain in a state of mourning, Bernarda violently scrubs the makeup off her face. The other daughters enter, followed by Bernarda's elderly mother, Farzaneh, who is usually locked away in her room. Farzaneh announces that she wants to get married; she also warns Bernarda that she'll turn her daughters' hearts to dust if they cannot be free. Bernarda forces her back into her room.


It turns out that Adela and Abdul are having a secret affair. Adela becomes increasingly volatile, defying her mother and quarreling with her sisters, particularly Elmira, who reveals her own feelings for Abdul. Adela shows the most horror when the family hears the latest gossip about how the townspeople recently dealt with a young woman who shamelessly delivered and killed an illegitimate baby.


Tension explodes as family members confront one another and Bernarda pursues Abdul with a gun. A gunshot is heard outside, implying that Abdul has been killed. Adela flees into another room while the family awaits the outcome. As Bernarda and Elmira enter, Elmira says Abdul escaped with his life, and Bernarda remarks that as a woman she can't be blamed for poor aim. Immediately she calls for Adela, who has locked herself into a room. When Adela doesn't respond, Bernarda and Darya force the door open. Soon Darya's shriek is heard. She returns with her hands clasped around her neck and warns the family not to enter the room. Adela, not knowing that Abdul survived, has hung herself.


The closing scene of the film shows Bernarda characteristically preoccupied with the family's reputation. She insists that Adela has died a virgin and demands that this be made known to the whole town. No one is to cry.

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Title: Our City: Growth

Director: John Lasseter

Genre: CGI Animation

Release Date: Friday, April 24

Major Cast: Zach Braff (Matt), Ben Foster (Jeff), Sarah Silverman (Annie),

Kristen Bell (Felicia), Paul Rudd (Marcus), Meryl Streep (Trudy), Jon Lovitz (Hank), Danielle Panabaker (Tracy),

Kay Panabaker (Stacy), Evan (Steve Carell)

Theater Count: 4,092

MPAA Rating: PG (Some tense scenes, mild language)

Runtime: 112 minutes (106 minutes, plus 6 minute intro cartoon)

Production Budget: $150 million

Format: Mixed 2D/3D, 2D for "real life" 3D for "Our City"

Plot Summary: 


Six Minute Intro Movie -- Death of a Strawberry:


The simple story of a strawberry that fears its fate. A strawberry starts out in a field with many others, dreaming of becoming part of a fruit salad or a nutritious snack. But the real story is he is placed into a strawberry glaze and put on funnel cakes at an amusement park. At first he hates this, he is ruining someone's health. But as he is eaten by a child, he is satisfied knowing he made someone happy. The End...




It's been eight years since the events of Our City, The boys and their sister have grown up. Jeff is heading to college in the fall, and Matt is a high school sophomore. Their annoying little sister is in 8th grade, and still annoying.


All the toys they used to play with have been put in closets, boxed away. Now the boys spend most of their time playing video/computer games and their little sister likes to gossip with her friends.


The first scenes re-establish the characters. Jeff is playing Varsity baseball (He's good enough to be the starting third baseman on a high school team, but would probably have a bench role on any decent NCAA team.) Matt is going to his classes, his teachers all impressed by his level of intellect that rivals most college students.


And one Friday evening in May, Annie has her friends over. Two sisters, Tracy and Stacy.  Tracy is 15, and Stacy is 12. Annie finds herself mediating mundane arguments between the two sisters.


But the focus quickly shifts to the two boys. The shots here establish the new house. Jeff and Matt each have their own bedrooms, as their mom got a much better job and they were able to afford a 4 bedroom house. But on weekends, they sleep together in Matt's room on a bunk bed, just like old times.


Jeff begins to wonder as the two sit in their beds talking before they go to sleep. 

"I wonder what happened to those people from our city we built as kids," he says.

"I don't know if that was real. I mean, I think it was, but maybe it was just our imagination," replies Matt, who has gotten more logical and less creative since his childhood years.

"I am sure it was real," Jeff insists.


That night, as the two of them fall asleep, the room begins to change around them. The movie morphs from 2D to 3D as the focus changes from the "real world" to "Our City". The city looks much different; it's clear that it's been more than eight years since the prior film.


At first, we don't see any familiar faces. The city has grown a lot. Instead of being a cozy hamlet, it's become a large city with suburbs of its own.  Jeff and Matt are floating above the city, as if they are observers in some sort of video game, rather than part of the city itself.


We shift back to 2D, and the boys are still asleep. But the city has built itself in their bedroom, much bigger than it had been in the first movie.


There is giggling coming from down the hall; the three girls are playing a game of Truth and Dare.


Tracy is the one being challenged. "Truth or Dare?" Annie inquires. "Truth..." Tracy says, looking nervously around the room.


"What boy do you like at school the most?"


Normally an innocuous question, Tracy doesn't want Annie to know they both like the same guy. "Dare, then," she replies.


"I dare you to go into the boys' room and KISS one of them!" Annie giggles.


"Um... OK." Tracy nervously walks across the hall.


She walks into the boys room, expecting to see the two of them. But instead she sees a large model city. As she walks in, the same effects from before occur once again. It shifts from 2D to 3D as she, Tracy, is transported to Our City. 


We now see something we haven't seen before: The city's name is St. Elbert, we see that on a sign that states the population of the city: Population: 398,202.


Now Tracy, Jeff, and Matt come down to the city, and they are sitting at a cafe.


"Where are we?" Tracy asks.

"Well," explains Jeff. "This is a place Matt and I created with our imagination, a city we made when we were kids."

"It feels so real," she says.

"I think it is," he replies.


Quickly, they are greeted by Felicia, Marcus, and Hank. They have all aged a lot, as time passes much faster in St. Elbert than it does in the kids' world.


Now the three of them (Felicia, Marcus, Hank) have formed a business partnership that has become very successful. It is Hank that explains the conundrum. "When the children who created our world lose faith that it existed... things get worse here. People get sick, the economy fails. Matt's doubt is what caused us to send out signals to draw you to us once again."


Tracy is confused. "Why did I get involved?"

Hank explains once again. "You have faith too. You and your sister have a great bond and great imaginations. If I remember correctly... the two of you built a little farm town when you were younger. It exists here, in this world. We can drive there today!"


The six of them pile into a minivan and drive to the outskirts of St. Elbert. Another 30 minutes and they are surrounded mostly by farmland, with a few stores and houses forming a "town center".


"I remember this..." says Tracy, as she looks around.


The boys are unfamiliar with this farm town (Trasta), but they can recognize various toys in the design of the town.


"We have two more to bring," says Marcus.


And as the six of them stop by a local market, Annie and Stacy are shopping there.


All five of the children realize that their belief helps these towns thrive. At this point, we take a quick "break" to zoom out to ImaginationLand, where the cities and towns created by many children have come to life. There are no "SimCity" worlds here; all the towns created have been made by real toys, by children playing, not through computer games.


We snap back to the real world, observing Trudy mumbling in her sleep. We get a sense that the Imagination world is trying to bring her, but being older, it barely effects her. But we do get some flashbacks to her childhood. She had an imagination back then too, and we observe a few quick clips of her relationship with her husband, and her decision to be independent and not remarry after her divorce.


The next day comes, and all the kids are sleeping in, even more than most teenagers do, which is A LOT. 


But they are still in the Imagination Land. The three people from St. Elbert explain the problem to them. "Reality is the problem," explains Marcus. "As people become too involved in their real lives, their imagination suffers, and the worlds they created struggle more than ever before. That is why we called you here today, to bring imagination back once again!"


But they observe the world around them, and it's more than just metaphysical problems. There are strikes happening. Matt observes this. "It's not something that can be solved through belief in your world. There are fundamental economic problems that could be solved through incorporating Keynesian economics along with Friedman's theories on interest..."


The film turns this into more of a "sight gag" as to not lose the attention of its viewers, with Matt showing everyone supply and demand charts and everyone agreeing with him as he explains his policy ideas.


We see an immediate impact of his idea. Some of the small farm towns are upset, but the bigger cities thrive even more. They give more money back to the towns in trade, and everyone benefits.


But Annie begins to lose focus on this world. As she begins to drift back to "reality", we can see people around her getting sick. "Snap out of it, Annie!" shouts Tracy, and suddenly the people getting sick are well again.


They stay with the ImaginationLand people for a few more days, everyone offering advice. For such a thriving city and astute businesspeople, Marcus, Trudy, and Hank seem rather naive regarding basic concepts.


But the kids realize Marcus is right... their belief in these worlds helps them thrive. "The moral is... well that's a cheesy thing to say," Marcus says. "What I mean to say... bring out your toys more often. Live, laugh, love... yeah, that sounds right."


All five kids are woken up by Trudy. "It's 1 PM!" she shouts. "Get up... you'll ruin your sleep schedules!"


"And I have a date tonight... you kids play nice, I trust you all to look after yourselves... don't know how late I'll be out."


The kids look happy... one rule their mom had, was they could play video games as much as they wanted when she wasn't there, since she didn't want them to avoid temptation too much. 


We now see Trudy on a date with Evan, and he is a very exuberant man. He is an inventor, inventing toys and gadgets all the times.


During this time, the kids are all playing nicely together, taking turns playing various 2- and 4- player games. 


A few weeks later, Evan comes home with Trudy and shows the kids various toys he has made. Even though they are normally meant for younger kids, all the teens are entranced by his creative ideas. As they play with Evan's toys, we observe their imagination worlds thrive even more.


Some final shots reveal the truth; Evan is actually Hank... the imagination world has grown so powerful that the people from St. Elbert are becoming real. The final shot shows a real meeting between the real Hank/Felicia/Marcus.





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Barry Brookshire and The Case of The Soul Key


Studio: Endless Entertainment 

21 Laps Productions

Original Film

Release Date: 9/4/Y4

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy/Horror

Director: Alex Hirsch

Rating: PG for thematic elements including sorcery, mild brief language, and some scary images 

Budget: $115M

Theater Count: 3,874

Format: 2D, 3D, and Dolby Cinema

Runtime: 118 minutes


Finn Wolfhard as Barry Brookshire 

Millie Bobby Brown as Penny Copper

Tom Hiddleston as Rex

Sasha Lane as Selestia 

Daniel Radcliffe as Duke Bloodstone

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Shard

Kate Winslet as Aquafina

Dwayne Johnson as Death

Evangeline Lily as Kristen Cooper

Sadie Sink as Nikki

Caleel Harris as Jake




We open in a small town in Oregon. Penny is an optimistic, bubbly and somewhat insecure young girl who has troubles fitting in at her new school having recently moved from Wisconsin after the loss of her father. Penny’s mother, Kristen has become overprotective as a way of coping and moved to Oregon to be closer to family. Penny is an avid writer but never had the courage to show her work. Penny does however befriend the loner Nikki and the prankster Jake. The three plan to hang out on Friday night at the mall. Kristen allows her to go but warns her she must come back by when it gets dark outside. The three goof around the mall and having fun together (Jake even sets up a few small pranks on the mall cop). Eventually the three find an old bookstore. For some reason Penny is drawn to it, but Jake and Nikki don’t want to go inside. Penny promises to be out in five minutes and will catch up with them. Inside the store has a wide variety of books about spells and fantasy creatures, weird wands and objects and a owl like clock that almost seems alive. Penny stumbles open a boy her own age looking through the store. The boy introduces himself as Barry Brookshire. The two strike up a conversation as Penny asks why he’s is in the bookstore. Barry says he lives here and asks how is Kristen and talks about how great she is. Disturbed, Penny asks how does he know her mom. Barry then equally awkward says he knows she just moved here so she doesn’t know what’s what. Penny then says she has to leave as it’s late. Sensing what he calls “potential” in her, Barry gives her a card with his number on it and waves goodbye. Penny immediately throws the card away after she’s far enough away from the store. 


As soon as Penny meets back up with her friends, she sees the incoming sunset, she tells her friends she must leave. Nikki and Jake insists that she should stay. Penny agrees, arguing one night out couldn’t kill her. The three play a prank on a mall cop involving the sensors which causing them to get chased by mall cops. The three split up and leave the mall and Penny grabs her bike and hides in a nearby forest. Suddenly she notices something weird, it’s quiet almost too quiet. She suddenly hears the leaves rustling but no animals, but she feels a hand is put on her shoulder. She screams only to realize it’s the tree she’s behind but suddenly wooden like gremlins burst out of the tree. She quickly hops onto her bike and speeds away as the wooden gremlins chase her, making a speedy way back home. But as she’s about a yard away from home, the ground starts to tremor and a man with a blood red cape and scythe like staff jumps out of the ground levitating. With a British accent, the man introduces himself as Duke Bloodstone, and demands Penny to give him the Soul Key if she wants to live. Penny explains she doesn’t have it or know what he’s talking about. Angered, Duke tells his gremlins to attack her but Kristen in a wizard like costume pulls out a wand and rushes in to defend her daughter. She fires a blast of lilac energy which causes the gremlins to turn into harmless house plants. Duke in a sarcastic way happily greets Kristen, commenting she has a lovely little home and family and says if only Eric was around to see it. Kristen is immediately offended by the last part and promises as long as she is alive he’ll never get the Soul Key, shooting a blinding purple beam that temporarily stuns Duke’s senses. Kristen gives the Soul Key, a small yellowish green key to Penny and creates a decoy for herself and tells her to run as she faces off Duke in a magic brawl. Penny refuses to leave. Blasts of lilac and blood red beams collide with each other, as Kristen and Duke fiercely brawl. Kristen creates a small blue shield around herself as Duke attacks with orange rays which weakens her, using the last of her magic, she transfers some of her magic into Penny and sends her away teleporting to parts unknown. Duke tired of her games breaks her shield and kills her and excitedly grabs the key only to realize it’s a fake. Duke whistles an upbeat almost Disney like tune which summons Shard a gargoyle like man. Duke tells Shard to go after Penny and bring him the Soul Key.


Penny finds herself in the same bookstore from earlier but to her surprise, the bookstore is floating in the clouds, instead of the local mall. Penny is then greeted by Rex, a neurotic man with elf like ears and satyr like legs. Penny is immediately startled by Rex and humorously grabs a staff and beats him with it until Barry comes out and explains what’s happening and who he really is. Penny then goes to beat Barry out of fear assuming both of them kidnapped her and accidentally fires bolts of green energy at random periods. Penny freaks out even more about her new powers but Barry calms her down by handing her a simple wand which calms her powers. Barry reveals that he is from a line of the greatest detectives of the paranormal, supernatural and mythical forces, the Brookshires and he is perhaps the greatest. Rex snarks that it’s not only self proclaimed but Barry also has no magical powers. Barry quickly bites back in a defensive tone and says that he relies on his own skills and that the only power Rex has is enhanced hearing. Rex adds in that he is a good friend of her parents. Barry then explains that the Copper family have been the most powerful wizards in history and that Duke Bloodstone is an evil warlock and former apprentice of her father who killed father as he had something Duke wanted. Penny is taken aback by this and asks a multitude of questions, asking if she is a wizard, what was Duke after, and how can she stop Duke. Barry confirms she’s a wizard and that Duke is after two powerful artifacts, The Soul Key and The Lock of Fate. Both artifacts are so powerful when united together, the user can control life and death itself. Penny asks if her mother is okay. Barry and Rex are visible unsure but both assume the worst. Penny cries in response to this but Barry promises that he and Rex will help her stop Duke, reunite with her mother and master her art of wizardry. Barry asks her if she has the key by any chance. Penny pulls the key out of her pocket which illuminates a green color. Barry then says if they want to find more information about both artifacts and they must head to the magical realm. 



Barry then tells Rex to prepare some tea and biscuits. Rex brings out a purplish tea and golden crackers. Penny is confused by the biscuits and was expecting the other kind. Barry quickly explains that biscuits means crackers or cookies. Penny then comes back they should just call them by their original name. Barry snarks it’s not his fault she isn’t fancy. The three take a big sip of the tea. Penny asks how is it supposed to bring them to the magical realm. Rex says she’ll see soon. The room strangely starts to bubble and sickly bright colors burst around them creating a portal which the three fall into. Penny is completely panicking as Barry and Rex are calmly snacking on the crackers. Barry offers Penny a cracker but she is too panicked to even consider one but he shoves one into her mouth anyway as the three of them fall from the sky but thanks to the crackers levitate slowly towards the ground as Penny gets a full bird’s eye view of the magical realm. The realm below them looks like the city of London mixed with traditional fairy tale and magical elements. We see a bunch of elves in business suits heading to work, a group of teenage witches using their wands to create some graffiti, and a group of wizards in a pub like places creating elixirs while we also slowly see the three descend. Penny asks what the hell was in the tea and crackers. Barry explains it was drug free and they were things one needed to cross into the magical realm. 


Edited by YourMother the Edgelord
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