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SOTM 10 - Antman wins the Summer - Deadline July 5th 11:59pm

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Simple one here with complicated scoring...


Here are three films:



Deadpool 2

Incredibles 2


All you have to do is pick any country which has tracking (either on BOM or if there is a reliable thread in this forum that you link to).


After you pick a country, pick one of the three films. 


If Ant Man outgrosses that film in that region win 1000 points for every 2 million dollars the target film gross in that country. 

If Antman does not outgross that film in that region lose 500 points for every 2 million dollars the target film gross in that country.


If Antman or the target film is not released within the Summer Game window, the prediction is Voided. 


You may make up to 4 predictions. 

You cannot choose USA

You may pick the same region with different films.


So your prediction could look like:


1, Deadpool - UK

2. Solo - UK

3. Incredibles - UK

4. Deadpool - Italy 


You can abstain for 3000 points 

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2 minutes ago, chasmmi said:

@That One Guy  @Wrath  @Sheikh  @captainwondyful  @MovieMan89  @WrathOfHan


Just clarified in the opening posts that it is Deadpool 2 and Incredibles 2.


Just in case you did not assume that to be the case. 

edit nvm thought you meant solo wasn't an option lol

Edited by WrathOfHan
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