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Bill and Ted Face The Music | August 28 2020 | MGM | Theatrical/VOD simulataneous release

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it is sort of a shame that Bogus Journey avoided the usual lazy comedy sequel thing of just having the same premise of the first one and this just seems to be recycling the first two films. having bill and ted's daughters be exactly like them feels lazy two. it doesn't look totally awful though. more in the realm of anchorman 2 than dumb and dumber to as far as uninspired comedy sequels go. worth a few chuckles and then quickly forget it exists.

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I caught it last weekend and enjoyed the hell out of it. Much like the first one, it got a big, dumb smile on my face within the first couple minutes, and that smile stayed there until the credits rolled.

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I actually thought this was shockingly unfunny. Sure it was good-natured and the cast was likable, but I think I smiled at a joke maybe once or twice the whole movie. Maybe it will improve on a rewatch but this ranks way below the first two for me.

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