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Shazam! OS Thread - 221.5M OS - 357.8M WW

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6 hours ago, Rebeccas said:

I mean do these comps matter when it's clearly not going to make more than Antman total let alone GOTG lmao

The big difference will be in China only, OS-China Shazam and Ant man will be very similar, So a comparison between Ant man and Shazam OS-China markets  is fair.


I was expecting better numbers, mainly because of China,  I was hoping that Shazam could make something between $120m- $ 130m here. , but this movie will do enough to have a sequel, Shazam also has a good reception from critics and audience WW (except in China and Korea), and this is also important for this film to receive green light and have a sequel.

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Global Totals:

US/Canada $56.8M

China $30.4M

Mexico $5.8M

UK $5.3M

Russia $5.2M

Brazil $5.1M

Indonesia $4.1M

Korea $3.9M

Australia $3.4M

France $2.8M

Taiwan $2.8M

Malaysia $2.2M

Italy $2.1M

Thailand $1.9M

UAE $1.8M

Spain $1.7M

Germany $1.4M

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DOM is looking good. Should do 150-160M.


OS-C OW was nearly 72M. Should finish with 180-190M.


China is fading fast and won't even make it to 45M. Japan will do 6-7M or so. So 50M from these two markets combined.


Overall looks to finish in 400M vicinity.

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Damn, I always expected Shazam to have a mediocre reception in China, but i still thought it would reach about 80M, but now it won't even reach half of that already small box office.


Shazam is most probably the most hated Superhero movie in many, many years in China.


If i would make a guess why Shazam is so hated in China i think its a combination of the humor not working at all, little action, demon possession of the bad guy. The personalities of the characters as well as the foster home setting probably doesn't work at all in China. Don't forget that China has a very traditional view on family and things like foster homes are practically unheard of there.


You could make the case that the values Shazam project is the opposite of Confucian values.


China is basically a dead market for Shazam. So if they make the sequel similar to the first one its questionable if it would be worth it to release and market it in China at all.

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6 minutes ago, TimmyRiggins said:

400 M + it will be. Henry Gayden, Sandberg already announced as returning the sequel but keep on peddling nonsense folks. 

Oh wow, I didn’t know that announcing sequels early gave you an added 20M to your WW gross. More studios should use that trick :rolleyes:

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3 minutes ago, Fullbuster said:

No Monday numbers? I guess it's not big enough to deserve the Captain Marvel treatment? :(

They need to stockpile up some OS Monday reporting, since Endgame’s first 4 Mondays will all be big enough to deserve it :Gaga:

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They directly point again the budget out. Again less than the couple of websites/outlets that stated higher than all the others. Still all is possible, but the weight of the balance seems to be on the lower side



Shazam stormed to the top of the international chart with an opening weekend haul of $102.3 million on over 40,000 screens in 79 markets. The film’s biggest market was unsurprisingly China, where it earned second place with $30.4 million on 20,939 screens. The film earned first place in a quartet of major markets. This includes Mexico ($5.8 million on 2,669 screens); the U.K. ($5.3 million on 1,533); Russia ($5.2 million on 3,072 screens); and Brazil ($5.1 million on 1,509 screens). This is a great start, especially for a film that “only” cost $85 million to make. However, there’s some bad news here. There’s almost no where left to open, as its only other major market debut is in Japan on the 19th of April.


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17 minutes ago, TimmyRiggins said:

Okay, so that's multiple sources (plus early word months ago) indicating the lower end, somewhere between 80 and 90 M seems to be the number, I wish someone could agree on ONE number though. :D

Variety: $98M

Deadline: $100M

Box Office Mojo: $100M


So your range should be $80M to $100M.

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