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A STAR IS BORN - 218.9M OS - 434.2M WW

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Singing along, Warner Bros’ A Star Is Born saw a drop of just 14% since it took the stage last weekend. The $20.2M frame in 65 markets lifts the offshore cume to a running $41.2M. Italy (where the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga-starrer world premiered during the Venice Film Festival) was the top opener, followed by Brazil and Mexico. A tiny 6% drop in the UK, along with small dips in France and Germany — and a 4% increase in Spain — show that word of mouth is working as audiences take time to discover the buzzy movie.

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Estimating good drops almost everywhere:


UK - $3,9mln   (-4%)

Italy - $1,5mln    (-25%)

France - $1,5mln  (-21%)

Germany - $1,2mln   (0%)

Brazil - $1,1mln    (-27%)

Taiwan - $862,000  (-22%)

Spain - $580,000  (-28%)



150+ OS is locked

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2 hours ago, Damianport1 said:

Its gonna do 400M WW


Japan will tell the tale. If it's treated like a must-see musical there it will be enough to push it over 400M. In South Korea the other big musical-friendly Asian market, it opened to much much lower numbers than LLL and Showman. But Japan has always been a weird market that does its own thing.


Even if it doesn't though, 150M+ OS is more than double of what was expected from a country musical.

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