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Vox Lux | 2018 | Natalie Portman as a popstar | Directed by Brady Corbet

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6 minutes ago, TalismanRing said:

Supporting?  Who's the lead then?


The summary on Wiki seems to indicate this is similar to Lion. First half centers on the younger version of Portman, 2nd half is Portman focused. So it'll be the Dev Patel route I guess.


Also...Raffey Cassidy plays two characters in the film (including Young Natalie)?

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2 minutes ago, TalismanRing said:

Supporting?  Who's the lead then?

From what I've heard, Portman's only in it for the second half of the movie, as the first half has a child actress play the younger version of her character, so Neon's doing what Weinstein did with Dev Patel in Lion and play off category fraud, arguing "Hey, Natalie Portman's only in half of the movie, so she's a supporting player! The kid's in the other half, so it counts...I guess."


Also doesn't help that Best Actress is super stacked this year, and Neon wants to get awards recognition somehow.

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After acquiring the Natalie Portman-Jude Law music drama Vox Lux out of TIFF, NEON is giving the Brady Corbet-directed movie an awards season push with a limited release on Dec. 7.


This will be followed by an expansion on Dec. 14 and another wide break on Dec. 21, playing into Christmas and New Year’s. The platform is a similar plan that NEON/30WEST took with their TIFF acquisition last year I, Tonya which earned three Oscar nominations best actress Margot Robbie, film editing, and best supporting actress Allison Janney, the latter winning, and a domestic box office haul of $30M.


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Just now, La Binoche said:

Neon is delusional in thinking this will do I, Tonya numbers.

To be fair, people thought Neon was delusional to think I,Tonya would do I,Tonya numbers - which is why they were the biggest bidder outside of Netflix.


Realistically, $10m looks to be the ceiling (with less than half that more likely) unless this gets crazy WOM and Awards play   



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