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Ezen Baklattan

SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 6 - Crazy Rich Survivors

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Spaghetti: Let's shake things up a bit. It worked for Buffy, so it'll work for us. We're doing a MUSICAL episode!



Empire: Now TOG is gone....that was quite a shocker.

ZeeSoh: Relax you guys, I'll get us there; even as a sleepwalker.

DAJK: Let's not be too bold, if we lose again then one of us will be on hold...

YourMother: Relax my friend, we'll take those pesky puppets by surprise! / When we become immune!

Rorscach: Maybe we can talk a bit....once we become immune.

Slambros: Please don't vote for me....we may lose again; I'll prove myself, just see!

ZeeSoh: Hopefully it won't come to that; we will be immune.


CONFESSIONAL - DAJK: What will he say? Seems that Rorschach wants to move on him soon. What will he say? Does he have a lethal plan, that will lead us all to our doom?


WrathOfHan: Let's do five for five! When we win the challenge!

Chasmmi: Hopefully I still survive. When we win the challenge.

Sheikh: Here's all that we need. Baum and Cap not at each other with some, new bloodthirsty screed!

Claire: These bitches better not!

Keanu: So fast that we will win the challenge!


Baumer: Watch what you say! Imagine if for a moment, that you've got me fooled.

CaptainWondyful: Watch what you say! For it may or may not, be you who gets totally schooled.


Keanu: So this is what we'll do.

Sheikh: To win our latest struggle.

ZeeSoh: Come on guys, it's up to you!

Rorscach: To win our latest struggle.

Slambros: All eyes are on me. At least I got way farther than I expected to be...

Chasmmi: I want one beast to be safe when I win the challenge...



Sheikh: You know I have to say....thanks for helping us win last week.

Keanu: Well, I mean, hey. The future's anything but bleak.

Sheikh: I don't mean to harp long, you seem pretty alright. Maybe more than alright.

Slambros: What the fuck?


Keanu: I mean let's move pretty slow, I've got the world to save. Let's use my winnings to make positive change.

Sheikh: I mean, me too! That's what I'm gonna do. A coincidence, isn't that strange.

Slambros: Oh god, I think Keanu's in love, in love.

WrathOfHan: It's so cute that they're, in love, in love.

ZeeSoh: I can't waste time falling, in love, in love.

Sheikh: I mean we don't have to be, in love, in love.

Keanu and Sheikh: Now we've got a happy joyous song about love!


Slambros: That witch had broke my heart!

YourMother: Now don't get jealous just don't lose your head.

Slambros: I have to win this race.

YourMother: Do you want to end up in 13th place?

Slambros: I can't even focus!


DAJK: At least me and him are in love, in love. You'll find another to be in love, in love. You can't force it to be in love, in love.

Slambros: I don't care about your happy joyous song about love!


*DAJK breaks out the saxophone.*

YourMother: First, you know how to play saxophone? Second, sorry if I got standoffish recently. I just...maybe we could make it to the final five together. We gotta stay together, right?

DAJK: Yes and yes.

*YourMother and DAJK kiss.*



Claire: Listen up. Happytime crew. Cause something's up, and you deserve to know. Baum and Cap. They're in love too. Saw them kissing outside my room last night. Chas has the hots for ZeeSoh and he just needs to say it. And I know all the truth in the game in the eye of the beholder. It's just the way it is, and maybe's we'll never win this game. But I got a mind to show my strength. And I've got to share what I find. And I'm gonna speak the truth, if I get voted out now. But I've got fire in my veins, and I'm gonna hold the line. Yes, I'm gonna hold the line, yes.



YourMother: I'm here, like you wanted. I think that you know me.

Rorschach: The pieces are falling. We need to get through this. The institute I knew, I saw your faces. There's something far deeper. We need to get through this.

YourMother: And Ethan's...I need to find out what he knew. He was always....quite abrasive, see?

Rorschach: He may not be....he might not be the only one. Also.....Spaghetti.


* @Chewy walks up*

Chewy: You're doing an Imagine Dragons bit without me? Fuck off, Spaghetti.


Rorschach: I now see it clearly.

YourMother: We're not alone here.

Rorschach: There was someone I need to see. I now see it clearly.


*YourMother makes a call. It seems that someone is picking up.*

YourMother: This is the Hawkins from the Secret Society of Storytellers. Copy, Shepard.


4815162342: Copy.





Spoiler: After a musical delight episode....it's time to see how all of you did.



The Fantastic Beasts

@ZeeSoh - 78.24%

@Rorschach - 75.82%

@Slambros - 73.20%

@DAJK - 72.11%

@YourMother the Edgelord - 71.38%

@Empire - 73.50%


The Happytime Gang

@Claire of Themyscira - 88.18%

@Sheikh - 85.59%

@WrathOfHan - 84.25%

@captainwondyful - 84.02%

@baumer - 83.71%

@Keanu - 81.23%

@chasmmi - 73.54%

AVERAGE: 82.85%


You know a team is struggling when the highest score is below the other team's average. The Happytime Gang wins...but only for coins.


See....this week, tribal council will be interesting. In that there isn't one.


There will be, for the first time ever, a MANDATORY weekday challenge.


Predict the Wednesday Grosses of the Following by Wendesday, August 15th, 11:59PM EST

Crazy Rich Asians

The Meg

Dog Days


Black Klansman

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

The Equalizer 2


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation



The rules are simple.


You don't predict? You're eliminated. You get the lowest score of those who did predict? You're eliminated.


There will be multiple winners of this challenge, and thus, multiple prizes. I will post results on Friday, and you can enjoy the weekend off.






Every week, a subset of items will be on sale at the tuck shop. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road! Here is everyone's current balance. If you are not listed, you have 0 coins.


The highest scoring member of each team gets two coins.

Every member of the winning team gets three coins. (5 COINS THIS WEEK!!!)


Current Balance

17: Sheikh

16: Keanu

15: Baumer, Claire

13: Chasmmi, WrathOfHan, CaptainWondyful

9: ZeeSoh

5: YourMother, Empire, DAJK

3: That One Guy, Rorschach


CANDY APPLE - 3 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 2%.)

RECYCLED PAD - 5 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council)

POISON APPLE - 5 Coins (Reduces 2% from the score of another player - CAN BE USED FOR SECOND IMMUNITY OR WEEKEND CHALLENGES.)

COPY MACHINE - 8 Coins (Allows you to take the score of ANY player in the game for a weekend challenge.)



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2 hours ago, chasmmi said:

So it seems that 7M for CRA and predicting everything as essentially the same as Monday was not the best course of action...

Yup movies fell more than I expected on Wednesday. Slenderman and Dog Days especially screwed me over

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20 minutes ago, ZeeSoh said:

Yup movies fell more than I expected on Wednesday. Slenderman and Dog Days especially screwed me over


Slenderman was my worst by far! I thought the teenage crowd would've supported it a little more than they did for sure!

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