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Knives Out | Nov 27 2019 | 18th Most Profitable Movie of 2019 | Coming to Amazon Prime June 12

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2 minutes ago, aladdino said:

was craig even nominated for the GG??? anyway ana has no chance at the oscars noms right?

They were both nominated for Lead in a Comedy/Musical at the GGs.  If Ana had won she might have had a shot for that 5th position since the Women's categories aren't nearly as packed.  Now Awkwafina has that shot.

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On ‎12‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 4:53 AM, TalismanRing said:

Rian said he was initially looking for a soft lilt and Craig came out with this.  Don Johnson said when Craig unleashed it on the rest of the cast he then knew that no he wasn't going too broad in his own performance.


Craig said he based his accent on Civil War historian Shelby Foote - I think he overshot it just a bit :lol:



I am kicking myself in the butt for not picking up on that, since I am a huge fan of Ken Burns in general and his "Civil War" in particular,and watch it at least once a year.

And Foote's 3 volume history of the Civil War is pretty much my bible on the topic.

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1 hour ago, 35MM-18 said:

So this is apparently one of the highest-grossing original non-horror releases at the domestic box office since Interstellar


We're also at $294 million total box office.

Presumably non-animated would have to be in that qualifier as well otherwise Coco/Inside Out/SLOP/Zootopia/Sing would all override.


EDIT: I see "Adult-Skewing" was in there.


Its an absolute triumph though. 

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