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Knives Out | Nov 27 2019 | 18th Most Profitable Movie of 2019 | Coming to Amazon Prime June 12

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1 hour ago, TalismanRing said:

He's not the one that's super rich though - his wife and father in law are. :rock:

lol I guess. A review described him as a MAGA lover though. It's not a big deal it just confused me lol. 

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Couple predictions:


1) The alt-right edge lord is too obvious, but no so obvious as to be a double bluff.

2) More than one person "did it".  Don't think Rian Johnson is gonna go a full on Murder on the Orient Express here, but I do think there will be multiple guilty parties.


Tempted to make some more predictions, including a more out there one based solely on Rian Johnson's storytelling style, but I think I'll leave it to the side for now.




Ah hell, spoilered prediction (spoilered as some folks might not want to see spec):


Daniel Craig's "world famous detective" is behind it all to some degree or another.  Seems the type of thing Rian would do.


I have some other prime suspects,  but those I'll set aside as I do want to go in this cold and just enjoy the film as it happens and not pre-think it all that much.


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